Bobby Hart says he was injured, never quit on Giants

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Newly hired General Manager Dave Gettleman was credited with making a statement about the stamp he’d put on the Giants late last season when starting right tackle Bobby Hart was put on waivers before the final week of the regular season.

Reports at the time indicated that Hart told the team’s coaches he would not play in Week 17 and former Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz touched off a Twitter scrap with Hart by calling him a locker room cancer. Hart signed with the Bengals on Wednesday and said that a nagging ankle injury that people with the team knew about was the reason he felt he was unable to play.

Injured or not, Hart didn’t play well when he was on the field in 2017. The Bengals are willing to take a shot on a turnaround because they had their own troubles at tackle and Hart hopes playing for head coach Marvin Lewis helps spark that change in fortunes.

“It’s frustrating seeing all those things about you that you know are not true,” Hart said, via the Bengals website. “The main thing I took from [Lewis] is he’s not just blowing smoke. You can just feel the genuine aspect coming from him. When you get labelled those things, you kind of start to develop a wall, a shield where you block people out and don’t let people in. But when you talk to him and you feel how genuine he is, that wall just comes down. You just listen to him and you can feel he cares.”

Even after getting a Hart on Valentine’s Day, the Bengals figure to look for more help to shore up an offensive line that fell short last season.

15 responses to “Bobby Hart says he was injured, never quit on Giants

  1. Yeah he probably did quit on his team. It was probably hard for anyone to strap on those laces and go out there with a positive attitude considering how bad they were doing.

  2. Well according to him he is the best tackle in football… I guess they didn’t realize a grown man needed someone to hold his hand to do his job.

  3. Healthy – he wasnt a good player. The stories coming out of the Giants is that he was a malcontent all year long – and the refusal to play in the last game was the straw that broke the camels back. Not prudent for a late draft choice.

    Sometimes people need a kick in the rear to realize the opportunities they have been given. He’s now got a second chance. If he is half the player he seems to think he is – then he should do well in Cincy. If he performs/behaves like he did with the giants – he will be unemployed in August…..

  4. well so far this offseason the Bengals have “made it a priority” to resign their own players and brought in a cheap, underachieving, troublemaker to fix a gaping hole they’ve got.

    Marvin Lewis is “genuine” my a** – still the same old Bengals.

  5. The guys a headcase. By that I mean he doesn’t have the mental toughness to play the game at this level. He is big enough, fast enough, athletic enough, but his mind isn’t right.

    You can always tell the headcases because they make their bad play about the team not supporting them enough. RG3 was the same way. There’s nothing you can do about guys like that. They shouldn’t be in pro football.

  6. More Lewis mediocrity……

    This move is so Bengals. Take a few cheap FA’s so it doesn’t affect their comp pick eligibility, and then completely whiff when the good FA’s are around that might make a difference.

    The new Bengals OL coach is ex-Cowboys, so maybe he saw something he liked with this ex-Giant; a move to OG maybe ?

    If Hart can pancake a few Steeler linebackers, then I’m all for it; I’ll watch.

    I suspect though, watching Harts tape; it’ll be the Bengals QB getting’ pancaked.

  7. So MacAdoo and Reese bank their jobs on this guy and they both lose their jobs and somehow the team didn’t “believe” in him enough? Wow.

  8. Can’t speak on if he’s a cancer or not, but when teammates start throwing the C word around it’s never good…As a Giants fan what I can speak on is that this guy is AWFUL…At least Andy can run for his life Eli doesn’t have that ability

  9. Hope this guy doesnt read these comments here. I think we hurt his feelings with the first post of Cincy picking him up. Seems pretty thin skinned.

  10. This is the exact same talk that was prevalent when the Bengals got Reggie Nelson. Reggie seemed to work out pretty good for Cincy.

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