Another P.R. exec leaves NFL

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The person ultimately in charge of the P.R. function at 345 Park Avenue soon will be leaving. Joe Lockhart’s top lieutenant already is gone.

Brian Stelter of CNN reports that NFL senior Vice President of Communications Natalie Ravitz finished her time with the league on Friday. Ravitz apparently confirmed the report by retweeting another tweet that quoted the portion of the column that mentions her departure.

Unless the league was planning to promote her to succeed Lockhart, it makes sense to move on. The new P.R. chief will likely want his or her own senior staff.

The move is a reminder that the league currently is undergoing what could be a fundamental shift in its P.R. function. Lockhart, a White House press secretary in the Clinton administration, necessarily brought a different mindset to what P.R. is and how it should be managed.

In the political world, the knee-jerk response to an attack is to counterattack. With the league currently under attack from so many different angles, fighting back against everyone and everything becomes impossible.

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  1. I have a strange feeling that if the league was operated with integrity there’d be far less attacks to counter. Food for thought, Rog.

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