Joe Thomas joins in on Kirk Cousins pursuit

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Browns left tackle Joe Thomas isn’t going to let Von Miller corner the market on quarterback-lobbying.

Thomas put in his pitch to soon-to-be free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, tweeting to him that Cleveland would be a lovely place to play some football, raise a family, and gain immortality.

Thomas initially tweeted out: “I hear Cleveland is nice this time of year, that is, if you’d like to have a statue someday…”

Then he followed up with an even more emphatic approach.

The Browns have a perpetual need at the position, and Cousins’ previous statements that his decision would be based on winning would seemingly steer him elsewhere. But if the Browns did have an actual quarterback they could spend all those draft picks (five of the first 65) to put an array of talent in place around him.

Miller has been open in his desire to bring Cousins to Denver, mounting a social media campaign revolving around cereal and rainbows.

34 responses to “Joe Thomas joins in on Kirk Cousins pursuit

  1. it’s not as crazy as it seems, the draft is loaded with WR talent. Browns could take Barkley at #1 and stockpile his weapons with the rest of their first few picks. plus there is nowhere to go but up.

  2. Joe Thomas is a great player, but unless he is getting traded to a contender and not telling anyone, Cousins already said that winning is his main priority. Going winless is not what he had in mind. Unless the Browns will pay him 45 mil a year, they don’t have a chance at Cousins.

  3. The more I read this stuff…the more I’m glad Kirk is out of Washington. He’s a nice piece….but not the guy that will take over a game when its on the line. Source: I am a suffering Redskins fan that has not missed a game in recent memory and I’m into Masochism.

  4. Rarely does spending millions and cap strangling a team to a QB work out, but in Cleveland I completely agree with throwing boat loads of money at him. It’s obvious that they cannot draft a QB and/or develop one. And they NEED a culture change there. They have such a young team with so many picks, by adding a veteran QB I really think they should change things.

    I watched that Dallas/Redskins game and Cousins was literally playing his heart out for that team despite his offensive line being ripped apart

  5. …suffering Redskins fan that has not missed a game in recent memory and I’m into Masochism.
    Then Alex Smith will probably make you come even more than you did before. Puns and whatnot fully intended.

  6. They have tons of picks and tons of cap space but will they use it wisely? If he wants to sign in Cleveland He ought to push for a contract where he gets 15M/year guaranteed plus whatever is left in their cap space. They can either pay him obscene money or spend like teams that want to win.

  7. It’s such a shame Thomas has been stuck on the Browns his entire career. He deserved better. As far as making history though, finally bringing a title to the Vikings and the state of Minnesota would rival one in Cleveland.

  8. And someone explain why this is not considered tampering? We want you, we will pay you more, and we will raise a statue of you. All while Kirk Cousins is still under contract.

  9. Joe may not even be on the team for more than a year, his play has been declining ,hes old and coming off injury. Why are people getting so excited about a QB with a losing record to save a franchise anyway…..

  10. … “if you’d like to have a statue someday”…
    RG3 went to Cleveland and he already has a statue.

  11. For a quiet leader Joe Thomas sure is a turning into a boorish self promoter. By mentioning a statue for Cousins it’s obvious he is lobbying for his own statue first. Why so I have an axe to grind against Joe Thomas?
    1. Yeah he was on the fishing boat with his Dad on draft day but even then he’s talking about the HOF
    2. Never,not even once!!!, had the backs of his teammates,especially QBs, when things got chippy on the field
    3. Famously pretended (and Alex Mack too) not to see James Harrison concuss Colt McCoy.
    4. Mocked, with his not so funny wit,both McCoy and Hoyer in the lockerroom and media thereby undermining their attempts at leadership.

    I will be glad to see him finally retire. It is not his fault the Browns never had any leaders who could match his level of play however his personality of wise cracking and “leading by example…i.e. being rewarded for losing” was just not good enough.

  12. “Don’t just go and be another quarterback somewhere else!”

    I find this hilarious coming from a team that has a fan made jersey with 20+ QB names on it.

  13. Kirk Cousins is FOOLS GOLD!!! HIs recored IS who he is!!!
    The guy is just the benefit of playing in a safe scripted system where the coach does not even MAKE him chuck it downfield when the PLAY demands it. Big Ben would shred this guy into a thousand pieces!!
    Hue Jackson would be forced to jump in the lake-AGAIN, cause Hue does NOT baby his QB’s like Gruden(by his own admittance) does Cousins.
    Hue threw MORE on Kizer in his first year than Cousins has EVER had to do since he became the starter.
    Never even came close to winning a playoff game.
    A coach and QB combination is so important. Cousins would NOT survive what Hue asks of his QB’s with running a lot of UNSCRIPTED downfield plays!!!! Cousins was known as a turnover machine when asked to make a lot of unscripted plays. And Hue likes to launch it!!! Add a new playbook to the mix, and new receivers. Ohh, this would be ugly!!! I mean, first clue: Terrell Pryor managed to put up 1000 yards with 5 different receivers in Cleveland. Goes to DC with Cousins and his 0-2 attempts to him per game and suddenly Pryor is a BUST!!! Byer beware!

  14. If the Browns get him…draft the RB and the DB…they are set. They will be what the Jaguars were this year, but they will get their quicker with a better offense.

  15. Kirk Cousins has a very pedestrian resume. This stuff is really head scratching. If it were not for the news talking about him every single day as if he has ever won anything, WHO would even think about him? 26-30-1, 1-5 in the division. Choked the last game each of his three years as a starter in the same system. This does NOT translate well. Considering all the eyes that will be on this deal the first few games of the season. He could get a GM and coach fired by game 6 for such a risky move! Only a guy with the RESUME of a Brady or Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers would be a guy a team would place such a bet on!!!! You notice how all of those guys are Hall of Famers to be who have PROVEN already they can WIN a SB or two or three or four or five!!! NOT A GUY WHO HAS YET TO WIN A PLAYOFF GAME!!!!! Stop this nonsense. Somebody needs to be slapped for this travesty.

  16. The Browns could easily compete in that Division. Decent OL. Much better front office. Tons of picks, especially two in the top 4. 1/2 all the All Pro players come from the top 15 picks. Young team that now has SOME experience. I think they should have changed head coaches. Hue is an OC.

    Pittsburgh seems on the verge of disarray. Ben’s getting old. Baltimore is average. Cincy let go of the wrong people and are moving towards Cleveland area.

    Joe Thomas is totally correct. I can’t see Denver being that competitive for that long. Cap hell takes 5 years or great drafts to fix. This years Saints team is a perfect example. Cap hell for 5 or so years and fixed by one of the best return on a rookie draft ever. Takes 3 years to judge a draft? NO’s took 3 months.

    We Americans always root for the underdog. Outside of the AFC Central, most everyone is rooting for the Browns. When the win again, we’ll find another sad sack story. Just the way it is. But their story is decades long sad.

  17. Cousins and Thomas are from the same part of the midwest (basically, to the rest of the world). Cleveland is a lot closer to home and who the hell wants to live 1 mile above sea level? Only thing worse is living below sea level.

    Nothing personal to those that do but for some people it’s not healthy.

  18. “And someone explain why this is not considered tampering?”

    Players have no authority to sign other players, so it’s just an individual’s free speech to make their opinions known…

  19. Be amazed if he goes there. Why willingly walk into the most dysfunctional franchise in sports right now? Just how many extra millions does he need at this point?

  20. ajoyce1977 says:
    February 15, 2018 at 9:37 am
    And someone explain why this is not considered tampering? We want you, we will pay you more, and we will raise a statue of you. All while Kirk Cousins is still under contract.
    Technically, he is NOT under contract until the Redskins hit him with another franchise tag or sign him to a long-term deal. The team isn’t required to make up their mind for a couple more weeks. They still have 1st dibs.

  21. Cousins is the quintessential businessman so look at the facts using Jacksonville as a potential landing spot and $30 million per year as an annual salary (to make the numbers easy to calculate). The other destinations (taking into account the Bankrate Cost of Living and State income tax) would need to offer him more than $30 million to be on an even economic footing. Denver would need to sweeten the deal by $7.7 million per year; Cleveland would need to kick in an additional $3.5 million per year; Phoenix would need to sweeten the pot by $422,000; the Jets would need to add @$10 million (if you gross up the state tax implications); Minnesota would need to find another $5.7 million per year and Buffalo another $1.5 million per year.

    On top of that, the Cousins had a child last month and wants to have a family home making stability an essential element in his calculation … virtually disqualifying the Jets, Denver and Cleveland (sorry guys). In addition, while Cousins grew up in Michigan and went to Michigan State, his wife is from Georgia – very close to Jacksonville.

    One additional factor is the likelihood that Cousins is looking to position himself for a post playing career ala Roger Staubach, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and the Manning family. Cleveland and Buffalo have shrinking populations meaning the future opportunities would be limited. Much will also depend on Cousins’ desire to become a central figure in his new home city much like Brees has become an institution in New Orleans.

    With Fitzgerald coming back for another year I think the arrow is pointing to either Arizona or Jacksonville as I do not see John Elway paying the dollars necessary to secure Cousins. Ultimately Cousins would fit in either place but Jacksonville is closer to the Super Bowl and has a stable environment and fan base that would enthusiastically embrace Cousins. I see Bortles being traded with the Jags assuming some of his salary if they cannot cut him before the salary becomes guaranteed. The Cardinals are rebuilding but I see the Jags in the Super Bowl next year.

    Watch to see how AJ McCarron’s arbitration turns out though – he may be a key indicator on where Cousins lands.

  22. Skip Cousins and draft Baker Mayfield. But knowing the Browns, they will pass on a QB and draft a RB instead.

  23. Vikes have the cap room now, but lots of mouths to feed in the next 2 years. I just don’t see Cousins’ cap-crippling contract numbers working for a contending team — that’s why the Browns may actually be the best fit financially. If he really wants to win, then he would be best served taking a lower contract number and going to Jacksonville, Denver or MN.

  24. I’m sure the same sentiments were made to Kizer. How’d that turn out? This organization doesn’t believe in developing qb’s, thus they are doomed to fail every time.

  25. bartpkelly says:
    February 15, 2018 at 10:23 am

    If the Browns get him…draft the RB and the DB…they are set. They will be what the Jaguars were this year, but they will get their quicker with a better offense.


    LOL, 0-16 and that’s all they need to become the Jags????

  26. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    February 15, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Skip Cousins and draft Baker Mayfield. But knowing the Browns, they will pass on a QB and draft a RB instead.


    Draft the best QB for sure. I don’t understand at all why Browns fans would want to take a chance on paying all that money for a 29 year old second tier QB. Sorry but you are not close to contending yet, you need a young QB. Just pick the right one finally for crying out loud!

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