Saquon Barkley approaching Scouting Combine as a competitive event

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As a highly rated prospect for the 2018 draft, running back Saquon Barkley could pass on doing on-field drills at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis in favor of working out for teams at Penn State’s Pro Day or during private workouts in the coming months.

Barkley may do some of those workouts, but he won’t be sitting out in Indy. Barkley calls the combine “something I dreamed about doing” and said that he’s approaching it as something he can win by performing at a high level.

“To be out there with some of the best of the best and the best at your position … It’s not a competitive event but it really is if you think about it,” Barkley said on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt. “I just want to do the best I possibly can to not only challenge myself but challenge the other backs in there, too. I’m not just going to bash anybody that decides not to [participate]. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But me, I think it’s important. It helps you see where you’re at personally and against competitors who are competing for the same spot as you.”

The competition with other running backs is one that Barkley appears to be leading by a wide margin. The bigger question for the draft may be how many players at other positions come off the board before someone claims Barkley for their backfield.

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  1. Cleveland…you should take him 1st and a QB (If you don’t get one in free agency) 4th…. he won’t be there at 4 and one of the top QBs will…he will make a decent QB great…and whoever you get a QB at 4 will be above decent.

  2. Giants should draft him and go for one more ring with Eli. A healthy ODB and Sheperd with Evan Engram at TE and Barkley in the backfield could be an incredible offense.

  3. He’s not being coached to say these things, that’s who he is. He’s on tape talking about when he got to State College and wanting his name on the top of every weight room record – not just RB records, PSU records. Saquon is straight up the real deal going all the way back. Look up his high school stories, etc.

    I can’t stand the over the top Tim Tebow fans who think he should be in the NFL, but the one thing I will never ever deny Tim Tebow is being the real deal and not fake. He just walks the walk. Saquon is cut from that same cloth.

  4. .
    The Browns could improve in a hurry if they were to sign Cousins, draft Barkley @ #1, and a position player (Minka Fitzpatrick?) @ #4.

  5. Saquon is simply going to be the best running back since AP. And if Cleveland passes or trades out they will wear a “We missed Saquon” medal around their necks just like they do the one with Wentz’s name on it. For if they pass he is a goner at #2 to the Giants…..won’t make it till #4.
    Cleveland’s best play is Saquon #1 and the best available QB at #4……..and that is exactly why they won’t do it, cause it is a no-brainer.

  6. The Browns need to take this kid at #1. There are no question marks about him; he is the only “can’t miss” in the draft. They need “every down” players and why on earth would you take a QB that may or may not start for you this year? This is a special player and an outstanding kid… for the love of all that is holy, please take this kid #1 overall Cleveland!!

  7. Eliot wolf in the house now. You guys will be just fine if he’s anything like his pops. I agree with most of you except cousins may not be that easy to drag to Cleveland. Gonna be a bidding war over him I think.

  8. I love that people are comparing this guy to KiJana Carter or other Penn State busts simply because of the school. Barkley wasn’t even born yet when Carter was drafted by The Bengals, yet somehow that makes them similar players, both destined to be busts?

  9. tweetypiehearts says:
    February 15, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    another bust in the making, ki jama carter


    Ki-jana Carter was a beast in college, tore and ACL, and his career ended.

    Carter was not the complete back that Barkley is. He didn’t catch passes, he didn’t know how to pass block effectively. He started as a freshman, Carter only had one big year in college while Barkley had 2 big years and had a decent freshman year.

    Barkley is going to be very, very good… but like with any running back, he has to stay healthy.

    PS Injured players are tough to consider as “busts”. To me, a bust is a player that doesn’t meet potential on his own. Not due to injury.

  10. Ki-Jana Carter 2.0.

    He’s not going to be able to play against teams like Akron and Nebraska all year. He ran all over them. But, he also was held to 2.8 ypc against Indiana, 2.1 ypc against Ohio State and 2.5 ypc against Rutgers. Now, Rutgers and Indiana weren’t exactly known for their strong defense. Remember how great Curtis Ennis and Ki-Jana Carter were at Penn State running up big numbers against lousy teams?

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