NFL teams to get more access to data that tracks players on every play

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Every NFL player wears sensors on his shoulder pads in every game, and those sensors track every move a player makes, resulting in a treasure trove of data: Which player runs the fastest? Which player slows down as the game goes on? Which cornerback sticks the closest to the wide receiver he’s covering? Which defensive lineman gets across the line of scrimmage most often?

The problem is that the NFL has been stingy with the data: Teams are given information about their own players, but not about players on other teams. So tracking data has been of limited use for scouting opponents or making decisions about free agent signings.

That’s all about to change: Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that league-wide tracking data from 2016 and 2017 will be distributed to every team in April. And starting during the 2018 season, teams will receive league-wide tracking data every week.

Teams differ on how much importance they place on tracking data. Some view it as a potential game changer. Others think it doesn’t provide much information that they don’t already know based on their own scouting and tape study. Now that every team is getting access to every other team’s data, we’ll find out if the teams that take it seriously get significant advantages from it.

Unfortunately, the NFL has no plans to make the data available to the general public. Plenty of hard-core fans would love to see that kind of data, but the league, other than occasionally picking out an interesting “Next-Gen Stat” to publish, will still keep the data under wraps.

15 responses to “NFL teams to get more access to data that tracks players on every play

  1. No doubt, the Darrell Revis file will show him “getting out of the way” on most every play.

  2. They will invest in this kind of technology but Belichick’s idea about cameras in the end zone to make sure scoring plays are called right? Too much money. SMH

  3. This is pretty advanced stuff. We’d like to have the “Next-Gen Stat” info. here in Green Bay. But we’re still getting used to electricity. So we wouldn’t be able to understand it or use it anyways.

  4. Sounds like overkill to me. Break down the film, create a game plan, execute game plan. You can learn a lot by just watching the damn film.

  5. And then they’ll release the 2015 psi data showing that no footballs ever deflate in cold weather. Any day now you guys!

  6. craigruby20 says:
    February 15, 2018 at 6:21 pm
    Might as well just book the next 5 Super Bowls for Eagles vs. Patriots. The 2 best teams at analytics about to get more ammo for their weaponry.

    Well at least they should be good exciting games.

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