Bob Quinn: Blame for lack of run game starts with me

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When explaining why the team would not add a run game coordinator to their offensive coaching staff, Lions General Manager Bob Quinn last week said that it would be a “collaborative thing” among the assistant coaches to get the ground game going.

Coaching isn’t the only factor in getting better results in that phase of the offense. There’s also the question of the talent on hand and Quinn said on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt that he’s responsible for shortcomings in that area.

“I think blame can get passed all around the organization and it starts with me,” Quinn said, via Sporting News. “I’m in charge of delivering the players and hiring the head coach. If anyone wants to point a finger as to why the running game did not work last year, they can point it at me.”

The Lions used Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Zach Zenner, Dwayne Washington and Tion Green at running back last year and Quinn said he’s “sure” the team will be adding outside help to the group in the coming weeks. Quinn also noted the injuries on the offensive line that forced the team to shuffle lineups regularly as a factor, but put most of the onus on himself to lead “the charge to fix” the ground game this offseason.

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  1. Really??? He seemed to put the blame on Caldwell by taking his job away? If Quinn didn’t give Caldwell the tools to win, why did he fire him?

  2. The previous coaching staff goofed by relying on Abdullah and Riddick as starters, when clearly it should have been Green. Dude falls forward. Let’s hope Patricia and Co. don’t make the same mistake.

    They could’ve also benefited by having Abdullah and Riddick on the field at the same time, something we didn’t see until the team was out of playoff contention.

  3. I think this comment says a lot.

    I still think Quinn thinks he had a decent RB group last year. I think Quinn got fed up by Caldwell demanding the team run every 1st down. I did a cut up of the Lions playcalling tendencies and over 85% of their rushing attempts while tied or ahead came on 1st down. You can’t have predictable playcalling and expect to be successful.

    Removing Caldwell will improve the run game because the Lions will opt to run on 2nd and 3rd down from time to time. Mixing up the playcalling will make all the difference.

  4. Ok Bob, you have replaced oline coach so I am assume a better scheme is coming. Next replace our center with the current left guard, Glasgow, as that is his more natural position. Draft or get a FA a mauler for left guard. Draft a power running back with speed, who doesn’t go down on the first hit. Line changes will give all running backs a better chance of success, rather than getting tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Oh and let Cooter be creative now.

  5. It’s fair to point out that while Quinn says “I’m in charge of delivering the players and hiring the head coach”….that he was saddled with Caldwell and didn’t hire him.

  6. The Oline was just too banged up and out of sync for most of the year. They had no time to jell due to off season injuries/surgeries etc.

    For the guy who wanted Tion Green out there I suggest you remember that he could have screwed up bigtime if he was sent out on the field before he was ready. Fumbling is bad. Missing a pass block and getting the QB injured is disastrous.

  7. Bob Quinn manned-up and said part of the responsibility for the lack of a running game rests with him – part of the responsibility. Part of it also rested with Jim Caldwell, Ron Prince, Jim-Bob Cooter, the various running backs and the various O-linemen. Caldwell is gone, Prince is gone, and it’s likely Travis Swanson (center) will be gone, too. Cooter is on probation. If the Lions remain without a 100 yd rusher* after 2018, more changes will follow.
    (*I’d be pleased to see 3 RBs get 99 yards each – 297 yards rushing per game by committee would work for me.)

  8. Caldwell and Price (the since-fired OL coach) were the problem. Bad Scheme. During the Caldwell/Prince era, we invested 2 major FA signings (Rick Wagner and TJ Lang) a 2 first rounders (Tomlinson who we’ve since traded for a 5th rounder and Taylor Decker) and 3rd rounders in Warford, Glasgow and Swanson AND WE STILL COULDN’T RUN BLOCK.

    So, at least one of two things is true, if not both. Scheme was just rancid. We can’t scout and draft or sign FAs effectively.

    Thus, Quinn does what was needed and fired them both immediately and took responsibility. We’ve never had the level of responsibility and accountability which Quinn has brought into the Lions organization. If someone can turn us around, its him.

  9. Biggest problem was the O-Line performance in 2017. There weren’t holes. I believe part of it is coaching and the zone blocking strategy they’ve employed for years, which hopefully will improve with Jeff Davidson’s leadership. Part of it was personnel (Swanson). Part of it were injuries to almost everyone on the O-Line. The running backs are serviceable. The running game was anything but. Riddick is great on screen’s and short yardage passes. Tion Green is promising. Abdullah isn’t anything special, but you honestly don’t need a special running back to have a decent run game in the NFL. You need holes.

  10. vikingf0rlife says:
    The Lions are the permanent dumpster fire of the NFC.

    – Yet that dumpster fire was the only team to beat you at Home last Season.

  11. Yet that dumpster fire was the only team to beat you at Home last Season.

    Yep, and beat them twice the year before that.


    We still suck though. lol

  12. I hope they pull the trigger and sign Lewis from the Patriots and Jimmy Graham. Assuming our line stays healthy (fingers crossed), signing one or both of these guys could turn us into a top 5 offense. Also, that Jarvis Landry guy would be a hell of a pickup. If he can have those numbers with Jay Cutler throwing him the ball just imagine what he could do in Detroit!

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