Frank Reich plans “strong element” of no-huddle offense

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Colts head coach Frank Reich didn’t share any inside scoops about when quarterback Andrew Luck will be ready to make a full return to football work during a Tuesday press conference, but he did say he thinks the entire team needs to be built up rather than just relying on Luck to lead the team to wins.

While that’s a sound plan, Reich sounds willing to put a lot of the offense into Luck’s hands when and if the quarterback is back to speed this year. Reich outlined some of his plans for the offense he’ll be building in Indianapolis and he has his eyes on letting the quarterback sort things out on the field.

“We will be a multiple, attack, up-tempo offense,” Reich said, via FOX 59. “We will be aggressive. We’ll change things up. What I mean by multiple is we’ll use multiple personnel groups and multiple formations. We’ll change the tempo. There will be a strong element of the no-huddle offense. We’ll build the players around that kind of scheme.”

Reich will be calling the offensive plays for the Colts, which wasn’t the case when he was coordinating an Eagles offense that did those things very well. If the Colts can follow suit, the turns that led Reich to Indianapolis will be remembered as happy ones.

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  1. Sounds like the right offense for Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck is a top shelf play caller. His last year at Stanford with David Shaw – Luck was a masterful play caller. The Cardinal would have over 200 Yards rushing and it was mostly attributed to Luck getting the Cardinal in the right play. David Shaw said Luck called better plays than him.

    As far as the NFL level here’s what Bruce Arians said about Luck: “it took Ben(Roethlisberger) a couple of years to do no-huddle and call it. Peyton(Manning) theee years. Andrew(Luck) three games. He’s brilliant. They say he has got a photographic memory….”

    It’s a shame that OC’s like Chudzinski elected to call plays when they have a QB like Andrew Luck who will run circles around them in terms of play calling.

    I think everything turned out in The Colts favor. It looks like they have the perfect head coach for their franchise QB.

  2. That sounds great but you need to build an offense around the player’s skill sets you’re stuck with. You can build it a few steps at a time but it’s a Coach mistake to take round pegs and stick them in square holes.

    I’m not saying anything most of you already know and have seen.

  3. Frank Reich has said he hasn’t sat down with Andrew Luck yet. Why would you commit to a certain style of offensive without evaluating the most important player first?

    To point out, Nick Foles ran a different offense than Carson Wentz for the Eagles to be successful.

  4. Frank is well experienced with the no huddle offense from his days of working with former Bills OC and ironically former Colts head coach Ted Marchibroda. Luck will be coached in how to run it very well.

    One huge key for the no huddle to work effectively is that you must have an exceptional running game to keep defenses guessing. With that said, I fully expect the Colts to draft Sequon Barkley with the 3rd overall pick. If he’s as advertised and Luck makes a full recovery by September…look out!!

  5. The K-Gun offense, which Reich was a part of in Buffalo, was awesome….until it ran into a good defense. No-huddle offenses limit substitutions on both sides of the ball and eat a lot of clock time. If you’re going to run a no-huddle offense, you’d better have a really good defense, which I don’t see the Colts as having one.

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