Jets have to decide on Ben Ijalana option

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The Jets are hoping to spend big money this offseason, in their effort to find a quarterback.

And while they have a sizable war chest of cap space, they’re probably going to create a little more today.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, today’s their deadline to pick up a $500,000 option on backup tackle Ben Ijalana‘s contract for next season, which would pay him $4.5 million in base salary.

It’s unlikely they’d do that for a reserve tackle at this point, though they might want to bring him back as a free agent.

The Jets figure to carve even more cap room and cash off the books, as they’re expected to cut defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson, running back Matt Forte and others.

6 responses to “Jets have to decide on Ben Ijalana option

  1. Yet another bad move by their GM, Mike Maccagnan.
    Pay a backup olineman 4.75MM? (He has a 250K roster bonus as well)

    And we’ll just ignore the 1.25MM in prorated bonus as well, for a total of 6MM for a backup Olineman?!?!?

  2. I really don’t understand why people give the Jets such a hard time. The Jets have an incredibly young team that was competitive in every game the played last season, with a TON of cap space going into the off-season. Personally, I think they’re only a season or two off from being a top team in the AFC. The QB market is deep this off-season, if they can shore up that position and make a couple of good draft picks, they’ll be in great shape.

  3. tbisgod – The headline says “The Jets have to decide”.
    No they don’t. It was a terrible contract from day one. He’s an obvious cut.

    robkeezy – the reason people give the Jets a hard time is the roster stinks. Sure they can overpay cousins and hire a few more free agents. And be round 500. But their young talent is few and far between. In the last 3 years they have drafted 3 decent starters – Leonard Williams, Jamaal Adams, Marchus Maye. They will cut Wilkerson and revert to having a mediocre Dline. This is not a team built through the draft or able to sustain long term success. Their GM has done a below average job over 3 years. No rebuilding, just treading water.

  4. The Jets do have some nice pieces in place, but in a QB driven league they’ve completely whiffed on at least 4 high pks, as well as some dumb FA QB signings. 30 mil a yr for Cousins? He’s just another Tannehill, ASmith, Dalton, etc.

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