DirecTV raises price for NFL Sunday Ticket

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Being a hard-core NFL fan is getting more expensive.

DirecTV is raising prices on its NFL Sunday Ticket package, which is the only way to watch every NFL game. The retail price will reach an all-time high of $293.94 in 2018, with the package that includes Red Zone Channel increasing to $395.95.

Many subscribers don’t pay full price, as DirecTV often offers discounts to entice new subscribers, or to convince current subscribers to renew. But the base price of the package is higher than ever.

And that may point to the future of the NFL on television: For many years, the NFL has thrived by reaching as broad an audience as possible. But with audiences shrinking the last two years and advertising revenue down last year, the league may seek to make more money off fans who are paying more money to see games. That includes fans who buy the Sunday Ticket package and fans who pay for the cable Red Zone Channel.

Although there were scattered reports of people canceling Sunday Ticket last year to protest players protesting during the national anthem, DirecTV can likely continue to raise Sunday Ticket prices for some time and lose few subscribers. It remains a popular package, one that millions of fans think is well worth a few hundred dollars a year.

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  1. DirecTV is raising prices on its NFL Sunday Ticket package, which is the only way to watch every NFL game.

    That should read “live”. NFL Game Pass has all the games too, just not live.

  2. Love it but count me out. Just one more reason that I should find other things to do on Sundays.

  3. I’ve had Sunday Ticket since it was offered. Between NFL Network constantly showing highlights, and team website doing the same, if it gets to much higher I’m cancelling it. I only have direct tv for the Sunday Ticket, so if that goes, so does Direct TV.

  4. I still think the league could make more money by selling games as pay-per-view one-offs. Or how about selling just one team’s season, online? I’m an out of market Ravens fan, I’d pay $129 or something to stream just the Ravens games. The alternative is that they get nothing from me. The reason anyone would have to pay $400 is specifically to subsidize the current dying television model.

  5. The pricing has gotten out of hand. There’s no reason everyone shouldnt be able to watch each and every game every sunday for free. Is the nfl not making enough from the ridiculous amount of commercials and sponsors? Bleed the middle class more.

    Nothing but greed from the nfl and directv/at&t

  6. The main problem with this package is most people are probably not that interested in seeing every game being played on Sundays (which they cannot actually do), but rather are just fans of a specific team and want to see that team’s games each Sunday. If DirecTV, or some other provider, were to offer something ala-carte, I think that would be more beneficial to the subscribers. It might not even hurt their ROI figures as much as they think, as I would guess a number of potential Sunday Ticket subscribers might be willing to pay a lower price to watch their team play each week, rather than the 300.00 full price to watch each game.

  7. Well there’s a surprise. I will never understand why you can’t just purchase “Your” Team and not all. It seems to be a ridiculous prospect . I can remember when HD first got going in about 2006 or so. I had the ticket, then they wanted to charge me $100 extra for the games in HD. I will never understand why you can’t just get Your team for a lot less cash. Monopoly much?

  8. I got DirecTV in 1996 soley due to the Sunday Ticket. Cancelled it when they started blocking on satellite HD local games which were at SD resolution on over the air channels at the time. After the locals went HD, I haven’t missed it or the cost, either.

  9. Can’t wait til Sunday Ticket is divorced from DirecTV. It should be an app on my Roku, plain and simple. Also like the idea of team packages (team apps?) which allow you to stream that team’s game. I’d spend $180 a season (roughly 10 bucks a game) to watch my Vikings play.

  10. You don’t actually pay for this. You call up in August just before the season and tell them you are going to cancel your service. When you get to the cancellation department they will start with negotiations.

  11. HUGE NFL fan, but cancelled Sunday Ticket several seasons ago. They simply out-priced the market. Got NFL Game Pass now to catch the games I can’t see live (or in person).

  12. Had it since day one.. after the Giant game in philly.. said thats its.. called DTV they refunded me… took maybe 3 weeks was over it.. should now be a la carte pick the game/games you want .. and offer no announcers just add more mics to the field.

    Now thats the ticket …

  13. I have had the Sunday ticket since 2004 and this was my last year. I’m going to stream the games from now on.

  14. Key words: “convince current subscribers to renew.”

    So cancel now, and take advantage of the discounted rate later.

  15. Ha! Good luck! Let me guess, the kneeling cost you a chunk of your subscribers and the lack of a good NFL product cost you additional eyeballs so your solution to maintain the status quo is to jack the cost of your faithful viewers?!?

    Nice move, let me know how this works out for you!

  16. Sunday Ticket needs to offer what NBA League Pass does – the ability to buy just your favorite team and buy specific games. It’s a no-brainer, but when dealing with the NFL, no brainer has a completely different meaning.

  17. Direct TV could have kept their pricing from previous years if they stopped giving the Sunday ticket package away for free whenever someone calls and complains.

  18. Haven’t bought it in years. They are so greedy. I can watch the highlights after the game. Once they start charging for highlights in 5 years I’ll stop all together. I’d rather drop the $400 on a hands on course and learn a skill.

  19. I get that some would rather steal it than pay for it but come on…Paying for the Sunday ticket is about the same as going to ONE game. I get every game for the price of going to one. Yeah I’ll pay it. I’d rather pay for it than steal it.

  20. Was a direct tv sunday ticket subscriber from the get go when it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. However after year upon year ofmthem offering it free to new customers while loyal customers paid through the nose i dumped it two years ago and have never looked back

  21. I understand the biz side of it, AT&T has a duty to maximize profits for their stockholders. That said, I think they realize a lot of their previous loyal customers are starting to bail on them and they are going to push that lost revenue by raising prices on the “not left yet” customers.

  22. That kind of money to watch majority of mediocre games? If you are paying, please have your head examined

  23. Ridiculous. I only keep dtv for the ticket, so on top of the $300, I’ve gotta pay $30 a month throughout the season. Total cost $500. And because I’m a packer fan and about half their games are on national TV every year, that ends up costing about a hundred bucks a game. Eeshh….I paid a hundred bucks a game to watch Brett Hundley.

  24. Anyone who pays full price for the NFL Sunday ticket is a sucker. When I had Directv I always called them in August and asked for a special price. If they told me they didn’t have any specials, I would ask to be connected to someone who could help me to cancel my service. Then they would ALWAYS offer the Sunday Ticket for free or at a greatly reduced price, as long as I signed a 12 month contract. A year later, my contract would be up, and I would do the exact same thing. The fact that Directv makes you pay an extra $100 for the Red Zone channel is some bullcrap. I switched to Fios and never looked back. Fios and any cable service will give you Red Zone as part of any cable package above basic. Screw you Directv.

  25. The place I watched games on Sunday isn’t buying it again, and they did it for years. It cost the bar $6000 to show games in their place for one season. Granted, I live in San Diego and general football excitement is gone in this town with the Chargers leaving, but I saw a significant decrease in people stopping in to watch games after the kneel down thing started. Granted, this is also a military town, but this past year had a lot of drama that turned people off of NFL. Raising prices this year probably wasn’t a brilliant idea. I’ll find another place to watch Bears games, but I would never purchase Sunday ticket at that price even if it was offered by my cable provider.

  26. I cancelled mine last year, was going to get rid of DirecTV altogether but they made me a great deal to stick around for another year which is about to end. I’ve lost interest in the NFL so it’s just not worth the money. I used to love it back when I couldn’t get enough football, but I’m not paying nearly $300 when I’ll only be watching one team

  27. Da Bears have been a dumpster fire for a long time it is torture to watch them. I do not pay to get tortured.

  28. Read article.
    Called DirecTV. Canceled NFL ST.
    Awaiting return call over next few months giving me “discount” to renew.

    Perhaps if DirecTV can figure out how to keep my service from going out when it’s a light drizzle, I’d be more inclined to keep it. My next step is to cut them off completely.

  29. Until I can pay less for only my teams’ games (like MLB and NHL do), I won’t be buying it. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it. I’m just not interested in spending that much money to watch teams I don’t care about.

  30. I haven’t paid a cent to watch an NFL game since I beagan to sail the high seas of piracy. Look at me. I am the captain now.

  31. After 22 years, I recently canceled DirectTv. The ONLY reason I was with them was for the NFL Sunday Ticket and the ability to see the Vikes every week. But when I finally looked at the cost of the package for what ultimately became an additional 9-10 games a year where the Vikes weren’t nation, realized it wasn’t worth it. DirecTv does not have the ability to package internet and phone so it became a cost/value decision. Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered

  32. The only people I can see this having any appeal for at all are hardcore fantasy players and even for them there are other options out there.

    For me, I’ll take my chances knowing I’m in the local broadcast area for at least 10-11 of my team’s games a year. I might be in if they offered a la carte by game and/or single team but at the current all-for-everything price it’s a non starter and I don’t have the time to waste gaming the system for a lower rate.

  33. If all of you guys cancell your subscriptions it won’t matter. The price will be stay the same because of people like myself who bet the games and love to watch different players on different teams. No fan loyalty here I love football! I need all the games! But stop complaining, you can stream every game for free if you have good internet do your research.

  34. The NFL needs to realize that streaming games is the way of the future. Obviously keep TV deals but lower the prices for fans. Then offer an affordable price for the streaming services because then you’ll gain millions more fans that can tune in to any game, at any point in the game, at any time and anywhere. Amazon, Hulu, YouTube can maximize the NFL’s potential audience

  35. I made the mistake of subscribing to DAZN for the past NFL season which was an absolute joke, the quality of the stream was awful, now hearing that the NFL Ticket will cost me $400 bucks just lost me on that too.

    ***ALL NFL FANS, CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION OF THE NFL TICKET AND DO NOT ORDER IT IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE IT***. We have to show these clowns that we will not put up with this b.s!

  36. I can’t believe they’re charging $400 for the package with the red zone. You can just ditch DirecTV and go to PS Vue and get a package with the Red Zone channel for $55 per month. This seems like a formula to push people away

  37. Patriots fan ( Comcast) living here in New England. When Pats aren’t on it’s RED ZONE all day. Direct TV has about a 45 second delay as when I text my daughter in NY after a score/play, she hasn’t seen it yet.

  38. I have had Sunday Ticket through the ROKU App. Never had DirecTV and it only cost $100 a season. Some of you should look this up. All you need is a College email address. Ask family members or friends. My kids are in college so this worked out. Son graduates next year.. was hoping DirecTV would implode by then and the Amazon, Google or NFL would own it. Maybe make selective markets or pay per view packages. This will backfire on ATT. Gordon Geckko was wrong…. GREED does not work.

  39. Since ATT took over the retention policy has changed…they do not put up as much of a fight when you cancel. I cancelled after the season…will make a last ditch effort in September…If I get me terms and I’ll be upfront that I only want the service through the NFL season (restart service, no contract, reduced rate on the ticket) then I’m in if not I’ll watch at a bar.

  40. This also means higher ticket prices; e.g. Chargers are at $250 a seat plus $100 for parking, plus pretty high concession prices. Their ‘intimate’ stadium is a joke. The stadium empties out when the visiting team is losing, with cameras showing an empty stadium.

  41. I haven’t had the ticket for 5 years now and I’m an avid fan. Most of the big games televise nationally anyway, and my team(Eagles) were on 11 times this season. If I can’t find the game on TV I’ll find it online and stream it.

  42. I had it, for one year, and I hated it…
    With all those games every Sunday you almost felt obligate to channel surf through them all. The end result is you won’t see any games in its entirety.
    And as the name implies, it’s Sunday games ONLY.
    No pre-season games, no Thursday or Monday night games, and no playoffs.
    And to top that off, you own team is always blacked out on Sunday Ticket in lieu of your local broadcasting.
    It’s just not worth it.

  43. SwaggyD says:
    February 19, 2018 at 10:49 am

    Until I can pay less for only my teams’ games (like MLB and NHL do), I won’t be buying it.

    Can’t you watch your team’s games without it? I can watch every Chiefs game, with the exception of a TNF or MNF game now and then, and that’s just with a cheap rabbit ear antenna.

  44. I had Sunday Ticket for years in order to see my team. About four years ago DirecTV crapped out during the NFC Championship game and their customer service told me they could stop by the following Tuesday and look at it for a $50 service charge. That combined with their ancient equipment and software, high cost, inflexible packages and spotty coverage during the lightest of weather convinced me to get rid of DirecTV. I threw all of their junk in a big box and shipped it back to them.

    I now have X1 system from Comcast and it’s pretty amazing even without the Sunday Ticket. The technology makes DirecTV look like it’s from the early 90s.

    I can’t see my team every week, but 3/4 of their games are on in my market anyway and I catch the rest on the radio with my Sirius subscription.

    As soon as the NFL allows me to buy a league or team pass on my provider of choice, I’d be happy to shell out a couple hundred bucks a season to do so.

  45. I don’t have it or need it since I’m in my teams region. My buddy has it and every year he calls up and threatens to drop it and gets it for around half price.


    I do that every August. Got it for free last season and half off the year before. I just tell them it’s the only reason I have DTV. I will cancel my entire package if they expect me to pay that ridiculous price, and I mean it. I keep asking them why they don’t offer exclusive packages. Like let me pay $60 and just let me watch my Seahawks games. That’s all I care about anyway, the rest is for Fantasy Football interest.

  46. The NFL needs to offer a way to buy the ticket without DTV (I know there are a couple of loopholes, but in general if you can get DTV you must go through them). I have no interest in DTV other than for the ticket. I canceled last year and just went with gamepass, becuase it was ludicrous to pay all year for something I only want for 4 months. Let me buy it through Amazon.

  47. the league may seek to make more money off fans who are paying more money to see games

    So let me get this straight…audiences shrinking the last two years the NFL decides to try to make it shrink even more by jacking up the price to watch the games? How stupid is that? Professional sports is rapidly reaching the day of reconciliation and they will then need to do what virtually ever other (non-government) organization has done in similar situations…they will need to retrench. No, I’m not talking about digging another trench. It means just like everyone else they’ll have to reduce costs. I wonder how the players and owners will like that.

  48. THe NFL needs to open up Sunday Ticket to more platforms its BS that Direct TV gets to enjoy this monopoly I have put up with it for 10 years but this may be the straw that breaks my back and has me cancelling it for 2018……… if the league really cares about the fans they only care about their “partners” Rodger can you hear us??????

  49. This may be the first year since the package is available that I might just say “F” this.
    I could do a lot of good with $300.

    Before long the NFL will realize their base support are the people that buy these packages.
    Time we stood up and said NO.

  50. Refresh my memory. Didn’t someone file a law-suit against DirecTV because they are forced to purchase games for teams they don’t wanna see?? Think it was a fan of some NHL team that filed the law-suit. Never heard of the result… People should be able to pay for only games of a team they follow….

  51. silverhornet says:
    February 19, 2018 at 11:36 am

    I can’t believe people pay for their internet.

    How do you get free internet? Legally.

  52. I had it for a few years and came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth the money. If there was a game I really wanted to see not on a network, I could just go to my corner bar and see it and have a couple of beers.

  53. I used to always buy ST every year up until the last two seasons but I didn’t stop buying it for the price. I just got sick of a million commercials flipping through games.

  54. And don’t fall for the 3rd party scams that sell you DirecTV packages based on all lies…yeah try and get your money back from DirecTV based on the package that was sold to you…their sorry that was a third party authorized to sell it but they gave you false information

  55. I was about to make a Monopoly comment, glad to see it above.

    Congress should do something. This has been BS for too long.

    We cancelled DirectTV one year when we came back from vacation after new years’s and our HD receiver had died.. they didn’t have any to replace it with and didn’t know when they would. This was during the playoffs. Changed back to cable that day.

  56. The price would be lower if DirecTV weren’t the only provider. This would result in more subscribers and more money forthe league, owners and players. Unfortunately the empty suit running the league right now doesn’t understand that.

    I will not pay that price for the Sunday Ticket. Of course calling and requesting to cancel it usually gets them to give it away for free.

  57. I got it for free for signing up with DirecTV for the 2018 season but I won’t buy it in the 2nd year (2019 season) unless they seriously discount it.

  58. Most fans don’t want to watch “every” game….not even close. Most of them are interested in following their favorite team, which plays in a different region from where they live. If your team happens to be good and gets a lot of national exposure, those games will be on prime time or be the featured game on Sunday afternoon and you don’t need DirecTV to see them. So, the value of paying for Sunday Ticket is questionable for most people. It’s only the hardcore fans who will watch any NFL game that really get their full money’s worth.

  59. That’s odd, all these fans are telling us the nfl is falling to pieces with viewing figures being terrible and yet they can raise the price to watch.
    Hmmmm, almost seems like it’s not the big deal they’re trying to make it out to be

  60. kaoshavoc1 says:
    February 19, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Refresh my memory. Didn’t someone file a law-suit against DirecTV because they are forced to purchase games for teams they don’t wanna see?? Think it was a fan of some NHL team that filed the law-suit. Never heard of the result… People should be able to pay for only games of a team they follow….

    How were they forced to do anything by DirecTV? Sunday Ticket has never been a la carte, so they knew what they were buying when they signed up.

    Why would an NHL fan get NFL Sunday Ticket?

  61. $5 = Beer * 5 = $25
    $12 = Wings
    $37 * 10 games = $370

    Also add in the cost for annoying people at the bar with your kid running around….Still a better deal getting the ticket at home. Streaming for free over the pirate net? What happens when the feed is weak?

    We have no choice, unless we move to Los Angeles.

  62. I’ve been a Sunday Ticket subscriber for at least 10 years and already made the decision before this news came out to not renew for next year.

    I feel the product on the field has been in a steady decline and I’m not a fan of how the league operates as a whole. Plus, the teams I want to watch are all on at 1 o’clock anyway, so I can’t watch them all. Then I just have Red Zone on for, like, the three 4 o’clock games.

    So I’m done with it. I’ll pay the extra $10 a month for Red Zone and just watch my local squad at 1. There are ways to watch any other game I want to watch without having to shell out $400 for it.

  63. I hope that the higher price will allow them to bring back the 30 minute game replay feature (I forgot the actual name). Having to watch via Roku is cumbersome, so I seldom take advantage of it.

  64. I am a Jets fan (spare me the hate, OK) living in Florida. The only way I can watch the Jets is when they play on Monday night, Thursday night, against the Dolphins (AFC local team), Buccaneers (NFC local team), or the rare occasion when they are broadcast locally and NOT playing Miami or Tampa Bay.

    How can I stream the Jets when they are not broadcast locally? What app/website?

  65. wow, paying almost 300.00 to watch a three hour event withcommercials and a one hour football game that has 28-27 minutes of action. I watch the cable red zone (no commercials) from 1-7:45 and pay 50 dollars for the season…last year, I threatened to leave my cable company so they reduced my monthly bill by 60 and gave me the Red Zone for 10.00 Sweet!

  66. I had this for 10 years and then caught myself only watching the RedZone channel, which is available on carriers that don’t require a dish attached to your roof. RedZone on Uverse is like $7-10 per week. Much cheaper, and frankly, a much better viewing experience than Sunday Ticket. the Thursday night game (and double MNFs) really zapped the value from Sunday Ticket. Can’t wait until this contract runs out and they rethink this entire strategy. It’s old and way way too expensive.

  67. I’m on the west coast, and my team is on the east. Without the ticket I wouldn’t see any games. I watch every Dolphins game no matter how bad they are. I am willing to pay the price to watch. Going to the bar for one game with my hubby costs $100 bucks. Cant be spending that every Sunday. And what’s better then getting up for a 10am game and not having to leave the house on a Sunday? Not to mention getting to watch ANY other game I please. Worth it!

  68. It appears the NFL and DirecTV have a contract through 2022-2023. So, this won’t be going away soon…but there is hope.

  69. Its crazy that Direct Tv is the only option. I am not doing Direct TV just for the NFL, even though I have highly considered it. Just cant justify it. I dont understand why Amazon Prime, Hulu, Twitter, or some other service through my cable company cant figure out how to get me a pay per view experience of games. Or a season worth of games in a package like the ticket but on their platform for my device. NFL complains all the time about viewership, but yet there is not a good way to watch more games. Redzone is ok…but for a fan that wants to watch all the games when I want to, Redzone actually sucks. Redzone needs 3 channels to work right. THey jump around and you miss other action. Or they stay on for replays and extra point attempts while other teams are in the Redzone about to score. GTFO Redzone.

  70. MLB is $115.00 for the entire season and you can select one team to follow for $89.00.
    Preseason and AT Bat included direct from MLB. Avoid DirecTV and their higher prices and less service.

  71. “There’s no reason everyone shouldnt be able to watch each and every game every sunday for free. ”

    What makes you entitled to a broadcaster’s product?

  72. It’s common knowledge you can watch games for free on apps like Kodi. The NFL should embrace streaming & if done right I think fans would pay. The games that were on Amazon Prime this year were great. The quality was perfect and none of the games buffered at all (obviously you need a decent internet connection).

    If the NFL would let you choose different packages too, like your favorite team plus all primetime games, I think it would be a gold mine.

    More and more people are cutting the cord everyday because so much content is available to stream online with things like Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, Roku & apps like Kodi.

  73. I love Sunday ticket and red zone channel, but that’s waaaaay too much. I’ll be calling to cancel my subscription.

  74. BuckyBadger says:

    You don’t actually pay for this. You call up in August just before the season and tell them you are going to cancel your service. When you get to the cancellation department they will start with negotiations.

    I’ve tried this the last 2 years and they called my bluff. They said that they were sorry to lose me as a customer and they were going to cancel my service. I think they gave me free showtime for 3 months. I have been a customer since 2004

  75. This is why you’re losing fans Goodell. Bad enough I’d have to pay that much to watch my Packers when I already live in Wisconsin. I should have every Packer game on TV for free. As a matter of fact, everyone in America should have every Packer game on Free TV since the Packers are America’s Team.

  76. The NFL needs to take back ownership of the games and stream themselves similar to a Netflix format. If I could JUST buy the Sunday Ticket from Direct TV I would. Unfortunately, you have to buy a channel package where the basic offering for continuing customers teeters around $100 a month. Sign me OUT.

  77. I called DTV after some moron came to my door said he worked for DTV and was offering me a big discount to say thanks. Turns out the prick was working for Dish and wanted me to switch out. I said no.
    Called DTV and complained and said I was thinking of going back to cable and they gave me DTV free and cut my monthly bill by 65 bucks a month.
    Yes you need to do battle with these people. Until you convince them your cutting the cord they will play hardball.
    Cable TV played hardball and I cut them then they called and offered the world and I said, where the hell were you when I was with you, I’m with DTV now adios.

  78. “What’s cool about Direct TV is that the picture locks up every time it rains”

    Don’t you just love those “Searching for satellite” messages?

  79. $400 is still a bargain to me. Otherwise, I’m going to a sports bar and spending at least $50-75 most Sundays, so I’d be looking at close to grand over the course of the season I started sports barring it like I did years ago. I live in the SF Bay Area so if I don’t get Sunday Ticket or go somewhere, 2 of the free tv broadcasts will be Niners-Raiders day games on most Sundays. My team is in the south-east too so even fewer opportunities for that one Sunday national game to watch at home without Sunday Ticket. I hate watching games at sports bars; trying to get a tv, trying to hear the game, paying inflated prices for slow service on beer and not great food all still make Sunday Ticket my first choice. I do agree that the NFL needs to do like MLB and have single team + red zone packages. I have in the past called customer service at DirecTV and gotten a substantial bump, especially after pointing out the only reason I have DirecTV is for Sunday Ticket.

  80. oh, please…paying full price for sunday ticket is like paying MSRP for a new car…you call DTV on phone…and you negotiate…quote, i have been a member for several years why should i pay when someone who has never been a member gets this for free unquote…or…i am going to need to discontinue my service, as i will not pay this much…or…i would like to discuss getting a discount as a long standing client…
    you know..sort of, like, if i promise to drive it off the lot today, whats your best price?.

  81. A long time ago I cajoled several friends into buying Sunday Ticket – it used to be good, like the NFL used to be good.

    Eh – even at half that price, it’s not worth it. Go with Sling. You can get Red Zone Channel. Plus if you subscribe to CBS All Access and have an Amazon account, you’ll get several more games. Or if you have an HDTV antenna you can get some local channels and roll with those. That’s plenty. It’s the cheapest, most convenient way to go – and if the games aren’t much good, you won’t worry about getting wrecked over the price.

    The NFL is eons behind any app or product MLB puts out. Case closed. They just don’t get customer service. Game Pass is good but the interface could be easier to use. Good experience on the iPad – a bit clunky on Roku.

  82. To be able to watch every minute of every Packer game living in Seattle.. from my own couch.. eating my own food… drinking my own libations… simply can’t put a price on that.

  83. What’s cool about Direct TV is that the picture locks up every time it rains.

    Call your installer back, since you let him do a poor job.

  84. Whatever you do don’t fall for those mid-season ‘specials; they bombard you with either.
    The year after I canceled mine they waited til the season started then they sent a postcard offering the remainder f the season for some ungodly low price of like $100.
    I took the bait. BIG mistake.
    Due to their ‘creative billing practices’, I soon found they had charged me the FULL PRICE.
    They were supposed to include a ‘credit’ to make up for their ‘special pricing’ but it never materialized. WEEKS of phone calls proved to be an exercise in futility as they passed the buck endlessly, claiming I had to talk to the “special discounts’ department, then the ‘sports promotions’ department, ad nauseum.
    It took me NINE MONTHS to get this straightened out.

  85. Used to have it for more than10 years, but got upset at the huge cost. Last year, it was $300 and I said that’s it. Not only did I cancel and not miss it, the Bengals were on 6 times in the Chicago area and I had Game Pass for the rest. Worked out just fine.

  86. thewriterpetercross says:

    February 19, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    The NFL needs to take back ownership of the games and stream themselves similar to a Netflix format. If I could JUST buy the Sunday Ticket from Direct TV I would. Unfortunately, you have to buy a channel package where the basic offering for continuing customers teeters around $100 a month. Sign me OUT.
    DirecTV is probably paying them an amount of money they can’t refuse to be the exclusive carrier of the Sunday Ticket. If they weren’t the exclusive carrier they would lose so much business. Sunday Ticket is the only reason I’ve had DirecTV for the past five years and I’m sure I’m not the only customer who has them for that sole reason. It’s five years away, but will be interesting to see what kind of deal the NFL gets when their current DirecTV expires

  87. Switching to Cox cable before the season starts. No way am I going to pay that much, especially since they charge MORE for Red Zone (which is included in the Cox sports package).

    Bye-bye AT&T/DirecTV!

  88. Well, here in Canada, we have been forced onto a streaming service. No choice between Cable/satellite vs. streaming for us. Thanks for nothing NFL!! So, the NFL lost my money at that point. I understand people getting upset with fee increases but some of us would just like the option to be able to complain about the fee increases.

  89. The NFL continues to show fans they are concerned about one thing….vacuuming the fan wallets.
    The owners and commissioner continue to disregard the need for improving the quality of their products, mounting concerns for player safety and the clear pattern of more injuries on Thursday nights……also the increase in the direct tv package and an abysmal Thursday Night package, which for the most part, displays horrendous football but soaks Fox for about $600 m a year.

    The ratings will continue to fall due to over saturation, mediocre quality of plan, and fans being convinced they are secondary to the owners vaults.

  90. I haven’t paid for the NFL Ticket in years. I won’t sign more than a one-year contract with DirecTV, so I threaten to leave and after talking with three CSRs and about 30 minutes of nonsense, they always give it to me for free. Just be sure to specify that you are demanding the HD package or they will try to make you pay for that. Last year, I settled for the free Red Zone channel since I was watching that more than full games anyway and they were giving it away for free. For those waiting for the current deal to expire, DirecTV continues to renew it. I’ve been in the same boat in terms of hoping that it would be available via other platforms, but DirecTV continues to pony up the big bucks and I don’t know when that will change.

  91. Left the Ticket two years ago and never missed it once, the greed of the NFL and it affiliates bidding for rights to show games is over the top, to bad more and more fans decide the NFL can shove it.

  92. My over the air reception is bad, and I would like it so that I can watch local games. However, Sunday ticket only lets you watch out of market games…. so, I’m screwed anyway.

  93. I moved 15 years ago, and the wife “cancelled” thinking we had to renew at the new location rather than “move” the service. I called them immediately, within 24 hours, because I was an original subscriber with Thomson-Hughes, before it was called DirecTV, and I had an original early bird renewal rate of $120/yr. I lost my renewal rate and they wouldn’t give it back. I should have gone to management but I was furious. They wanted $229 from me, and I could not justify it. My team was on prime time quite a bit, so I let it slide. At his rate I figure I have saved about $3750 in after tax dollars. No worries. Unfortunately I also had the feeds for the three major networks closer to my team, and they often carried them on the Sunday broadcasts, so I figured I’d only be getting a handful of games on DirecTV anyway. Well, they eventually took those from me as well, since I was in an area where the local networks could reach me, and they denied my request for the out of area feeds. Today, I have an HD TV antenna and there is a DVD available for over air broadcasts, and I make do with that. The picture is better anyway since it is not compressed. I find other things to do. I won’t pay for it until they break it up and I can just get my team’s games for a reasonable amount of money. I don’t want to pay to watch teams I have no interest in. The NFL has an anti trust exemption and they use it to force us into an all or nothing proposition. There is no competition. Until they get real about it, I will pass on on NFL Sunday Ticket.

  94. The NFL already sells live streaming for all NFL games … outside of the US. It’s ridiculous that you have better/cheaper options for watching games outside of the US than inside of it, thanks to the US-only monopoly they handed to DirecTV.

  95. Cancelled my subscription last year. Customer service offered it at half price while adding 3 months of free HBO and Cinemax. I still declined.

  96. Cut the cord four years ago and went to Sling for the Redzone channel. If I really want to watch a specific game, there’s this called the internet.

  97. LOL. Every year, for the past 6 years, I call them before opening day, and threaten to cancel. They’ve never once, called my bluff. Consecutive years of doing this, and this past season, I paid $35 a month.

  98. genericuser8888 says:
    February 19, 2018 at 5:01 pm
    My over the air reception is bad, and I would like it so that I can watch local games. However, Sunday ticket only lets you watch out of market games…. so, I’m screwed anyway.

    Get an Ematic outdoor motorized HD antenna. They are only like $30 or $40 and have around a 100 mile radius. I have one at my hunting shack out in the sticks. Easy to install and works like a champ.

  99. Split the cost with a friend…. as a Raider fan on the east coast, I have no choice, online feeds arent reliable enough. Also, call and tell them you want to drop EVERYTHING cause you dont watch much TV, they will wheel and deal

  100. It’s common knowledge you can watch games for free on apps like Kodi. The NFL should embrace streaming & if done right I think fans would pay. The games that were on Amazon Prime this year were great. The quality was perfect and none of the games buffered at all (obviously you need a decent internet connection).
    Kodi was very unreliable, private fan facebook groups were a good option though. IF they were smart, they would sell streaming for each team

  101. NFL keeps betting that fans of the specific teams will pay for the package just to see their team play. They don’t realize that there’s a price where becomes unaffordable for people. Why even charge for it? Why limit the games to three a day for us peasants when your product literally depends on exposure to generate profit? 10 people paying $400 is much less revenue than 400 people paying $50. The numbers are arbitrary here but I don’t think the NFL realizes (or cares) how many people would pay a reasonable price to see their team play.

  102. I would pay 400 dollars a year JUST to get every eagles game… so it’s kind of a bargain…

  103. I would pay 400 dollars a year JUST to get every eagles game… so it’s kind of a bargain…

    — DirecTV customer and NFL sunday ticket/get-all-the-eagles-games subscriber since 1998

  104. Canceled last game of the season, had NFL ticket 14 yrs.
    Today’s game does not meet the hype….Tired of the non-football talk.

  105. I had Sunday Ticket for a few years for free based on returning to Direct TV and then trying to cancel, etc. As others have said, that’s how it goes.

    Two years ago I switched to Playstation Vue because my DTV bill was about to go up to $130/mo. I now pay $45/mo and pay an extra $40 for Red Zone – which is really all I need for Sunday afternoons.

    And I agree with what many others have said: the NFL needs to make team & game a la cart programming available. They make this all far too expensive and complicated.

  106. the league is makimg over $10 BILLION dollars every year. the commissioner is paid $50 million every year.

    yet they have to bleed ridiculous amounts of money from everyday working people just trying to get by to watch their home team play games. sad.

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