Former NFL center Jason Brown does something truly sweet

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Once upon a time, Jason Brown was the highest-paid center in the NFL.

Now, he’s doing something even more rewarding.

Via Aaron Moody of the Raleigh News and Observer, the former Ravens and Rams center became a farmer after he retired, and is turning over his harvest to his local community.

Brown struck it rich in football when he signed a five-year, $37.5 million deal with the Rams in free agency in 2009. When he retired after being released in 2012, he bought a 1,000-acre farm near Louisburg, N.C., and he began giving away crops from his First Fruits Farm to local charities.

“If we’re truly going to inspire change, if if we’re truly going to see change in our food system and in ending hunger, we’re going to have to give our best,” Brown said in a video posted by UNC. “More people take interest in saying, ‘Well, hold on a second, why did this NFL player give up his career and all of that money to be a farmer?’ And what it’s caused is, there’s many more First Fruits Farms and and First Fruits Gardens popping up all over the world, and that’s awesome.”

The University of North Carolina product just had 40,000 pounds of sweet potatoes unloaded near campus, donating his entire crop to area food pantries and shelters.

14 responses to “Former NFL center Jason Brown does something truly sweet

  1. Great story! We need more people looking out for less fortunate people! Maybe others in the league will realize you get more personal enjoyment out of this than going out and buying your 8th and 9th car.

  2. Why would a player do such a thing without first making a political protest or filing a lawsuit??? Isn’t this type of productivity and goodwill backwards???


  3. Wow. Just wow. This guy is incredible. I wish I could shake his hand. It’s so refreshing to see former NFL players who care about others instead of being egomaniacs.

  4. This story is great but it made me think of the old Green Acres TV show where NY lawyer Oliver Wendall Douglas gave up the city life to run a farm. He was constantly shown outside doing the chores is his three piece suit.

    So now I keep picturing Farmer Brown out plowing the fields in his football uniform. LOL

  5. Nest case scenario…other players ( especially ones that grew up in rural areas) do the same thing after they leave the game that was so good to them..Great Story.

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