Eagles sign Taylor Hart

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The Eagles signed offensive tackle Taylor Hart, the team announced Wednesday.

Philadelphia made Hart a fifth-round pick in 2014, and he spent his first two seasons on the 53-player roster as a defensive lineman.

Hart, 26, played 14 games for the Eagles in 2015.

The Eagles cut him before the 2016 season and the 49ers claimed him. He played one game for San Francisco before it waived him and Philadelphia claimed him.

He moved from defense to offense in 2017. The Eagles waived Hart in final cuts before the 2017 season, signed him again this past October 26 but waived him November 14. He remained a free agent until Wednesday.

6 responses to “Eagles sign Taylor Hart

  1. He transitioned pretty well. Some thought he’d make the final cuts, but the Eagles were pretty deep along the line this year. Get the feeling that he’s going to get a real good shot at making it this year.

  2. So he signed in October. I wonder if that qualifies for a ring?

    I actually wonder how many are given out. At least 100. Players, practice squad, coaches and front office.

    Then there’s the injuries, traded players,cut players, signed and never played a down players. Cut practice squad players.

    125 to 150. Someone out there must know.

  3. Active 53 + PS are guaranteed rings. IR’d players do too. Coaches, front office, admin. staff too.

    Any after that are team’s discretion. League pays for 150 rings, and team decides who gets those. Teams can get more, but have to pay for them themselves.

  4. Not sure why they signed Will Beatty to replace him, he had nothing left and other than a meaningless week 17 game never played. Would have been better to get Hart the playing & practice time if they like him enough to re-sign him.

  5. How many times are the Eagles going to sign and later release Hart? There must be something about him that they like, but he’s obviously a fringe player in their minds.

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