Kaepernick’s lawyers want to question Goodell’s wife


After weeks of silence regarding the pending grievance filed by unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick against the NFL, someone is talking a blue streak now, Jack.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports has a list of witnesses Camp Kaepernick wants to question under oath. One will raise eyebrows: Jane Skinner. Also known as Jane Goodell. Also known as Mrs. Roger Goodell.

Mrs. Goodell’s name was added to the list this week, per Robinson. The development comes after a review of text messages, emails, and phone records produced by the NFL to Kaepernick’s lawyers.

The Commissioner’s wife created headlines in October, when she admitted that she had been using a Twitter account to support her husband against criticism. It’s unknown what specifically has caused Kaepernick’s lawyers to believe she may have knowledge relevant to the question of whether NFL owners colluded to keep Kaepernick out of the league for his role in the commencement of anthem protests in 2016.

According to Robinson, the list also includes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Texans owner Bob McNair, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome, Seahawks G.M. John Schneider, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent, and NFL senior V.P. of player engagement Arthur McAfee.

The Ravens and Seahawks were the two teams that considered signing Kaepernick in 2017. Jones had publicly taken a hard line regarding players not standing during the national anthem, Kraft counts President Donald Trump as a friend (owners allegedly feared being called out by Trump if they sign Kaepernick), and McNair notoriously proclaimed that the NFL “can’t have the inmates running the prison” during an October meeting regarding the anthem issue.

The NFL has declined comment on this issue, pointing PFT to Article 15, Section 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement: “Unless the parties agree otherwise, proceedings before the System Arbitrator and Appeals Panel, other than their decisions, shall be confidential, and may not be disclosed to persons other than counsel, senior executives of the NFL and any involved Club, senior executives of the NFLPA, the NFLPA Executive Committee, NFLPA Player Representatives, and any involved player(s), player agent(s), or Club or League personnel. The foregoing does not prejudice the right of any party to seek any additional confidentiality restrictions (including as to the decision) from the System Arbitrator or Appeals Panel, if such party demonstrates just cause.”

65 responses to “Kaepernick’s lawyers want to question Goodell’s wife

  1. And what is that going to accomplish? I’m sure Jane Goodell is just waiting for the opportunity to testify towards the detriment of the league and her husband for Kaepernick…. get a grip.

  2. Kaepernick is done. Going after the big man’s wife? That’s a whole new level of stupid. Now he’s on Rogers “You can’t play because I say so” list. No collusion necessary. He needs to fire his lawyers and start saving his money.

  3. When you know you don’t have a case, it’s a good idea to cast as a wide a net as possible in the hope that someone, somewhere, will slip up and say something dumb to help you out.

  4. He really comes off as the petulant child that sits in the corner crying because he can’t play with the other kids. Give it up, chump, you’ll never play in the NFL again.

  5. Goodell’s wife isn’t compelled to the same confidentiality clauses as her husband, but probably knows just as much dirt as he does–roger just seems like a soft,pillow talk type of commissioner–but is compelled to the court if subpoena is presented. Good call from the defense.

  6. I don’t know what he expects to get from Jane, but Kap does have a real case. Whether you agree with the protest or not, he had very right to do it – plus people seem to be forgetting that Blacks where getting gunned down by cops at an alarming rate when he took a knee. At the very least he started a meaningful conversation.

  7. Poor guy. With all the more important stuff happening these days he sort of fell out of the headlines. Hopefully this gets him back to where he aches to be.

  8. I’m a democrat and I have to say this whole Kaepernick situation is annoying. Police corruption or abuse of power is a thing, without a doubt. I’ve seen some videos of these shootings and some have been clear and some have made me question law enforcement. But every Saturday and Sunday morning I see Joy Reid push BLM propoganda and it’s sickening. This whole country is based on our liberties for ALL not just a select group. I wish MSNBC would replace her with Kasie Hunt, Katy Tur, or Nicole Wallace because it’s just dividing one half of the country.

  9. Like she knows why wearing pig sox, Che t shirts and asinine “social” protests coupled with mediocre play and vegan scrawniness leads toa lack of interest in a player. Proving why he should be exiled to Venezuela

  10. No question that Goodell has 0 ethics. The only reason they gave him his new 200 MILLION $ Ninny to Suck On is to keep his Mouth Shut on the CTE Brain Trauna Dirt.

  11. Kaep had the right to kneel.

    He does not have the right to be offered a contract to play professional football.

    It’s not that hard to understand. If the boss – any boss – deems you bad for his business, or weighs your pros vs. your cons and comes up with more cons – you’re not getting a job.

    It’s just that simple.

  12. This guy has no case. There was no collusion. It’s not like these owners called each other and texted and said don’t sign this guy. C’MON MAN.
    Bottom line is this: his pros did not out weigh his cons. It’s simple as that. Did protesting have something to do with it, yes, but it’s Kaps right to do that. Is it the employers right to not hire because of distractions? Yes, that’s their right.
    You can’t have it both ways man. Get a clue. If I tried protesting on my companies time, I’d be out the door by the end of the week.

  13. legeisyaj says:

    Sign him as a back up

    How about…….. hell no.

  14. All that political stuff aside, does Colin remember that he was under performing?
    That is why he got benched in the first place, this is an easy argument for even my level of intelligence lol.

    Exhibit A – Colin gets benched for Mr. Gabbert against my Bears. Dec 4th 2016.
    Exhibit B – Colin opts out of his contract approx March 3rd 2017.

    Finally some stats to show he was playing poorly.
    Won his first 25 of 39 Games in regular season. Then 3 of next 19.
    Some stats were decent but I wonder how much of that was garbage time.

  15. The game plan is to shoot a thousand arrows into the air and hope a few stick when they come down.

    In other words make as many people as possible testify and hopefully someone slips up.

    Roger better hope his wife didn’t post something stupid on social media.

  16. And also if you disagree with me, the fear mongering “AM Joy” has produced is likened to what Fox news used to do with the whole “democrats are going to go door to door and try and take your guns from you if you elect Kerry or Obama blah blah.” It’s not good for the country if they are out right lies, as long as you report facts and bring up a factual argument you are real news, like Nicole Wallace, she is legit.

  17. I am now looking forward to Colon Krappernick’s attorneys to want to talk with me. I have always been so supportive of him. ROFL

  18. whoknowsnothing says:
    February 13, 2018 at 7:02 pm
    Do they know Goodell’s wife can’t testify against her husband. I do, thanks to google, lol.

    Google again, thats in a criminal trial. This is about affidavits in a civil suit. And also her testimony, if she even had anything to offer, would be against the league not her husband.

    In all honesty I think the NFL is guilty of many things. But my sense is this isnt one of them.

  19. simplec72 says:
    February 13, 2018 at 6:42 pm
    If you’re reading this… Kap’s Lawyers will want to question you to.

    Yeah but internet sports trolls would consider it a hoot to get to do that.

  20. Gee, it seems that his lawyers may be suggesting that the NFL illegally circumvented the hiring processes as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. That would make any conversations Goodell had with anyone about the hiring process and Kaepernick relevant to the dispute. It’s time to start deposing NFL team owners about what was relayed to the Trump administration, which led to Dear Leader’s famous SOB speech.

  21. At this point….what do Kaep or his lawyer have to gain? Do they really believe they can strong-arm a team into hiring Kaep?

  22. Kap want to play football too. Good luck with that. Looks like Kap and his lawyer stayed to long at Ricky’s SB party.

  23. A spouse cannot be called to testify against the other. It’s canon law since forever. Secondly, the wife is not a business partner, so presumably she has no knowledge of the NFL business and is not privy to that situation or any other. He would be testing the limits of marital privileges in weak civil lawsuits.

    Secondly, CK’s girlfriend can be called to a deposition. She and a large circle of people are the ones instigating and encouraging him to pursue this loser case. In any event, the lawyers know how much money he has and they will bleed him dry.

  24. This seems like a dirty move to bring in Roger’s wife.Trying to get under his skin. So she defended her husband.How are they going to prove she knew the steps the NFL took for the Tweets? Do I think Kaep is being blackballed? Yes but the NFL and it’s owners are too smart to get caught doing it.

  25. Everytime his 15 minutes of Fame seems to be up, his people come out with something more insanely stupid than the last time to get him back in the news. I think he may not be a bad guy, just young and easily influenced and he’s been used for an agenda.

  26. Glorious.
    Do I care about Kap’s case? Not one bit.
    Do I enjoy the squirming of Godell and his family, after what he’s done to others? Pass the popcorn. Can’t miss viewing opportunity.

  27. So, if I send out 10 resumes to companies and none of them give me an interview, can I also scream collusion and get a seven figure settlement?

    If 32 owners all came to the same conclusion that Kaep was bad for business due to his off the field antics, is that collusion or just good business? I mean, I guess it is if the NFL actually sent out an edict saying that no one can hire him, i’d love to see Goodell’s phones, texts, emails, etc – that would be priceless!

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