McAfee: Reich will “make the Colts great again”

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A year ago, former Colts punter Pat McAfee was happy to see G.M. Ryan Grigson get fired. McAfee is now very happy to see coach Frank Reich get hired.

McAfee visited Monday’s PFT Live, and he shared his own experience with Reich, based on McAfee’s status as the Indianapolis emergency quarterback when Reich served as the position coach.

“Frank was incredibly patient, incredibly upbeat,” McAfee said. “I was trying to learn something I never had to learn before. I would run scout team in college where they would hand me an index card and say, ‘This is your first read, your second read, your third read.’ Bang, bang, bang not a big deal, because I’ve always had a good arm.

“Frank Reich literally was teaching an elementary student’s brain to me. The way he laid everything down. He was just so upbeat. He’s just a guy that we loved being around. We loved his aura, his sense of calmness that he had. That was way before he’s had these opportunities to go and learn from other places. If he can bring any of the magic that that Philadelphia Eagles’ locker room had into the Colts’ locker room I am very excited to make the Colts great again and this entire city to be die-hard Colts’ fans all over again.”

For more from McAfee, who hosts both The Pat McAfee Show podcast and a radio show of the same name every weekday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET on SiriusXM 85, check out the PFT Live podcast from Monday.