Wrestling pal on Gronk: WWE a matter of when, not if

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Last Sunday night, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski provided a post-Super Bowl surprise by declining to commit to playing next year — and by reacting to retirement rumors with a very telling, “I don’t know how you heard about that.”

The night before the Super Bowl, Gronk’s wrestling pal, Mojo Rawley, dropped a hint about the star tight end’s future, when asked whether Gronkowski may take up wrestling.

“Are you kidding?” Rawley told TMZ. “It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when, come on now.”

Without taking a beat, however, Rawley supplied a caveat: “I don’t know, I can’t speak for him. Whatever he wants to do.”

A report surfaced last week that Gronkowski is contemplating a career in action films, at the urging of the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone.

It’s possible that Gronkowski would have retired on the spot if the Patriots had won, and that the loss to the Eagles caused him to wait. Possibly, the loss becomes the type of unfinished business that causes him to return for another year.

He doesn’t need the money; he’s never spent a dollar of his football pay, living instead on endorsement dollars. Gronkowski quite possibly can make millions every year simply by being Gronk, whether as an actor, a wrestler, or just a fun-loving party boy who shows up anywhere and everywhere, making a good time better.

In other words, simply by being Gronk.

19 responses to “Wrestling pal on Gronk: WWE a matter of when, not if

  1. He can make $10 Million the next 2 years by playing out his contract.

    He should play 2018 and 2019, try to win one or two more Super Bowls. Hecan then retire February 2020 at the age of 30. And if he is still balling out….Belichick could franchise tag him for 2020 at age 31 and one last season before the CBA is up.

    He needs to play 2 or 3 more years. There is only so many moviesand WWE anhles Gronk can do. And once he leaves the NFL, he probably will never come back.

  2. The guy has had what 4 back surgeries plus the torn ACL and now this year the concussion. I would hate to see him go but maybe it IS time for him to hang ’em up

  3. Watch the Hot Ones interview with Sean Evans. Gronk and his brothers grew up huge wrestling fans and sounds like he still is. Doubt he retires from the NFL immediately, but doesn’t seem far-fetched that wrestling is something he’d dabble in at some point.

  4. Well if this is true that whole “Hes thinking about retiring because of the toll it has taken on his body” narrative is shot. Professional Wrestling is probably the 2nd most damaging to your body, physical activity you can do next to football, and the gap really isnt that far apart. Wrestling is devastating to your body. You might not have as many blown out knees or achillies, but its just as bad concussion wise, but torn pectoral, triceps, biceps etc. are probably worse for wrestlers, and damage to your neck and back are no doubt more prevalent in wrestlers. Rob wears a full elbow brace just to catch footballs and block. What do you think is gonna happen to it when hes constantly asked to pick up and slam men 250 pounds +.

    Im sorry but theres no way he becomes a real wrestler if hes already so injured that his willing to miss out on what would have likely been a hall of fame career if he stuck it out another 2-3 years.

    Maybe he could be a guy who gets in the ring a few times for a few minutes but is mostly there to yell on the mic, strut around, and be a cheerleader. That he could do. But actually be a full on legit wrestlers? No way.

    Unless thats not why he would retire. That thats just an excuse for him to leave. A way to leave without having to admit that Lane Johnson is right. If thats the case then yeah Mongo could become a full time professional wrestler. Even though it still concerns me how his wonky arm would hold up.

  5. I love me some Gronk and would hate to see him retire. But watching that shot to the head and listening to some say “well he’s a runner, it’s a legal hit” I don’t know why anybody that’s financially secure and already a decorated player wouldn’t be considering quitting football.

  6. Reading Mojo Rawley’s comments and this ensuing article is a classic example of why athletes should probably never talk to the press. Even in off the cuff, throw away statements.

  7. Gronk is really a pretty sharp guy and a good businessman. He’s had a HOF career already a very young age, but his body has taken a pounding and the concussion in the AFC CG may also provide him some impetus to leave the game sooner rather than later. As a Patriots fan, I hope he hangs in for a couple more years. However, for his own personal health, I hope he does the right thing for himself.

  8. Vince couldn’t care about anyone besides himself and his kids are the same.
    You may want to do a little research before posting.

  9. Wrestling should be an easy transition for any Patriot. They are used to knowing what their opponent will do beforehand.

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