Allen Robinson: Every team in the league knows what I am capable of

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Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson played only one game in 2017. He made one catch for 17 yards, tearing the ACL in his left knee on his third snap of the season.

That’s not ideal for a player in the final year of his contract. But Robinson isn’t concerned, expecting to receive a long-term deal to his liking.

“Every team across the league knows what I’ve done in this league, and what I’m capable of, so that’s not really an issue,” Robinson said Wednesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

In 2015-16, Robinson averaged 77 catches for 1,142 yards and 10 touchdowns. He would become one of the top wide receivers in free agency if the Jaguars let him hit the open market. He’s only 24 years old, and, almost six months into his rehab, he will return in time for training camp.

“It’s not like one of those things where it happened at the end of the year,” Robinson said. “I’ll be cleared well before the season starts and well before training camp.”

13 responses to “Allen Robinson: Every team in the league knows what I am capable of

  1. Worst year for a serious injury is contract year. In my humble opinion it would be smart to take a 10 mil/one year prove it deal from the Jags. He won’t get the type of money he thinks he is worth right now, but if has a season he is capable of on that one year deal then he will make WAY more money then what he will make from a long term deal this year. I only say the Jaguars because he has had success with them before and they are very thin at WR. He would see a lion share of the targets to pad his stats and probably get a playoff game or two next year to boot. Just makes sense for everyone… Thst being said skins will probably give him a 5 year/60 mil contract with 32 mil guaranteed haha

  2. Being a jags fan I’ve seem this guy play a lot.
    He’s great and jumping higher than the defender’s covering him and coming down with the ball…kind of like a rebound in basketball.
    He’s not fast
    He doesn’t have much escapability
    He can’t get away from press coverage and he doesn’t even try to block on run plays.
    So he’s perfect for a qb like Bortles who’s every throw is a jump ball.
    His last year defenses figured that out and basically shut him down all year
    So ya…very team knows but he’s not worth huge money

  3. Doesn’t matter, as a player you will only be judged on “what have you done for me lately”.
    You will be cut with no remorse as a cost saving measure and have to prove your worth again.
    Meanwhile, the owners sit back and collect nice checks.

  4. They are not going to tag him. I agree with others that the Jags may sign him to a “prove it” contract. They’ll get one great year from him then he’ll probably be gone. I can’t see them giving him the amount of money he’s going to want, especially with the young, promising WRs they added last year.

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