Steelers getting new throwback uniforms this year

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The bumblebees are gone, and they’re not coming back.

During a conference call with fans Wednesday, Steelers owner Art Rooney II said the team was ditching one of the worst ideas in alternate jerseys the league has seen (at least this side of Jacksonville).

“We are going to be wearing a new throwback jersey,” Rooney said, via Adam Bittner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Rooney didn’t specify what they were going to throw back to (they’re the Steelers, their regular uniforms are throwbacks anyway).

The Steelers last donned the striped jerseys (which the team wore a version of in the 1930s) in 2016. And while they’ve used some different designs in the past, there aren’t that many options which could lead them back to the “Batman” look from 1966 and 1967.

The Steelers changed to their current, classic look in the late 1960s.

16 responses to “Steelers getting new throwback uniforms this year

  1. I hate the Steelers but like the fact that they keep the jerseys simple and don’t change it every other year. You don’t need to justify a marketing job by redesign all the time.

  2. Am I the only one who likes the 1930s bumble bee jersey? Much better than the 1960s batman one. Maybe it’s because I also like rugby, but to me the bumble bee is a classic design – the hooped design (horizontal stripes are called “hoops” to distinguish from vertical stripes) is still a common format today by many rugby teams, some even play in black & yellow. By contrast the 1960s batman look was faddish and ugly.

  3. How about they just get rid of throw backs altogether? It was never anything more than a ploy to sell more jerseys and 90% of them look horrible.

  4. I don’t understand the hate for the bumblebee jerseys. Do they look ridiculous? Yes. But they are one of the few throwback jerseys that looks like it is from a different era. A throwback should not just look like the current jersey with a slight tweak (I’m looking at you, Buffalo).

  5. I agree with steaks…, but stucats, you have it all wrong now. When the Steelers first used only 1 logo it was the result of not having enough decals on hand, but now it is a hallmark of our franchise to use only the 1. We will NEVER add a second one just to please nimrod trolls who do not know Steelers history.

  6. Honestly the bumblebee uniforms are the only throwbacks across the league I really like. Kind of like the old crazy multicolored Astros jerseys from the Nolan Ryan days. It’s fun! Sports are supposed to be fun, but professional sports team owners are all stodgy old coots!

  7. Nothing like new uniforms to distract from clown stompings by Jacksonville. I’m sure the Jaguars don’t care what Little Ben and Bell are wearing when they stuff those two like a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys.

  8. Can we just ditch the whole throwback thing altogether? All of these uniforms suck. This was a gimmick originated in the 90’s to celebrate the NFL 75th anniversary. It’s tired and stupid. Some of these get ups are downright embarrassing, the Steelers Bumble Bee Convict example being the worst.

    What sucks is when a really good or historic game is played when a team is deck out in one of this Cosplay getups and we are then doomed for years to what highlights, distracted and embarrassed by a marketing scheme run amok, years after it became nothing more than a joke.

    So, the 100th Anniversary of the NFL is just a few years down the road. What will they come up with for that? The throwbacks are already old news? So maybe leather helmets (CTE be damned?) Or let’s return to two-way players and mandate that all teams adopt the Single Wing offense for one game.

    Or…….why just sew a patch on the sleeve on every team’s regular uniform and just play some damned football!!

  9. yelton2003 – i thumbs upped your comment simply for the use of the term “stodgy old coots” lol

    I hate those bumblebee uniforms, but it’s “stodgy old coots” for the win all day.

  10. The first time I saw the Bumblebee uniforms I hated them. But they have grown on me over the years. It seems like they usually won when wearing them. I think that may have something to do with it.

  11. Has to be the batman jersey!

    Bring the 80’s Eagles uniforms back!

    Bring the 70’s Dolphins uniforms back!

  12. jjackwagon says:
    February 15, 2018 at 7:30 am
    How about they just get rid of throw backs altogether? It was never anything more than a ploy to sell more jerseys and 90% of them look horrible.
    Wrong. 90% of throwbacks look better than the current uniforms. Compare the Dolphins’ aqua and orange throwbacks to the nondescript light blue and white unis of today. The Jets and Bills did themselves a big favor returning to their classic look. Kudos to teams like the Raiders, Steelers, Packers and Cowboys who simply don’t change their unis ever.

    Things were a lot better before the Nikefication of the NFL.

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