Donnel Pumphrey readying for 2018 after not playing as a rookie

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Donnel Pumphrey didn’t take any time off after the Super Bowl. He had enough time “off” during the season.

“I can’t wait for OTAs,” Pumphrey said, via Paul Domowitch of “I’m not even taking an offseason. I’m going to stay grinding. I’m excited to get back into things.”

Pumphrey injured his hamstring before the first preseason game and was diagnosed with a concussion later in the preseason. He opened the season on the 53-player roster but was inactive for the season opener before going on injured reserve with a torn hamstring.

Pumphrey, a fourth-round pick who set the FBS record for career rushing yards with 6,405, never saw the field in his rookie season.

“It was bittersweet,” Pumphrey said. “Bitter because I wasn’t able to really play, and this is the longest I’ve ever gone without really playing football. But it also was sweet because we won the Super Bowl, and I was able to put in the work all during the season just lifting weights and everything else and showing them upstairs that I’m committed.”

The Eagles maintain high expectations for Pumphrey, and he remains in their long-term plans with LeGarrette Blount not expected back and Jay Ajayi entering the final season on his rookie contract.

10 responses to “Donnel Pumphrey readying for 2018 after not playing as a rookie

  1. I hope this was a good learning experience for him. I’m not sure what he’ll become, but he’s a fourth rounder, so he’s going to get a chance next year.

    I love dude’s attitude.

  2. He was put on IR with an “injury” this season to be stashed as a fourth round pick. The guy showed nothing in the preseason. If you are as small as him you have to be fast, and he didn’t show good burst. He also muffed a few punts. I really hope he turns it around this upcoming season as we could use a good Sproles replacement, but I’m just not sure if he has it in him. After seeing Agholor turn it around though, anything is possible!

  3. Pumphrey is everything you don’t want in a running back he is slow,small and has no power. I don’t see any room for him on the Eagles roster Ajayi, Clement, Smallwood, Barner and Blount are all a lot better than him and if Sproles comes back there just isn’t any room for him.

  4. Anyone who watched him play in college knows that as long as he is healthy he is a big time player. I want to see the Eagles come out one time next year with a four back set.

  5. I agree that there may not be room for Pumphrey in this offense. Sproles wants to come back and I suspect he’ll make Financial sacrifices to get on the roster that dude wants a Ring big time. If getting a deal, the Eagles would be fools not to let him play, he is just too good. Ajayi is probably going to want a pay day after this season leaving only Clement as a sure thing. This staff has shown that getting Talent when you have a winning culture is possible a la Belichick. Pumphrey is going to have to show some serious Improvement to stay on this roster in my opinion. Alghalor really turned it around and is becoming a fantastic receiver but the Eagles lost two of his cheapest Years in the rookie deal. You can’t have too many of those and win

  6. The Eagles are loaded at running back and don’t need him.They got a gift in Ajayi and Clement is the real deal who was also a gift.Smallwood is good too plus they need to re sign Sproles and maybe Blount.

  7. Steve Izzo says:
    “Sproles wants to come back and I suspect he’ll make Financial sacrifices to get on the roster that dude wants a Ring big time.”
    Dude, Sproles got his ring! All Eagles players, even on IR, and most staff get SB rings when the team wins. Darren was on IR since wk 4 or 5 I believe. Hes got his SB ring, which he deserved big time!

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