Fans send Marlon Humphrey cell phone chargers

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Marlon Humphrey has a sense of humor.

The Ravens cornerback posted on Twitter a picture of cell phone chargers he has received, a reference to Humphrey’s January 25 arrest for third degree robbery after allegedly stealing a cell-phone charger from an Uber driver in Alabama.

Had some unusual fan mail today,” Humphrey said, via the Baltimore Sun.

The driver accused Humphrey of borrowing the charger and then refusing to return it. Humprhey also allegedly stole several other cables from the driver, and supposedly elbowed the driver out of Humphrey’s way.

A judge has set a preliminary hearing in the case for March 1.

2 responses to “Fans send Marlon Humphrey cell phone chargers

  1. In the old days, it would have been ‘Dude, give him his stuff back and a healthy tip. Because if you’d prefer a night in jail, hefty lawyer fees and a plea deal (community service,probation, fine and the part everyone forgets COURT COSTS, then do the right thing. You got one minute to think about it.”

    That’s old school police. That is where the term ‘Cowboy Cop’ came from. To recognize and a and adjudicate a street, lose/lose situation. Then Cowboy Cop morphed into something else. As usual with terms and generations.

    Now it’s PC/cover your butt: Did he hurt you, shove you? Turn non-sense (very bad common sense, alcohol probably related) into the end of the world Robbery arrest. By the book. Everyone loses.

    Trust me, the police have better things to do. But you get paid by the hour so you handle every ‘job’ with your best effort. This is a 5 minute fix. The Cabbe is a human being who (probably) deserved some dignity that a nice healthy tip would rectify.

    Presto, everyone goes on about their way, everyone is better off in the long run. Now we got overtime for cops, lawyers getting paid, cab driver has to go to court only for the case to be adjourned anywhere from once to five times over the course of a year, losing money every day. Cop has to be off the street and in court. Everyone loses.

    Sorry, unless some obvious injury or some incredible non listening belligerence, easy fix for a veteran cop or cops.

  2. PS: ‘Downtown’ hates robbery statistics. Especially against unionized workers and cab drivers in general. They have the most dangerous job in the world and it’s not even close. An arrest costs money so low profile non-sense arrests that get reduced to misdemeanors are still ‘charted’ and count.

    Police brass’s #1 issue is precinct stats, then overtime. The lower the better (duh).They go hand in hand so anytime you get a rep for street adjudication, you get to move off of patrol and up to more prestigious units.

    If anyone thinks the number of arrests means anything it does. Zero to 20 makes you a loser. Top 5 puts you on a different radar than loser and more like lazer.

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