Saints raising ticket prices

Getty Images

Add the Saints to the list of teams that will be asking for more money from ticket buyers during the 2018 season.

The Saints are raising ticket prices after keeping them flat in 2017. Saints vice president of marketing and business development Ben Hales said that 75 percent of the tickets will see a hike of 10 percent or less  and that the goal is to generate revenue to improve the gameday experience at the Superdome.

“For this increase that’s coming up right now, it’s an average of $9 a ticket per game,” Hales said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “We communicate really specifically with each season-ticket holder so they know exactly what their increase is, what the payment process is. … While we could certainly go out there and have a much larger increase and sit here and count the money, it would be a disservice (to the fans), and it would hurt satisfaction. It doesn’t do us any good to raise prices and then drop in fan satisfaction.”

Hales said they are also looking into another round of upgrades to the Superdome designed to “make the stadium ready for the next generation of Saints fans.” Hales also made sure to note there is “no discord or any issues” that have the team thinking about a new stadium.