Teddy Bridgewater calls 2017 “my favorite season”

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Teddy Bridgewater has started at quarterback in an NFL playoff game and in the Sugar Bowl, but neither of those seasons have gone down as his favorite as a football player.

Bridgewater saves that honor for the 2017 season, which saw him play a handful of snaps and throw an interception while mopping in garbage time of one game for the Vikings. That came after Bridgewater’s career-threatening knee injury in August 2016, of course, and the context is surely significant to the place the year holds in Bridgewater’s heart.

“It was probably my favorite season by far, even though I didn’t play much,” Bridgewater said, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN.com. “This season challenged my mindset because as bad as I wanted to be out there playing, being the competitor that I am, I wanted to go to war and go to battle with my guys, I had to be out there in a different aspect. I had to be there for the guys mentally. It gave me a different role and I accepted it. It was one that was hard to accept because I’m a competitor, but I wouldn’t trade this year for nothing.”

While Bridgewater may be pleased with how the 2017 season went, he’s looking for another change in mindset in 2018. Bridgewater said after the end of the Vikings’ season that he “definitely” sees himself as a starter, although it still hasn’t been clarified whether he’ll be free to seek such a role anywhere he wants heading into next season.

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  1. Teddy survived adversity is what he means. Who knows how it was really relayed without listening to him talk . VIA anyone, the words get changed.


    If Mike Glennon can get 18M, every QB from Slippery Rock St to the guy with the best arm in the English Cricket League has a shot at Lotto. Teddy will get paid.

  2. These guys can never say what’s really on their minds. Of course he’s all super-positive. Who can blame him? But until he ctually does something, he’s only worth rookie pay………for another three years.

  3. I’m not here to tell anyone that Teddy is a future All-pro but its surprising at how many messageboard experts have written him off. He was decent in his first two Seasons playing in a run-first Offense. The Coaching staff protected him by limiting what he was asked to do. Coming into his 3rd year he had a great OTA, Training Camp and Pre-Season and was showing all the signs of someone who would take the next step and become a good QB. Obviously the knee injury put a stop to that. Again, I’m not saying he’s going to be a Top Tier Franchise QB but to suggest that he’s “Done” or a “Bust” is as ludicrous as someone saying that Teddy was on his way to a HOF Career before his knee injury. No one knows what kind of a QB Teddy will be until he gets a chance to go out there and play again.

  4. This kid is a class act that won a division title and beat Russell Wilson in a -30 degree playoff game . I will rout for him wherever he plays !

  5. The one quarterback who for sure is going to be with the Vikings next year is Teddy Bridgewater. The only question now is if he will be the unquestioned starter or part of a legitimate competition, and that question will be answered based on how much the other options will get paid. If they can get Keenum or Bradford to come back on a short-term reasonable contract, there will be a competition. If those guys get nice money to go elsewhere, the Vikings will find a veteran backup like McCown or Glennon. But make no mistake about it: The first choice of the coaches and players is Teddy.

  6. Hey we finally won a playoff game — was a fun season till that last damn game.

    I suspect we’ll all see Teddy start for an NFL team in the next couple years, although all the NFL-caliber PFT scouts above apparently have him slated for clipboard duties with the Ryan Fitzgeralds of the world.

  7. Vikings keeping/signing teddy to compete for starting job seems like the right thing to do. If they can thoroughly and accurately assess Bradford’s injury, come up with an offer for him to compete with teddy. I think they need to sign 2 guys to compete for the starting job, whoever is cheapest. If Bradford’s injury is a no go, then go for keenum to compete with teddy.

  8. whodatalien says:
    February 19, 2018 at 9:03 am
    yea cuz hed never been closer to getting out of that dump. come tryout for the whodats teddy i dont like our backup qb named chase daniels


    MSP is 4 million times cleaner than NO.

  9. I don’t know what Teddy could possibly teach Case Keenum. Keenum is more accomplished than Bridgewater. In 14 starts, coming in as a back-up in his first year as a Viking, Keenum threw for 22 TD’s, easily eclipsing Teddy’s 14 in a 16 game season. Everything he did was better than Bridgewater. Everyone is caught up in what a nice guy he is, which is great, if you’re picking who you want to date your daughter, but Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t shown anything that indicates that he’s above-average on the football field, and even his abilities are in question after his injury.

  10. If your favorite season ends in a 31 point loss in a game the Vikings were favored in, that begs the question, what is his second favorite season, where the FG kicker missed from 26 yards?

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