Vikings’ job gives John DeFilippo chance to call plays

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The Eagles could have given John DeFilippo a promotion to offensive coordinator if Frank Reich gets the Colts’ head coaching job. But DeFilippo would not have taken over the play-calling in Philadelphia as head coach Doug Pederson isn’t giving up those duties.

As offensive coordinator of the Vikings, DeFilippo gets to call the plays.

DeFilippo, whose contract with the Eagles was expiring, made it clear Friday that played a part in his decision.

“I had the opportunity this offseason to go to a bunch of different opportunities,” DeFilippo said, via quotes distributed by the team. “Obviously, I interviewed for two head coaching jobs. I went in another direction. There were a few other opportunities to be an offensive coordinator in the league. I’m not going to name names, but when the Minnesota Vikings want to talk to you, that is a whole different ball game. We just got done playing them three weeks ago in the NFC Championship. As an offensive coach, I’ve never been more on edge planning for a defense than in the last two years. Obviously, we came out on top those two games, but game planning against that defense and that team is not an easy thing to do. It was obviously a special opportunity to work for coach [Mike] Zimmer and learn from him and work for another great head coach in another opportunity for myself to call plays. All of those things that I just said made the job very, very appealing.”

The Jets wanted to interview DeFilippo for their offensive coordinator opening last year, but the Eagles blocked the request. He interviewed for head coaching jobs with the Cardinals and Bears last month.

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  1. “Obviously, I interviewed for two head coaching jobs. I went in another direction.”

    I think it would be more accurate to say that the teams that interviewed him went in another direction. Still, there’s got to be something about this guy if two teams wanted to consider him for a head coaching position and he wasn’t even a coordinator.

  2. Of course he’s going to call the plays. I love Coach Zim, but he doesn’t know anything about calling offensive plays. Frankly, his defensive play calling was pretty suspect in that last game, too.

  3. and with this news he is already the best play caller in the NFC NORTH and it’s not even debatable….I have a feeling the green doormats are going to regret him leaving!!

  4. I didn’t believe the news when it was said Philly will keep him by promotion. Why would you stay with a team and not call plays? Fake O-Coordinator in Philly. Real job in Minny.

  5. Josh McCown had one of his best seasons in 2015 when DeFilippo was the OC in Cleveland. Given how well he did this year for the Jets, don’t be surprised if McCown comes to the Vikings to be the backup QB behind whoever they choose to be the starter.

  6. He gets to pick the QB, Dalvin Cook returns, good group of WR, add another lineman or two in draft and free agency and he has a nice offense to game plan with.

  7. In Teddy We Trust says:
    February 9, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    zygizag says:
    February 9, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    His # 1 quality for a QB? Character.


    But Case and Sam are high-character guys, too. As is Foles.


    He forgot the other parts:
    1) Character
    2) Decision-making/timing/accuracy
    3) Leadership

    That screams Teddy Bridgewater. Case is close, but he isn’t accurate enough and doesn’t see open guys at times. Sam’s knee can’t be trusted and Foles is under contract.

  8. I am an eagles fan and hate this only because the Vikings are a legit team and now they’ve have the innovative OC to help them over the hump. I really hope they don’t make a play for Foles. Say what you want but that man is insanely clutch and cool under pressure. Foles is 3-1 in the playoffs and the game he lost against new Orleans he drove them down the field in the 4th to take the lead. I don’t care if the vikes offer a first you don’t give the second best all around team in the conference the one piece they’re missing. An experienced gun slinger with ice water in his veins. I hope they over pay cousins or keep 1 of the 3 qb’s they had on the roster last year. If they somehow pry foles from the eagles I’m officially scared of this team as an eagles fan.

  9. The offense played well in Cleveland when he was the OC in 2015. He’s a fantastic coach according to Big D Nick & Wentz. So whoever the Vikings get as a QB he should be able to structure a good offense around him. Is Cousins worth 30 mil a yr? Most likely no but in 5 yrs that will be a bargain. Only the signing bonus & first 2-3 yrs of NFL contracts a guaranteed anyway. So who cares, go for it. Keenum is no way worth 24 mil a yr. TB can’t throw deep. That is just a fact. Bradford is great but his wonky knee will always be a problem.

    Now for my rant. I’m not sure what input DeFlippo on the game plan but it worked to perfection. The Vikings were thoroughly out coached and humiliated and beat into the submission.

    In the NFCCG the Vikings D-line was hurting. Griffen playing on 1 foot with plantar fasciitis. Hunter hit the wall weeks prior. So the Vikings had a weak pass rush. Zim didn’t rotate in new players and just stuck with the same D that the Saints torched the week prior. The Eagles tore them to pieces. I’m sure they were laughing to themselves when Zimmer stubbornly kept the same D in place until the end of the 3rd Q and it was too late.

    The offense had the same issues. The O-line moved everyone around for the playoffs. None of the starters were in their season long positions except the center who broke his ankle. Why in the playoffs do you do this? The O-line reverted back to the prior seasons form and were just plain awful. Sporano is a terrible O-line coach. I’d rather have meathead Mike Tice. Thielan’s back was hurt. Diggs still has a strained groin. Rudolph playing on 1 ankle. Shurmur was already thinking about leaving to NY, so his whole game plan was throw out passes to Mckinnon. The whole thing was an unmitigated disaster. Starting from the top on down. Zim keeps wanting to play D coordinator instead of head coach. It cost him again. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Just stick to head coaching and leave the D to Edwards. The Vikings played their best most hard hitting punishing D against the Cowboys when he was out with his eye.

    So Philly’s brutal beatdown was a combo of great coaching on the eagles behalf and an unmitigated disaster of buffoonery from Zim & Shurmur.

  10. Thanks Coach DeFilippo. long time transplanted Eagle fan originally from Reading, PA. We have a recently retired coach with the same last name out here in Delaware, Ohio. Coached my Son in JR. long time respected local coach. not sure if related in only name or not. But I’m an older diehard Eagle fan. I have a feeling they will look back at this quarterback room as you pros call it in much regard. It feels like it was the biggest difference in bringing the trophy home to , finally. To Philly. Good luck. I got a feeling you’re going to just add to this special year as you continue on.

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