Bill Polian on Frank Reich: “He’s everything you want”

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Bill Polian picked Frank Reich three times already. So it’s natural that the Hall of Fame General Manager thinks one of his old teams nailed it by hiring Reich as their head coach.

Via Mike Chappell of Fox 59, Polian gave the Colts rave reviews for the hire, which seems natural.

Polian drafted Reich in Buffalo, and he led one of the most dramatic playoff comebacks in league history. When Polian moved to Carolina, he took Reich to the expansion team as his first starting quarterback. And he recommended to Tony Dungy to bring Reich in as a coaching intern in 2006.

He’s everything you want, and more,’’ Polian said. “He’s football. He’s family. He’s as fine a young man as I’ve ever come across. He’s an inspirational leader. He’s a quarterback expert; Andrew Luck is going to love working with him. He’s an outstanding offensive coordinator.

“The Colts got the best of the bargain, that’s for sure.’’

Polian said he reached out to both owner Jim Irsay and G.M. Chris Ballard when the wheels fell off the Josh McDaniels deal, recommending Reich. He also talked to Reich about the job, and urged patience.

“As Chris has said and I will repeat and as I told Frank, this is a rebuild situation,’’ Polian said. “It’s not going to change overnight because the personnel situation, particularly on defense – really throughout – is well below the level they had in Philadelphia and even in San Diego.

“This is a rebuild. But with Chris at the helm and Frank at the helm, you couldn’t have two better people to get it done. They will get it done.’’

Polian has seen Reich up close for many years, so his endorsement isn’t a surprise. And his background with building from the ground up and for engineering dramatic comebacks makes him a good fit for the job in front of him.

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  1. Not sure how much of it was Pederson but anyone who manages to put together an offense in which Nick Foles outplays Brady in the SB, deserves a head coaching job.

  2. Hmmm.

    Why they didn’t go after him in the first place?

    Tricky on trying to explain this from the Colts side. Much like the failed illegal sting operation.

  3. Bill Polian has a positive opinion about something the Colts did? That never happens. All that’s missing is him saying he had a 1st round grade on Reich coming out of college.

  4. No one is happier the McDaniels job fell through more than Bill Polian. He’s a certified Patriot hater, and it would kill him to give an ex-Pats coach praise if McDaniels turned the Colts around

  5. Patsareinyourheads says:
    February 12, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Except he’s not Josh McDaniels…


    And in case it’s not obvious enough by now, that’s a GOOD thing.

  6. Polian is right; great hire by the Colts…MUCH better than McDaniels (who I swear is 15 years old) would have been.

  7. Reich is going to need to find a good defensive coordinator to work with that Colts defense, I wonder if he will keep the guy Mcdaniels picked in place for D coordinator or try to find his own guy!!

  8. The Colts will eventually realize the dodged a bullet when McDaniel tucked his tail between his legs and ran back to Papa Bill. They will be MUCH better off with Reich, or anyone else, than little joshy.

  9. yea, and polian knew that belichick was going to be the greatest coach in history. the only reason he didn’t hire him years ago was that the colts already had a coach.

  10. Remember when after having the Pats abuse the Colts year after year, Polian petitioned the league to change the rules regarding how DBs could cover receivers?

    thanks Bill

  11. tylawspick6 says:

    February 12, 2018 at 10:04 am


    Yes, your 2nd choice after classless action to try to force McDaniels’s hand in becoming coach, is “everything you want”.
    He is twice the coach McDaniels is. Every OC and DC from New England are nothing but card board cut outs. They do nothing once they leave New England. Bill B and Ernie Adams run that team, period.

  12. Remember guys: Bill had a first round grade on Brady but just decided he wouldn’t draft him at all even though he was there for the taking six rounds in.

  13. Excellent choice for the Colts – I wanted the Bills to hire Reich as HC but they hired Rex instead (we all know how that ended)…
    The guy knows football and played a major part in those explosive Bills offences of the late 80’s and early 90’s…
    From what I’ve heard of him he’s a first-rate human being who also will command players’ respect the moment he walks in the door…
    Remember he had been completely out of pro football for 10 years or so when he took an internship with Colts in 2008…
    Never once saw the guy panic – not even in that AFC WC comeback… that quality will come in handy in so many ways not the least of which will be dealing with Irsay and his eccentricities…
    All the best to him – hope he surrounds himself with good people, Luck is finally healthy and Ballard gives him some talent to work with…

  14. I would rather take my chances with Reich than an NE coordinator, the odds are not in their favor of being successful. If you wonder how much Penderson was involved with the OFF in Philly, how much was Belichick involved in NE?

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