Ravens safeties reach out to Jarvis Landry on Twitter

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It will be another month before teams can sign free agents from other teams and that leaves plenty of time for players around the league to make pitches to prospective teammates about working together in the future.

It appears Ravens safeties Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson were doing that over the weekend, although it was a fairly low-key approach. Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry tweeted “DIFFERENT” on Saturday and both of the safeties replied.

Weddle wrote “Ravens!” and Jefferson followed up with a picture of a Raven — the bird, not another player — in reply to the impending free agent. Time will tell how effective such an approach might be, but something similar set the table for Jefferson’s arrival in Baltimore last year.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said at his end of the year press conference that offense will be the team’s focus this offseason. Adding a receiver like Landry would fit with that approach, although the Ravens may need to create some cap room if that’s the kind of splash they want to make.

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  1. Hes actually the perfect wr for the ravens. They dont need a guy who gets 2-3 catches a game for 60 yards. They need a guy who is gonna be reliable. A guy who runs great routes and will get open. A guy who is gonna give 7 catches a game. Its nice to have a mike wallace or Desean who can give u 80 yards in a hurry. But the Ravens need someone who will consistently be there when they need a catch to move the chains.

    Look what Alshon did for the Eagles. They finally got a guy like that n it completely changed the offense into the best in the league.

    Ravens should be all in on Landry.

  2. Perfect fit for Jarvis unfortunately. As a Dolphins fan I’d rather him go to the Pats where we can still beat him once a year instead of Bmore where they’ll train him to be an even bigger diva. I’ll miss you, Juice.

  3. Jarvis is expecting (and demanding) top 5 NFL wide receiver money. Every team would like to get him, including the Ravens, but which ones will pony up the $13 – 14M per season for 4 years with $35M fully guaranteed? Would Weddle and Jefferson be prepared to reduce their pay to help get Jarvis Landry? If they volunteer for that you have a story. Jarvis is all about the money and will go to the highest bidder.

  4. I don’t understand why the goal would be Landry. He’s a great Receiver but is he truly a #1 like he’s set to get paid as a #1. I’d like to see the ravens go after a more physically imposing option such as Robinson.

  5. Who would want to go to the Ravens in their present state
    Much less a WR, They don’t have a QB and don’t tell me Flacco
    is a NFL QB. The Raven should move on.

  6. I really hope the Ravens give Jarvis Landry $15 million or more thinking that he’s elite. He is not Odell Beckham or Antonio Brown! Jarvis catching 2 or 3 yard passes without creating separation, getting time of possession or first downs for his team is not elite. If Jarvis was elite the Miami Dolphin’s offense would have been ranked higher in the NFL. Landry’s statistics are misleading and this Miami fan is hoping the team’s current brain trust is more aware than they have been in previous years under naive leadership.

  7. One of my favourite Dolphin players but he’s not worth $14m. Mind you, if they’d resigned him a year ago I’m sure they could have done it for $10m/season but they were too busy overpaying Alonso and McDonald (who hadn’t even played a game for them). Easy to see why Landry won’t entertain a hometown discount.

  8. Landry is not an elite NFL receiver due to the fact he’s not fast enough, he cant create separation deep. he is quick off the start and is a great possession rec, but how much is that worth? certainly not 14 m per.

  9. Number one….who is going to throw it to him? Flacco? Mallet? He’s gonna lead the league in being open.

    Number two…Weddle should do his job and tackle on the goal line. Let Ozzie and DeCosta do theirs.

  10. Diehard Dolphins fan here and you all are slightly off in your assumptions… for 1 reason. Jarvis Landry is going to get at least $15M! He already turned down $12.8 from “his” team. Landry will either choose a team like the Raiders or 49ers or go to whatever team pays the most. Period. As a fan I will miss him. I won’t make excuses like he is a Hothead, causes untimely penalties or takes cheap shots at opposing players. No, I will only say they Dolphins did fine (well, OK the same near .500) without Mike Wallace, Devon Bess, Olivier Vernon, Dion Jordan, Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi. In other words, Landry is not the reason for mediocrity and won’t be missed. His SalRy alone could fetch 2 Vet FA Lineman and the Offense would improve. Time to move on. Gonna miss you Jarvis… just stay out of the AFC East and I will cheer for you.

  11. Ravens do need a receiver that can actually move down the field instead of just getting big chunks of yards and unfortunately Landry fits the bill. At least he’d be out of the division though.

  12. Are they hoping to have him replace Mike Wallace? I don’t think overpaying for another under-performing WR is going to help them much. In my opinion they should address their QB situation. Jump-ball Joe isn’t going to be around very much longer and he was terrible in many games last year. Spending $15M a year to get Landry when they only have ~$10M in cap space is probably not a good move unless they plan on doing a salary dump.

    They have thirteen players who are over 30 and they have plenty of positions they should upgrade. The players may be excited about it but Weddle counts $8.25M against the cap next year. If they cut him to sign Landry I wonder if he’d still be excited about it. Landry comes with some question marks and the Ravens know all too well about WRs who get big money then underperform (Wallace).

  13. Once players go to the 15 million demand thing I’m become not interested. If Jarvis can’t stay with Miami for 12.5 for 5 years (60 million) then I’d say let him go.

  14. The Ravens can’t afford to fork up high dollars for a FA. This is why they are in cap hell. We need to draft better and only bring in FAs that have low salaries but are serviceable.

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