Eric Wood in “wait and see” mode for future

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Bills center Eric Wood wasn’t able to express himself fully at what was supposed to be a retirement press conference, which turned peculiar because he and the Bills hadn’t negotiated the terms of his departure.

And in his first comments since then, he didn’t shed much more light on what’s next.

Via the Buffalo News, Wood was at his alma mater Louisville’s basketball game against Georgia Tech, and was interviewed by the arena’s in-game host during a break in the action.

I feel good,” Wood said while holding his daughter. “At this time, I’m still part of the Bills. I’m under contract and will do anything I can to help them out.

“I’m excited to be back here and do anything I can to get Louisville back on top as well.”

It has been reported that the neck issue which forced the retirement will keep him from playing again, but until he works out the details with the Bills he’s not going to say that out loud.

“I’m on the wait and see,” he replied when asked about his future. “I’ve got my hands full at home right now and I’m enjoying that and enjoying being back home.”

The Bills are trying to maximize their future salary cap space, and the negotiations on the financial end are what’s holding up an announcement about his future, rather than any thoughts of him playing again.

3 responses to “Eric Wood in “wait and see” mode for future

  1. As a Bills fan I’m really disappointed for him in terms of how this has all played out. You only retire from any given career once (unless you’re like, Barbara Streisand).

    I know there are details to be worked out financially, but he deserved to have his moment at the press conference a couple weeks ago. He didn’t get it because of something that is going to be worked out eventually anyways.

    Just wish it could have been done sooner.

  2. If he retires, the team can go after him for a portion of his signing bonus.

    The man was injured so severely playing for the Bills that doctors are telling him he risks paralysis if he keeps playing. And the Bills are hoping he retires so that they can claw back a few bucks out of his pocket.

    I wouldn’t retire either.

  3. @micronin127- absolutely wrong. The bills want him to remain on the roster. If he doesn’t “officially” retire until his contract expires they can spread his cap hit across 2 seasons. If he retires now, they have to give him all his guaranteed money upfront which will put them in an even worse situation. They aren’t trying to get out of paying him, as career ending injuries do not allow teams to recollect signing bonus money as per the CBA. It’s just a matter of WHEN they’ll pay the man, not IF.

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