LeGarrette Blount on Eagles return: It’s early, so we’ll see

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Running back LeGarrette Blount won his second Super Bowl in as many years when the Eagles knocked off the Patriots earlier this month and became part of a select group of players who won those Super Bowls with two different teams.

Blount isn’t signed for 2018, so he could have a chance at making it three straight in three different uniforms. During an appearance on NFL Network, Blount didn’t sound like that was his priority this offseason.

Blount said he loves playing for the Eagles and is especially fond of running backs coach Duce Staley.

“It’s early, so we’ll see,” Blount said. “Obviously, I like it a lot there. They like me a lot there. It’s a mutual respect and mutual agreement thing about how we feel about each other. You guys know how I feel about the guys, the team. I love those guys. I can’t stay enough about Duce just for the simple fact of how well I was coached there and how good he helped me understand things. I feel like Duce is one of the best running back coaches, one of the best coaches I’ve ever had in my entire life. Obviously, I want to be a part of that for a while so we’ll see how it goes.”

The depth that the Eagles have in the backfield will have a role in how things play out for Blount. They’ll have Jay Ajayi in the fold for the entire offseason after a midseason trade brought him to Philly and Corey Clement showed in the Super Bowl how much he can bring to the offense as well.

Blount, who made $1.25 million for the 2017 season, remained productive after Ajayi arrived and there were no issues about sharing the backfield load. That would seem to work in his favor, but, as Blount noted, it’s a bit too early to draw any conclusions.

16 responses to “LeGarrette Blount on Eagles return: It’s early, so we’ll see

  1. if he will agree to a number they can afford, they would be foolish to not resign him. the ability to have depth and experience were well worth it this year, and would remains so next year as well.

  2. Blount has never really gotten paid in the league. I remember him always signing for the league or veteran minimum. He may have to leave if he has a big offer because as a running back his productive days are fast closing. I believe he’s over 30 so he really needs to think about that. He already has 2 rings that he played a major role in getting.

  3. I’d like to see him re-sign with the Eagles but how cool would it be to see him go to another contender and win a 3rd straight Super Bowl with a different team?

  4. NFL is slowly turning into the NBA…… players bouncing around just for that 1 ring. When they do away with the cap next CBA, concussion protocol will be the least of concern for the league, as out goes the parity.

  5. Howie will slow play it and wait for Blount to get an offer and see if he wants to match it. 8-15 carries a game he is quite effective. Also very good in pass pro.

  6. I hope both sides can come to a reasonable contract. One of the reasons the eagles blew away so many teams this year is they had multiple backs with fresh legs all game long. Blount is the perfect guy to start feeding once the defense gets gassed in the second half of a game.

  7. I don’t see it happening. He’s going to want more money and the Eagles need to shed some cash and have depth at the position.

  8. Blount was the complete opposite of what I expected, I thought he be a ‘me first’ guy but he was as professional as anyone all year and someone Ajayi credits helping him settle in with the team late in the season etc. If he will accept another cheap deal then I hope he’s back, seems a good guy.

    Maybe I just had the wrong impression of him from the start, seemed great whilst here

  9. Eagles have Blount, Ajayi, Clement, Barner, Smallwood, Pumphrey & Sproles…at least 1 and maybe 2 won’t be here next year.

  10. As the article stated, Blount has yet to get a good payday in his career. Yes, he enjoyed Philly and the team, coaches etc. One has to make enough money while they can. He deserves a good contract before his running days are up. Hes shown he is a professional and proper teammate. Id like him to stay in Philly with a good contract, but we have significant work to do cap wise.

  11. I had concerns that Blount wouldn’t be the same player off the Pats, that he wouldn’t feel inclined to work as hard maybe.

    I think there’s just a negative narrative that has followed this guy. Blount is a friggin hammer that doesn’t ever settle.

  12. I loved him this year. Made a difference. Hope they can dig between the couch cushions to find enough change to bring him back.

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