Football season is over, unless it isn’t

Electronic Arts

If you’re going through football withdrawal, you’re not alone. There’s still a way for football season to continue for you, sort of.

For those of you who don’t already play the excellent Madden NFL video game series, or who have yet to buy Madden 18, we’ve got some free codes for the full game, both PS4 and Xbox One.

When the game first debuted last August, I tried to come up with a bunch of creative (and ultimately time-consuming) ways to give out the codes. This time around, I’m simply going to drop them without warning into various PFT posts over the next few days.

I’ve got 12 of each. So keep coming back to PFT if you want a crack at the first-come, first-served free codes for a full copy of the game. It’s the best — and only, until the XFL arrives — way to continue football season in February.

We’re receiving no compensation from Ea or anyone else for this. It’s a service to the PFT audience, both a reward for your loyalty and attention (and clicks) and a device for getting through the long offseason that began only a week ago.