Reich’s return ends wild week for Colts

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A week ago today, the Colts thought their next head coach was getting ready to run an offense in the Super Bowl. As it turns out, he was.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels opted to stay put, after agreeing to terms to take the job. Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich quickly emerged as a finalist for the job, and he now reportedly has it — only five days after McDaniels left the Colts at the altar.

The speed with which the Colts moved to interview Reich, Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, and Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell meshes with the word that immediately emerged within an hour after McDaniels backed out: The Colts suspected this might happen, so they had three candidates ready to quickly interview.

For Reich, he’s returning to the place where his coaching career began in 2006, eight years after his playing career ended. Hired by Tony Dungy as an intern in 2006 and promoted to offensive assistant two years later, Reich became quarterbacks coach under Jim Caldwell in 2009. In 2011, Reich moved to receivers coach.

Blown out with the rest of the staff after the “Suck for Luck” debacle of 2011, Reich ended up in Arizona for a year, with Ken Whisenhunt. Reich followed Whisenhunt to the Chargers in 2013, becoming offensive coordinator when Whisenhunt landed with the Titans as head coach.

After two years in San Diego, Reich joined Doug Pederson in Philly, as offensive coordinator. Two years later, Reich finally has a team of his own, joining the quarterback who was drafted after the disastrous season that ended Reich’s prior tenure with the team.

8 responses to “Reich’s return ends wild week for Colts

  1. Reich is twice the coach,and more importantly, 100x the character of that little guy from the Cheaters..

  2. So the Colts say they were blindsided by McDaniels, and they also say that they suspected that him dropping out might happen.

    Talk out of both sides of your mouth much? Sounds like they played dumb and y’all ate it up.

    They thought he might drop out

    They thought they could same him into taking it by announcing his hire and hiring assistants, though he told them to wait a day.

    They thought either he’d come to Indy or else they would be able to blast the Patriots as somehow being the bad guy for re-charting the future of their franchise and retaining their own employee, all within 48 hours of their season ending.

    Thankfully Josh avoided the cesspool in Indy.

  3. McDaniels had misgivings that he didn’t have the time to resolve. The Colts pressure tactics were suspicious and blew up in their face. Irsay’s silence was deafening, but he knew all he had to do was call his media buddies to launch an assault on yet another man’s reputation and slink away in the weeds. Good luck to Reich.

  4. McDaniels left, chapter closed. Does the media have to sensationalize and dramatize every piece of news?

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