Cowboys could move Byron Jones from safety to corner

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Three years after drafting Byron Jones in the first round, the Cowboys still have no idea what he is. Is he a cornerback? Is he a safety?

Jones started four games at cornerback as a rookie in 2015 and seven others at safety. He has not played corner since, but he has not proved a difference-maker at safety either.

In fact, Jones lost playing time at free safety late last season. Although he played 86.5 percent of the defensive snaps for the season, Jones played only 176 of 260 defensive snaps in the final four games.

The Cowboys have openly acknowledged Jones’ struggles in run support, and he has only two career interceptions.

Thus, the Cowboys are considering moving Jones to cornerback full time, according to Todd Archer of ESPN.

As Archer explains it, new secondary coach Kris Richard likes bigger corners, and Jones stands 6 foot and weighs 205 pounds. But where will Jones fit in?

The Cowboys played rookies Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis and Xavier Woods at corner last season, and a fourth corner, Orlando Scandrick, remains on the roster at the moment.

So as Jones enters his fourth season, the Cowboys are faced with the task of figuring out where to play him and if he’s worth investing in for the future.

13 responses to “Cowboys could move Byron Jones from safety to corner

  1. Umm, that doesn’t work. Other way around? sure. But, this won’t work.

    If the was athletic and quick twitch enough to play CB, he would have been playing there already.

    Or, he’s really dumb and doesn’t have the IQ to play Safety.

  2. Byron is one of the best athletes in the NFL and it is a shame that the Boys organization failed him. That his position hasn’t been established in three years is on the coaching staff, not Byron. There are numerous starters in the league that the Clapper failed to put into situations that worked the best for them while in Dallas.

  3. Jones actually played best at corner his rookie season. Dallas was desperate for a cover safety and put him back there to complement Barry Church, who’s gone now. Kavon Frazier has shown flashes at safety and I actually think Xavier White’s better back there than at corner, so moving Jones to corner is a smart move.

  4. Umm he was Drafted as a CB converted to S, i never understood why they converted him in the first place, he was a much better CB in college

    tylawspick6 says:
    February 13, 2018 at 3:52 pm
    Umm, that doesn’t work. Other way around? sure. But, this won’t work.

    If the was athletic and quick twitch enough to play CB, he would have been playing there already.

    Or, he’s really dumb and doesn’t have the IQ to play Safety.

  5. To quote just a couple draft talking heads, “He broke the internet with his combine performance” and “Is 1 of 5 3-Sigma athletes in the NFL”. He rocketed up draft boards. But has not yet proved that athletic ability makes a get NFL player.

  6. The Cowboys should just admit that they made a mistake drafting Jones and release him and Orlando Scandrick asap. They appear to have added some good depth in the draft last year so they don’t need these 2 stiffs anymore.

  7. The Cowboys made a mistake. Don’t blame the coaches for Jones failure.
    He is not a physical player in fact it is almost embarrassing to see him
    take on a straight ahead tackle. In addition he is very inconsistent in his
    coverage decisions. He makes way too many mental errors.
    In fact the Cowboys secondary is almost defined by players such as Jones.
    Scandrick is very much the same. I believe he is done ..or hope so.
    He and Jones have no desire to make a physical tackle. Forget a screen play
    where they may have to be physical.
    In addition their game knowledge looks as if they have not prepared well
    or especially in the case of Jones ..just don’t have that feel for the game to
    react and cover as needed.
    Moving Jones to corner will not help. He is one of those players who will have
    a ten year career ..but never really making a difference. He is the ultimate tease.
    Remember Landon Collins went a few picks later. Ouch!!!

  8. He actually played very well at corner before they moved him to safety. Not an excellent tackler in my opinion. We can see if he pans out in the end or not, but it looked like he’d be the next young corner until they moved him to the backend because Barry Church was much better at being an enforcer/run stopper than he was in coverage. The Cowboys would be better off seeing what Jones has at corner-whether those first few games were an aberration or fact-and drafting a natural safety.

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