Baker Mayfield resents the notion that height matters

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With the draft approaching, former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t shying away from the spotlight. And he’s not afraid to point out things that bother him.

Pet Peeve No. 1: Comments about his height.

It angers me when people say that height actually matters, because there’s guys in the NFL that prove it day in and day out that it doesn’t,” Mayfield told Steve Serby of the New York Post in somewhat lengthy Q&A. “If you can pick up and throw a ball, you can. And if you can win games, you can. So a lot of that stuff that people used to think mattered a lot, those measurables don’t exactly [matter] anymore. It’s about winning games and getting your teammates to play hard.”

Mayfield also has a problem with people passing judgment on him without all relevant information.

“People want to put an image on me that they obviously don’t know me,” Mayfield said. “If you never sat down to have a conversation with me, then you probably don’t understand why I’m so competitive, why I do the things I do. I always had a chip on my shoulder because I’ve had to earn everything. If you think me being cocky is because I’ve been handed things that I’ve been spoon fed, you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve had to earn it.”

Mayfield also isn’t bashful about reacting to actual or perceived slights on social media. In response to a comprehensive evaluation from Bucky Brooks of NFL Media, Mayfield took to Twitter to say this: “Actually a well written piece. . . . But you left out the most important thing in football . . . that one thing called winning. People forgot [to] mention that with my man [Deshaun Watson‘s] game last year.”

The concept of #winning has become a hot-button issue when it comes to the question of evaluating quarterbacks. Plenty of bad quarterbacks win because they have plenty of great players around them. Plenty of good quarterbacks lose because their teammates simply don’t collectively have what it takes to compete.

The real question is whether a quarterback has the ability to make his teammates better, by creating the same kind of relationship with his fellow players that they have with their coach, causing them to listen, follow, seek approval, and show respect to the quarterback.

One man can’t make a bad team into a winner. But a quarterback who is a great leader can help his team win in ways other than throwing passes. Is Mayfield that kind of guy? That’s one of the things that 32 teams will be trying to find out.

42 responses to “Baker Mayfield resents the notion that height matters

  1. Hey Baker, you do know these comments will find their way to Defenses next year? Good luck, as a short person you’ll need it … not really, just wanted to give you a dig.

  2. He sounds like a guy trying to sell me a used car…. if you are good, coaches and scouts will realize it.

  3. This league is starving for true talent at QB.

    Watson looked unstoppable against New England.

    Wilson has done things on the field which Harry Potter could not pull off.

    Tom Brady was drafted 199.

    I think the people picking QB’s do a poor job at evaluating talent. Height, Hand Size and wonderlic are all outdated.

  4. .
    Of course height matters. It does not mean that a smaller QB can’t be successful in the NFL, as Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have shown. However, the QB position is easier when you are a 6’4″ 230lbs.

  5. “It’s about winning games and getting your teammates to play hard.”


    yeah, tell that to Tebow.

  6. Napoleon complex is strong with this guy. But I still think he can play and have success in the NFL.

  7. Best Quarterback in the draft! And why does winning not matter when evaluating these QBS? Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rogers, look good to me throwing passes and winning games. How’s that Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, and Mike Glennon been working out? Giraffes with strong arms.

  8. While I agree it doesn’t have to matter (Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are examples), maybe you should play a few downs in the NFL before you start running your mouth. Ryan Leaf thought he was going to be the Second Coming, and Manziel though he would wreck the league. Neither was nor did.

    Play talks. Lips just flap.

  9. Height is a component of evaluating QB’s. It’s just one part, it’s not everything. A number of great QB’s have been able to overcome a lack of ‘ideal’ height, and have terrific careers, just as many QB’s with great height have been stiffs that were soon out of the league. It’s all relative.

  10. Who cares about Height??…I’d like to talk about his elusiveness, like when he tried to run from the cops…if Mayfield drafted by Cleveland we will get to see something similar every week!!

  11. “I think the people picking QB’s do a poor job at evaluating talent. Height, Hand Size and wonderlic are all outdated.”
    Agree, especially the hand size. If you look at the draft profile of Jimmy Garoppolo, there was a concern about his small hand size yet it was identical to that of Aaron Rogers. Think a having a decent arm, accurate and most important smart enough to quickly process information are more important.

  12. I actually read the headline the first time as Johnny Manziel resents the notion. I automatically switched their names in my head, wtf. I need coffee.

  13. Mayfield also isn’t bashful about reacting to actual or perceived slights on social media.

    Mayfield reminds me of someone else, I can’t place my finger on it, who is hyper sensitive to criticism (snowflake), is obsessed with Twitter, and fires off angry irrational Tweets. Hmmm.

  14. It wasn’t you height or skills that kept you on the bench at Texas Tech. It was your angry, short inner child. OU just didn’t care about character as much as TT.

    Now, go out, make a team and stop talking. Just play!

  15. “Charles Territo says:
    February 15, 2018 at 10:31 am
    Height does matter with QB’s. So stop whining and prove me and a lot of people wrong.”

    Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Doug Flutie, Sonny Jurgenson, Fran Tarkenton, Michael Vick, Joe Theismann, Len Dawson, et al, have already proven you wrong.

    So that must mean you’re too daft or stubborn to change your mind.

  16. There are around 100 quarterbacks with jobs in the NFL. The fact that you can point out three short ones that are good does not disprove the general idea that it helps for you to be over to see over your offensive linemen.

  17. Well DIRT, Only 2 ever won a Super Bowl GAME. Only Tark, Brees and to date Wilson have consistently won. So take your daft and stick it where no soap or sunshine ever gets to.

  18. It is hard to argue that height does NOT matter (just ask Isaiah Thomas in the NBA). The reality is that being taller does help. A shorter athlete has to find ways to be competitive and maximize his or her skill set. What can that athlete do well to compete.

    On the other hand, being short seems to be about the last arena where people feel free to mock and ridicule someone mercilessly. Somehow, it is still ok. It shouldn’t be.

    People who are short can and do compete at a high level. I’m sure Baker is just exhausted from hearing about it. It did not help IT to be angry all the time, and it won’t help Baker. Just let people talk (you can’t stop them) and play well. When you play well, they will shut up.

  19. His height will be irrelevant. History shows loud mouthed, immature quarterbacks never succeed in the NFL. He is Johnny manzel come again. There’s always a team out there that tries though. Usually the Browns or bills. Waste of a pick hoping that circus clown will do anything but embarrass them. A small, scrambling qb that can’t keep it together? Sounds great. What could go wrong??

  20. He’s not much smaller than Jimmy Pinocchio, the San Francisco Treat. An added advantage for the 49ers drafting him is that those two could share a single seat on the team jet.

  21. Lol people keep naming 1 or 2 short starting qbs out of 32 or a dozen or so good ones over the history of the league out of 100s to prove height doesnt matter. Lol your proving yourself wrong. The fact that there are so many more tall qbs proves that height matters. NO ONE said a short Qb cant succeed. They all said the odds of them succeeding are far less.

    I mean Trace McSorley has been the most dynamic QB in college the last 2 years, but NOBODY expects him to make it in the NFL. Hes just 2 small. If talent was everything he would be coming out right now too, but its not size matters. Now some guys like Baker n Wilson n Brees break through but the VAST majority of small QBs dont.

    And the guy who threw out Sonny Jurgenson. Lol. Are you serious? That was like 50 years ago when pretty much everyone was 6 ft tall. Of course short QBs would do well then.

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