Report: Reuben Foster is fully cooperating with police, NFL


The ultimate fate of 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, as it relates to his career or his freedom, remains to be seen. For now, though, he’s reportedly handling his second legal entanglement in less than a month by dealing with the situation.

Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports California reports that Foster is “cooperating fully” with the investigations being conducted by both the authorities and the NFL.

Foster also is cooperating with the team. Per Maiocco, the 31st pick in the 2017 draft has spoken “multiple times” both on the phone and in person with G.M. John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan.

The 49ers have limited options for dealing with Foster. If discipline will be imposed, it will be imposed by the NFL. The 49ers can either keep him and wait things out, or cut him and move on.

The draft capital used to acquire Foster, coupled with his solid performance as a rookie (when healthy), qualifies him for the kind of second chance that typically doesn’t go to a guy lurking at the bottom of the roster. But, as Maiocco explains it, the 49ers should enter the 2018 player-acquisition process by regarding Foster as a player “who can no longer be counted upon to be a long-term member of the organization.”

It would be interesting to know whether Maiocco came up with that observation on his own, or whether he heard it from someone with the team. Either way, a guy who looked to be a long-term cornerstone of the roster suddenly finds himself on shaky ground, following a weekend arrest for domestic violence.

19 responses to “Report: Reuben Foster is fully cooperating with police, NFL

  1. There are lots of players who had a rough start off the field, and later matured into decent people. Chris Carter? Randy Moss? Jimmy Smith? Aqib Talib? Navorrow Bowman came to SF under a shadow. Hell, even Ray Lewis.

    Domestic Violence is wrong. Period. So, there must be consequences. After Foster does his penance, then what? Does he deserve another chance? I am in the camp that says, yes, give him another chance. On a very short leash.

  2. Stupid move by a person who is getting to be known for stupid moves. He pulled his girlfriend (ex?) by the hand and walked her out of his apartment after she refused to leave…. this is not a Mixon style incident. This seems to be more a domestic dispute rather than domestic violence. Still a dumb move that is going to cost him half a season but unless there is more to the story this should not cost him his career.

  3. drcap says:
    February 13, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    There are lots of players who had a rough start off the field, and later matured into decent people. Aqib Talib?

    LOL. Aqib Talib? Mature? Decent? Come on.

  4. I believe in second chances after serving punishment, but a large component of the metoo/domestic violence wave right now is a thirst for firing people and blackballing them from their professions, which I find interesting considering the self-professed values and beliefs of most of the activists.

  5. The bottom line is that since Ezekiel Elliott got six games, that’s the absolute minimum that this guy should get.

  6. lionsfan123 says:
    February 13, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Excited to see how the 49ers and Lynch modify their zero tolerance party on domestic violence to keep this turd.

    It’s easy. Just ask the Giants.

  7. If all he did was forcibly escort her out of his home when she refused to leave the premises, and didn’t strike/hit/kick or anything of that nature…and his weapons were legal….

    Then this may not be an issue that deserves punishment.

    You are allowed to deny residence to people at your home – probably should call the cops to do that dirty work next time though.

  8. Reuben Foster is fully cooperating with police, NFL

    I’m having a hard time believing this.

  9. I would not give up on the young man,he’s not a kid. He will be disciplined and lose money. The D.V. facts will come out and that will be the deciding factor. I think Lynch would have released him immediately if his girl friend was showing signs of a beating. The guns don’t help ,because most Californians are fearful of guns and the state hates gun owners.

  10. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. The best of course is no suspension and no charges filed. The worst of course is having the NFL suspend him indefinitely and/or him being jailed. If the front office is unprepared, then it can have a hole in the roster when the decision on him finally comes from the authorities or the league office.

  11. I was against them cutting Bowman for nothing last year and now they’re gonna regret it when Foster is out for the season.

    Derrick Johnson would be a good stopgap option I guess.

  12. When a person refuses to leave your property it isn’t unreasonable that the person can be forcibly removed. What ‘rags to riches’ people need to understand is they can’t continue to hang with the same crowd or, more specifically, the same women. Whether it’s Zeke or Reuben or anyone else, gold diggers will separate you from your gold one way or the other. Time to switch to better women.

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