Polian thinks Eagles should want a lot for Foles

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Former G.M. Bill Polian said Monday that former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson should move to receiver. As it turns out, that was only the second dumbest thing Polian said Monday.

Polian also said that the Eagles should not listen to any offers for backup quarterback Nick Foles unless they start with a pair of first-round picks and a pair of second-round picks.

It’s a ludicrous, unrealistic assessment of the situation. The Eagles currently have Foles under contract for only one more season. He’ll revert to being a backup, behind Carson Wentz, in 2018. A year from now, Foles will be able to walk away, with the Eagles getting at most a compensatory draft pick in 2020.

Foles has trade value, but the Eagles should pounce on offers far less than two ones and a two. With more free-agent quarterbacks than ever available this year and a strong complement of incoming rookies, teams with needs will be able to fill them without getting grifted for Foles.

If the Eagles decide to reward Foles, who based on things said (and not said) last week may eventually be looking for one, a second-round pick (maybe even a high third-rounder) would be fair to everyone. If someone is willing to offer a first-round pick for Foles, the Eagles should rush to take it.

When it comes to putting a value on Foles, the problem is that, even though he took the Eagles to the Super Bowl and won it, he’s still regarded as a curiosity, an inconsistency. A guy who may never be able to duplicate what he did for the Eagles, especially if he’s playing for another team.

It’s not an unreasonable observation. When he played for teams other than the Eagles, Foles struggled. While there may be plenty of reasons for that unrelated to Foles, the likely reaction by the fan base of any team that trades for Foles will be, “Can he do what he did there here?”

That’s not the best way to generate offseason excitement, which is one of the realistic purposes of paying veterans with recognizable names. Foles definitely has a recognizable name, but he’s not widely regarded as a franchise quarterback. People still attach reactions like “fluke” and “luck” and “system” to his name, which will make it impossible for the Eagles to get the kind of windfall Polian recommends.

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  1. Cousins only did it with one organization what’s your point? Alex Smith was labeled the same hit or miss not to long ago? Bottom line is that Foles, Keenum and Goff all floundered in the same system, that should also be the story. Foles played as well as anyone has ever played in the Super Bowl and beat a 5 time winning QB playing the best game of his life, oh and btw Brady only did it with 1 team as well. Give the man his due? I think Polian (HOF GM) know a lil bit more than you,lol!

  2. Everytime this clown gets a paycheck from a TV gig, he should send 80% of it right to Peyton Manning. Was a so-so GM whos greatest move was NOT taking Ryan Leaf.

  3. Ever since Polian was selected to the Hall of Fame he’s been very opinionated about everything and everyone…dude you made one great draft pick (Peyton Manning) and the rest is history! Give it a rest Polian…no one really cares about what you think.

  4. In his first appearance as a rookie in 2012, Nick Foles beat the Buccaneers with a TD pass to Jeremy Maclin as time expired. In the 2013 playoffs, Foles walked off the field with a lead against the Saints. Foles replaced an injured Carson Wentz vs. the LA Rams this season, and brought the team from behind to win that road game. And then, there was this magical playoff run, capped with Super Bowl MVP. So besides “27-2” and a Pro Bowl MVP, and 7 TDs in a game, Nick Foles has repeatedly shown the ability to DELIVER WHEN IT MATTERS! You can teach that, and that is what makes him valuable. Kirk Cousins can’t say that and neither can any of the other QB options out there.

  5. It’s amazing how much people lose their minds about Super Bowl performances. His team carries him to championships, and fairly good (but miles from elite) Eli Manning is magically a HOF QB. Career nobody Larry Brown gets two SB interceptions (gifted by bad throws from Neil O’Donnell, not because Brown played great) for the game’s MVP and got a large free agent deal from the Raiders that the team soon regretted. And now we have Nick Foles, a PROVEN solid QB who benefited from NFL defenses not yet adjusting to Chip Kelly’s scheme OVER JUST TEN STARTS in his first season but otherwise has never shown anything special. Then he enjoyed being at the helm of a TERRIFIC roster over just a HANDFUL of games AND had that supporting cast do the heavy lifting, and suddenly he’s a guy teams should beat themselves up to get? STUPID. Did anyone watch the game? Foles rarely placed the ball as high-end NFL QBs do, but had so much time thanks to awesome OL blocking that he was able to wait until he had an ideal receiver to target, so his flawed passing didn’t hold him back. At best, he’s an immobile Dak Prescott (who looked just as terrific with just as good a supporting cast in 2016 – what happened there?), but because his TEAM played great by magic Foles is some kind of franchise QB. Awesome. If any team is dumb enough to hand him a starting role, its fans have my sympathy for the 1+ season it will throw away to mediocrity as a result.

  6. “If someone is willing to offer a first-round pick for Foles, the Eagles should rush to take it.”

    And if they had made that deal before this season started all the talking heads would call them geniuses — and they’d still have zero Super Bowl trophies.

    Wentz got hurt in December and the season starts in September. How can anyone even be sure he’s going to be ready? No, a single first rounder isn’t enough. Not because Foles is some diamond in the rough (who knows) but because he has more value to the Eagles roster – even for just one year – than any first round pick would.

  7. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors. What did Dick Cavett say to Zsa Zsa Gabor before Freddy stuck that girl’s head in the television? Yeah, that’s what comes to mind when Polian offers his opinions or thoughts these days.

  8. Yet another person putting the subliminal thought into Dan Snyder’s head that he might get two ones and a two for Cousins if he just goes ahead and tags him a third time. Does everybody hate Dan Snyder that much?

    Wait…I just realized how most people would consider that as a rhetorical question…

  9. Time will tell if Polian is right, he does have more credibility in this area than people who haven’t evaluated players on a professional basis.

  10. Was he joking, senile or serious? Evwn My dog knows the birds arent getting anything close to that, even if he were under contract for 5.more seasoms at 1 mil per.

  11. I agree that Polian’s assessment of Foles’ trade value is a bit steep, but not as ludicrous as you are saying. Think about not only what he did when he stepped in this past season, but also the shortage of NFL qbs and the importance of him to the eagles this next season with Wentz coming off a major injury.

    Also, the “story” of Foles “said and didn’t say” last week was pretty much not a story. It looked like a genuine answer that was clearly spun into the equivalent of tabloid gossip.

  12. I agree, I can’t remember a year when there have been so many QB options. 2 firsts and a second for a guy who couldn’t beat out Wentz in camp is insane.
    Washington is the last team to make a deal like that for RG3 and how well did that work out?

  13. Mike — you went 0-3 picking against the Eagles in the playoffs.

    The Eagles don’t give a hoohah about a 2 or 3 unless that comes with a 1. Condescend as you will to Polian but the Eagles aren’t in a hurry to get rid of Foles who you seem to regard as meh. For starters, Wentz isn’t a definite to return by game one. Secondly, the Eagles don’t value Foles as a curiosity that got lucky. If no team makes an offer they can’t refuse, Nick Foles is staying. Having a great backup ain’t bad really! Add to that the Eagles aren’t exactly screaming for replacements either.

    They’ll wait around for the right package (which ain’t gonna be a 2 or 3) because there’s zero reason not to. The right picks or oh well. And last but not least Sir Flors, I do want to acknowledge that you host an argument that is probably representative of a national vibe — that Nick Foles got lucky, is inconsistent, the product of a system perhaps, track record, and so on. You’ve been around football forever…do you seriously believe the Eagles are going to jump on a 1 for the Super Bowl MVP?

    Don’t count on it!

  14. I kept trying to tamper my fellow Eagles fans expectations. They were talking about getting Cleveland’s 1st ir 4th pick, getting a first and Shady from the Bills, all these pie in the sky arm chair GM takes. Howie would be happy fleecing the Briwns for one of those high 2nd round picks from the Browns. I’d be ecstatic this draft has really good depth at positions we need like Safety, Linebacker, and Offensive and Defensive Line. Go Eagles!

  15. Yet when these very same assumptions are made about Colin Kaepernick as to his ability, system he was in , losing his starting gig to Blaine Gabbert being a shell of who he was when he came out & the endless off the field circus he would bring with him….it’s collusion it’s something other than Colin is not the same Kapernick he was….so now the Eagles should just take what they can get…..I just don’t get it

  16. Foles has had one good season and one good playoff run in his career, and that’s worth 2 first round picks and a second round pick? Not a chance – Polian is an idiot if he thinks that. There were questions about whether he’d even start in the playoffs after his performance against the Cowboys in the last regular season game…

    Good backup, or potential starter for a desperate team, but not worth anything more than a second round pick based on his whole career.

  17. How can you possibly have a reasonable discussion with people who think going 2-0 with a 105 rating in the 2 games Foles played with the Chiefs equals struggled?

    Foles is worth a pair of 1s + to the Eagles. If no one gives that up then they play 2018 with the best insurance policy since Steve Young as they try to repeat. Last I checked the goal is the Lombardi trophy.

    Since his rookie year, Foles is 16-4 as an Eagles starter in real games with a rating around 100.
    His rating on the only other non-pathetic NFL team he played for was 105.9
    He is better than that in the playoffs.

    Someone playing like a first ballot hall of fame player for the Eagles should not be traded away for a bag of footballs and a 5th round pick. Lame hot takes on the internet do not alter that reality.

  18. Really? Those are dumb things to say? Anyone who watches Lamar Jackson knows that there is a reason he’s not the top QB in the draft. His stats and accolades would make you think he’s best QB in the football, but the fact of the matter is that his best asset is his extreme athleticism. Terelle Pryor and Braxton Miller will only be employed next year because they switched to wideout because their skill sets do not suit NFL teams as QBs. To consider that statement “dumb” is laughable on your end.

    And Polian was making the point that the Eagles have Foles on contract for next year.The eagles can be as patient as they want-they won’t get their best offers, from the most desperate teams, until after the draft. Until then, they can wait it out-unless, as Polian said, some team blows them away right now with a desperate offer to grab Foles. That desperate offer, which we are not likely to see, would come in the form of a 1st or 2nd round pick. Considering the fact that Wentz may or may not be affected by his knee injury, the Eagles may still need a good backup.

    It might be a higher asking price than anyone would think reasonable for Foles, And I personally think it’s a bit much, but it’s not as outright ludicrous as you’d initially think. Callously dismissing it is a bit premature.

  19. While I’ll agree that it’s insane to think that any team would give up two 1st Round picks AND a 2nd Round Pick for Foles, to say that it was “luck” that led him to 3 post season victories, including an MVP performance in the Super Bowl is an equally idiotic statement. The dude has performed on an elite level on the greatest stage and never blinked. Nick Foles is a really good football player and has ice water running through his veins. Go Birds! #superbowlchampionphiladelphiaeagles #gobirds #finally

  20. Sorry, Mike, but both you and Polian are out of your minds here. While a trade shouldn’t take two ones and a two, it should take a hell of a lot more than you’re saying. In fact, I’d say Foles shouldn’t be traded. Why? Because the Eagles should value Foles more as an insurance policy than other teams should value him as a potential starter. The Eagles have 20 of the 22 starters on their SB championship team already signed for next season. So, they should think they have a real shot at making another run. I’m not saying a return to the SB is in any way guaranteed, but they should be making decisions right now as if it were likely. We also need to take into account that Wentz is “aiming” for a week one return. He was injured quite late in the year. While the ACL tear itself was clean, there was additional ligament damage. So, there’s certainly no guarantee that Wentz will meet his week one goal, or how much time it will take him to get fully into the swing of things (have to figure he misses quite a bit of training camp under the best circumstances) once he’s fully healed. If you’re the Eagles, why would you ever consider trading Foles for a 2nd or 3rd round pick under these conditions? Just to make sure you get value out of a backup QB? A Backup QB’s value is the level of insurance they give you if your starter can’t play. With Foles, they have a QB they can count on to succeed in their system. The notion that you’d trade him under these conditions for a 2nd (or God forbid a 3rd) is a clear cut case of being penny smart and pound foolish. The Patriots 16 year run is a significant anomaly in the NFL. Most teams have much smaller windows to make legitimate runs at a SB championship. When one exists, you have to go for it. Putting one of those seasons at risk for a 2nd or 3rd round pick is ridiculous.

  21. 10 #1 picks and your first born. But if Wentz is slow to recover then you can kiss a repeat goodbye.

  22. I always valued Polian’s views but I don’t know why he would even say that the Eagles would only take a couple of 1’s and a 2 for him.No team would even go in that direction. I honestly think the Eagles would consider a 2 and a 3.

    I’m starting to believe that the game may be passing him by.

  23. When he played for teams other than the Eagles, Foles struggled.

    Not true, sure he struggled with the Rams…so did Keenum & Goff.
    Probably has more to do with the coach than the players.
    The only other team he played for was the Chiefs, he only played in 3 games but had a qb rating over 130.

  24. The Eagles will get a minimum of a first round pick for Foles. Super Bowl MVPs are not thrown in with McCarron as one of a lot of QBs available. It is not as if he was a game manager, he WON the game with his play.

  25. Foles stays put….Philly pays him like a starter for the next couple of years, then, when Wentz has to get paid, he goes back to a more pragmatic salary. Foles WANTS to be an Eagle….he loves that locker room…tough for me to see Philly not getting something done in the QB psn….we only paid like what? 12 mil for the QB psn this year? Tough to imagine Foles not wearing midnight green at this point

  26. jam11163 says: Howie will work his magic again. He’s going to Cleveland for a 1st and a 3rd.

    No Howie wouldn’t do that to Foles

  27. If I were the Eagles I would want atleast a one or I would prefer to keep Foles. Foles is proven. You can say 2013 was a fluke, but you can’t convince me this playoff run and 2013 were flukes. They prove to me if you surround Foles with Talent and good coaching that knows how to cater to his strengths, he is a very good QB who has ice water in his veins. I think Polian sees that and the Eagles should get max value. As an Eagle fan I prefer they keep him, unless someone offers at minimum a first round pick. That being said I believe a team that goes after him has to be able to provide talent around him or else they are making a mistake. He won’t turn around a franchise by himself. I don’t want to see him going to Cleveland, they would waste him. A team like Min would be successful with him.

  28. How many draft picks are Super Bowl MVP’s? Only half of them even pan out..even fewer end up being half as good as Foles. Is Foles worth 2 first rounders? Well, if he plays as well as he has been playing ( minus the Jeff Fisher years..which EVERY QB under him was ruined) He’s worth that and then some. Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan,and Kurt Warner ( all will be in the HOF imo..and Warner already is) couldn’t do what Nikki Six did.) So what’s a franchise QB who has a season of 27 TDs and 2 int’s, a Super Bowl win with a MVP to go along with it worth? I’d say more than gen ANY draft pick…
    Sam Bradford was worth the 14th pick in last year’s draft…Foles is worth twice that.

  29. Florio you constantly state that Nick Foles did poorly outside the Eagles. Sure he sucked with the Rams, but so did Goff and Keenum.

    Two years ago with KC he was 36 of 55, 65.5%, with a rating of 105.9 and 3tds. The one game he started he won. If Sam Bradford was worth a 1 and a 4, Foles is worth the same.

    Bold prediction: Eagles get a low 1 and 4 or high 2 and 3, then sign CK (and he drops collusion case!)

  30. You don’t base trades on one game. If the Eagles don’t get that strip sack, maybe Polian is asking for less. Polian has entered the point where people shouldn’t be taking him too seriously.

  31. polian said this to make the point that the eagles are not trading nick foles.

    because he is worth more to them than what the market will offer; unless another team runs into a situation like the vikings two years ago when they overpaid for sammy sleeves in return for what turned out to be derek barnett and jay ajayi.

  32. The smartest move for the Eagles is to let Foles honor his contract. Wentz may not be ready until after the season starts, and if Foles keeps playing well, I think the smart thing is to keep Wentz on the shelf through 2018. You don’t rush Wentz back just because he was your first round pick a few years ago. You want him 100% before you put him on the field. That may mean October; it may mean 2019. Foles is still your guy until Wentz is ready, and nobody knows for sure when that will be.

  33. owlbania has it right. I’d say the real Foles is far more likely to be the guy we saw this postseason than the guy we saw in Jeff Fisher’s Rams or Chip Kelly’s crappy years (i.e. most of ’em). Those are two systems you can 100% put on the coach since the teams have soared since their firings and the QBs that sputtered in those offenses have since thrived.

    I just hope he finds another situation like this year’s Eagles and has an awesome rest of his career. Dude clearly deserves it.

  34. redsoxu571

    Did anyone watch the game? Foles rarely placed the ball as high-end NFL QBs do


    Did you watch the game? I don’t think you watched the game. Foles TD pass to Jeffery was a great pass put where only Jeffery could make the catch and Foles TD pass to Clement was a dime in between every Pats defender and the back of the end zone. There was a few passes outside of them TDs too. If you respond, I’m sure that you’ll say that is what you mean by “rarely”, but that is just a dumb statement anyway, because how often do you think them types of passes happen on average in a game by “high end QBs”. In fact, I think he has made more of them types of passes than Brady did all game.

  35. A player is worth whatever another team is willing to pay! Sheet, he could command a teams 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Who knows… not many players good enough to play starting QB in the NFL in the world!

  36. Howie is NOT trading NICK to the browns!! Or any other CRAP team for that matter! The guy just came off the bench, had 1 of the best postseasons EVER, won your team a SB, and won MVP of the SB! Nick is a GOD to everyone within 200-250 miles of Philly! Nick nor his family ever have to pay for some things or wait for seats/tickets EVER again in and around the Philly area.
    Howie will let Nick decide what he wants to do. I personally think Nick we be the BU BQ for at least 1 more season, maybe more.

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