Jaguars getting a uniform makeover, too

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The Jaguars are serious about rebranding themselves, now that they’re actually good at football.

In addition to today’s announcement that they’re removing the tarps from EverBank Field (and raising ticket prices almost 11 percent), they also said they’re getting new uniforms and helmets for the 2018 season, which will be unveiled later this spring.

That’s welcome news, as their current get-ups (home and road) are a mess of colors, and the two-tone helmet never really took off the way some marketing genius must have thought they would.

Perhaps the Tom Coughlin influence and the winning that came with old-school football will lead them to a more traditional style.

And if nothing else, it’s good news for Vince McMahon and the XFL, since he can pick up the hand-me-downs at the yard sale and have one of his teams outfitted for 2020.

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  1. They must have realized the awful reaction to these uniforms pretty quickly since the league makes you wait a couple years before changing them. Good for them. Current ones hurt to look at.

  2. Since David Caldwell has been the GM since 2013, and drafted/signed all the players … and Doug Marrone is the coach since mid-2016 … how is it that all we ever hear about is Tom Coughlin in his semi-ceremonial position of “executive vice president of football operations”?

  3. Why not do like the bengals and go with a gold helmet with the spots like jaguar fur. White jerseys as the home with the gold jaguar spot stiping on the shoulders ang gold pants. Since most teams wear their color jersey at home, this would mean they would wear the same uniform almost every week. Kind of like the Cowboys. They need to establish some tradition that will stick, not another uniform with that day’s trendy colors.

  4. The XFL could get some cheap football assets from Jacksonville…but not necessarily from the Jaguars. There’s a warehouse in Jacksonville holding the remnants of the UFL. 😉

  5. I’m thinking they’ll be closer to the old unis. The Aztec / Olmec logo was much more sophisticated than the more juvenile makeover, which reminds me of every high school team named Cougars or Pumas.

  6. the bucs have the ugliest jerseys now. why cant teams understand that less is more. 3 colours max- one of them is white. no need for trendy trim. just stick to the basics. people dont buy jerseys and merchandise on appearances. they buy based on loyalty, and new fans buy based on success.

  7. They could be like the Browns and buy the cheapest spray paint available and spray the helmuts a single color. Then of course, ppl would complain about that too. Going in another direction, they could use the exact colors of the Union Jack since Shahid Khan likes travelling to London so much.

  8. In response to the Coughlin comment. What TC has done is bring back the attitude of a winner. You don’t go in hoping you dont lose, but go in daring them to beat you. The attitude of a winner is very important, look at Dungey, Belicheck, Shula, even Lombardi. They all have that in common.

  9. If the recent trends of the Bills/Vikings/Lions changes are anything, this will be an appealing change.

  10. Well since TC has been heavily involved in the uniform change it will be interesting to see the outcome. Also a lot of the mentions the Jags have had lately say ” Fans of the Black, White and Teal.” No mention of gold so i’m intrigued to see how things come out.

  11. Helmets are terrible. Not that it would make much difference, but I always thought that a team in a hot climate would prefer lighter colors. The sun hitting that black must fry their brains.

  12. It’s ridiculous uniforms like these that make the “professional” apparel companies look incompetent. Even the U of Arkansas dumped that horrible helmet look after one year. Next: Tampa Bay and Cleveland… at least put them back the way they were before Nike touched them!

  13. They never seem to know what they want to do…they want to go all-black, but keep the teal because they’ve invested in it, but wait gold makes sense too, etc.

    Just pick something simple, 2 colors, and go with it. Honestly, the Brunell era black helmet/teal jersey/white pants was better than anything they’ve tried since then…

    And like someone else said: if the only thing they do is replace that embarassing helmet, it will be an upgrade.

  14. Well look at the jersey sales,if the Jerseys was dope, people would buy globally. I like the original jersey teal heavy. The current 1’s looked so basic and you gotta attract young consumers.

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