Report: Patriots keeping assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski

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Patriots assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski will remain in his role with the team in 2018, Mike Reiss of ESPN reports.

Schuplinski helped develop Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett and will play “an important role in helping develop another young quarterback,” via Reiss.

A reports a week ago had Schuplinski joining Josh McDaniels in Indianapolis. The Patriots offensive coordinator, of course, backed out of his deal with the Colts.

Schuplinski has spent the past five seasons in New England. He was a coaching assistant for three seasons before earning a promotion to assistant quarterbacks coach before the 2016 season.

10 responses to “Report: Patriots keeping assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski

  1. What does a former Eagle have to say about that?

    Wait, what’s that? It doesn’t matter?

    And why not? Because the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to a backup QB while getting outcoached? Oh, OK. I thought that was why, just making sure.

  2. Not only do the Pats keep McDaniel, they keep(inarguably) the best coaching staff in the NFL largely intact, minus Patricia. Even though Patricia had the Pats 1rst in scoring D over the last 75% of the season with almost no front 7 talent. Judge, Schupinski, Flores, all coveted by other teams, stay. Scar is probably back as well. Far from over for the Pats, like it or not crybabys.

  3. Patriots hatred is so twisted they attacked the team for years for not developing a big name backup QB. Once Garoppolo was traded, played very well, and broke the bank, the haters attack the Patriots for letting a future star go.

    The haters are scared straight that Brady will keep winning and the Patriots will develop another winner to step in when he is gone.

  4. i hope the Pats bring in an outside coach for D,someone who can entice more talent to come the Patriots way.

  5. This is now news in NE.

    There’s a reason nobody wants your coaches. Without Bill they are nothing.

    This guy holds a clipboard and probably Brady’s helmet when they “play” defense

  6. There is a reason teams that hire from other coaching trees made it to the playoffs almost every year this CENTURY.Wait that is the bad.How many coaches get fired every year?Wonder who taught them?

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