Browns one of multiple teams using Scot McCloughan’s scouting service

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Former Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan has remained busy after being fired by the team last year. He quickly relaunched his scouting service — and he continues to operate his scouting service now.

Contrary to the impression created by a report that surfaced prior to the Super Bowl, McCloughan hasn’t limited himself to the Browns or any one team. McCloughan has multiple teams to whom he provides scouting services.

McCloughan served as the 49ers G.M. before taking that same job in Washington. Between those two jobs, McCloughan worked for the Seahawks.

He has a pending grievance against Washington for unpaid salary; the team fired him for cause with two years left on his contract. The precise status of the grievance isn’t known.

14 responses to “Browns one of multiple teams using Scot McCloughan’s scouting service

  1. Jokes about the Browns have come to an end after this signing. He’s going to turn this team around quick. The Redskins are going to look real stupid when this unfolds. It’ll show that it starts from the top and the top needs to go in order for the Redskins to be successful which may never happen under this ownership

  2. What I found the Browns sign Keenum, draft Barkley, trade the other pick for 4 more, and nail their draft? We could be talking playoffs and it would be fun to see as an NFL fan.

  3. Hey 1standinches, they are using his service not hiring him…

    Is is good at scouting for sure.

  4. with the number 1 and 4 picks in the 2018 draft, the cleveland clowns select…….MEGA BUST!!!

  5. If you look at the drafts that Scot McCloughan managed for the 49ers, Seahawks and Washington, there is zero doubt that this guy has an eye for talent. But being hired by many teams???? He might as well become an agent and pit these teams against each other for profit.

  6. The man has talent. If you had the option to hear his thoughts and ignored him you’re not taking advantage of every tool available.

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