Chiefs lineman makes it to the Olympics, as a reporter

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Since there’s not a Canadian football team for Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to play for, he has to settle for being a member of the media to fulfill his Olympic dream.

The Chiefs offensive lineman is working for Radio-Canada as a reporter in Korea, making him probably the largest reporter there.

“It was just a tremendous opportunity,” he said, via Aaron Rose of the Kansas City Star. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics.”

He gave up his winter sport of choice (cross-country skiing), which is reasonable for a 321-pound man. His sistersMarilou and Delphine still have a chance, as they compete in rowing and cross-country skiing. But for Laurent to make it, he was going to have to find a new path.

But with his unique matrix of experience (being a high-level athlete who is close to completing his medical degree, he was able to find an in with the radio network. But he also learned some of the frustrations, as his interview with Canadian freestyle skier Mikaël Kingsbury had to be pushed back for other media outlets with broadcast priority. That should at least make life easier for Chiefs beat writers next year.

“I think it’s nice that with my background in medical school and my background as an athlete, I can communicate or connect better with some of the athletes,” he said. “It makes you realize that once the journalists get to you, you need to be kind because they work hard in order to get there.”

And if getting an athlete to understand reporters are just there doing their jobs rather than plotting their demise isn’t proof that the Olympics can bring the world together, nothing is.

7 responses to “Chiefs lineman makes it to the Olympics, as a reporter

  1. going to medical school and working in the media.

    seems much smarter than blowing all your money and then hoping on a concussion lawsuit….

  2. redlikethepig says:
    February 19, 2018 at 7:55 am

    The Olympics are like the Superbowl … no Chiefs are going unless they’re working there.

    That doesn’t even make sense.

  3. But some reporters don’t report verbatim. Happened to me in baseball and I spent a whole year, at one level, getting abused by the other teams.

    What was reported was so far off of who I am. I threw a blowout shutout and it was reported the other hitters sucked when in reality I said our hitters were great. I did say it was hard to pitch with a large lead because you have to throw so many fastballs and first pitch strikes, which I didn’t like to do.

    Any good pitcher will tell you they’d prefer pitching in a tight game. Long innings, where your team scores a lot of runs throws you off and cools off your arm, although I didn’t say that. But it was shocking how far off it was. Winning 3-0 is always the perfect outcome. Fast game, every hitter counts and you stay focused.

    Sorry but I take what I read with a grain of salt. It’s all fiction-ish unless I hear the words myself. That’s why this site has the word ‘rumor’ permanently attached to it. Smart move because it’s true.

  4. Actually he is doing television, not radio. Radio-Canada is the french branch of the CBC, the Canadian Brodcasting Corporation and do both radio and television. Duvernay-Tardif is pretty good at it, smart guy.

  5. And if getting an athlete to understand reporters are just there doing their jobs rather than plotting their demise isn’t proof that the Olympics can bring the world together, nothing is.

    I think what rubs people the wrong way about reporters is how they selectively use quotes to make it appear a player said something they didn’t say. Then you have reporters like the guy who made that comment about Brady’s daughter–completely uncalled for and showed an absolute lack of class. Some reporters will ask things aimed at nothing other than to get under a player’s skin. Maybe if reporters/journalists had some ethics and reported fairly instead of trying to stir up controversy they wouldn’t be viewed as evil.

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