Will Garoppolo, McCarron be able to adjust once defenses see what they can do?

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The 49ers made quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo the highest-paid player in NFL history based on seven career starts, five in Kyle Shanahan’s system. Someone will be paying quarterback A.J. McCarron based on four career starts.

Hovering over both is an important question: What will they do after defenses get enough film on them?

New quarterbacks and/or quarterbacks in new systems can thrive at first. Then, after four or five or six weeks, opposing defenses gather enough film to figure out what the quarterback is doing well, and how to force him away from his favorite plays and throws.

The question then becomes whether, when Plan A is shut down, the quarterback can execute Plan B, C, and/or D. The great ones can. The not-so-great ones can’t. Many in the middle need time to get to the point where they can move the ball and score points against a defense that knows enough to slow them down.

For Garoppolo and McCarron the question is what kind of quarterback will they be, once defenses figure out what they want to do and take it away? The 49ers already have placed a gigantic bet on Garoppolo being able to thrive once he has generated enough film to make it easier to game-plan against him. Whoever signs McCarron will be making a similar wager.

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  1. And this is exaxctly why the niners have overpaid for an unproven commodity in Garrapolo. Should of made him sign a 1 year prove yourself deal before throwing the bank at him. Because lets be honest, he hasn’t done anywhere near enough to deserve the contract he has. If defenses do figure him out and he and his o coordinator don’t have the answers, San fran only have themselves to blame.

  2. Jimmy Garoppolo has the advantage of having Shanahan as his coach. He is known as having a great offensive mind. That has to be taken into consideration too. I have a feeling the 49ers will be able to make adjustments so Garoppolo can be very successful this year.

  3. This argument works both ways for Jimmy G; Jimmy won against good defenses with talent that came from my local flag-football team. The real questions is what will Jimmy do with real NFL talent.

  4. .
    It’s true that Jimmy G got a huge contract, but remember he was scheduled for free agency and probably could have made more at auction. The 49ers had him “in camp” for a month and started him for five games against some decent competition, so I have to think they believe in him. Since his game revolves around accuracy, mobility and quick release, I think he will perform well next season.

    McCarron? What I don’t know about him could just about fit in the Grand Canyon.

  5. Oh ya, it’s a given that Jesus Garappolo will kick butt according to all these NFL experts, and the Niners will go 16-0 and cruise to win the Super Bowl……….no problem.

  6. What world am I in where Garappolo, Cousins and McCarron are (or soon to be) the highest paid players in the NFL????? Talk about speculation and futures trading!

  7. I think McCarron and Jimmy G are two different scenarios.

    First Jimmy G has been with the team that just signed him so they know more than other teams. McCarron will be going somewhere he has never been. Have to wonder why the bungels haven’t played him if he is a “Franchise” QB. Dalton is ok, but not great for sure.

    Second, Jimmy G has had starting success with 2 different teams and systems. Plus he considerably changed the quality of play of others on the 49ers. So he can win with a less than stellar cast around him. McCarron’s number were similar to Dalton’s at the time of his injury that allowed McCarron to start. So was he a product of the skill around him more than his own level of play? What Dalton has done suggested that McCarron can do well with good talent, but might struggle without it. Similar to Andy Dalton.

    I hope the Cardinals spend big money for A.J. only to figure this out after the fact!

  8. It’s funny when people talk about a traditional style quarterback like “ohh what about when defenses adjust to what he can do!”

    What a guy like Garoppolo does is make reads, throw with anticipation, and find the soft spots in coverage. HOW DOES A DEFENSE “ADJUST” TO THAT? It’s not like the read option or the wildcat where it’s some wrinkle to an offense, it’s not like Bob the 3rd who had one trick in his bag then couldn’t move the ball when dropping back and being forced to find windows in coverage.

    What a guy like Garoppolo does is adjust to you. There is no “oh he does this in this situation and that in that situation, there the riddle is solved he’s negated”. He can play the position any way he needs to and will simply take what the defense gives him.

    There is no way to “adjust” for guys like this, otherwise Tom Brady would have been “figured out” years ago. That’s the thing with a REAL quarterback: you know what they’re about, you know how they play, but they just execute to the point where you can’t stop them often enough to win.

  9. From what I’ve seen, Garoppolo looks like a good QB, and McCarron hasn’t shown me much. Small sample sizes, so I’m not adamant about either one. The question I’ve been asking myself is more about playing hurt. Once the season gets under way, most QB’s are playing with lots of bumps and bruises. Sore arms. Sore backs. Sore knees. Sore shoulders. Sore neck. Messed up fingers. Etc. Garoppolo hasn’t been touched. Everything we’ve seen so far, he’s been 100% healthy. When you’re 100% healthy you can set you feet and really get everything into your throws. Your hands and fingers feel five, so your touch is perfect. That doesn’t mean Jimmy can’t do it, it’s just that he hasn’t done it yet. I like the kid. I’m pulling for him. He’s mobile and has a really quick release, so that will help, but you can’t count on never getting hit.

  10. Not sure how much film will help teams figure out Garoppolo. He’s not a gimmick passer whose first instinct is to take off and run or a guy who constantly stares down his first read. He’s a conventional pocket passer who sits back and takes whatever the defense gives him, finds the open guy and throws it with good accuracy and a lightning quick release.

    Not sure how many weaknesses defenses will be able to identify. The best strategy is still to knock him down. Beyond that, who knows? Especially with Kyle Shanahan calling the offense.

    McCarron? Who knows. He put up decent numbers while surrounded by stellar talent. His best career performance was against a 32nd ranked 49ers defense.

  11. The question then becomes whether, when Plan A is shut down, the quarterback can execute Plan B, C, and/or D. The great ones can. The not-so-great ones can’t.

    For Garoppolo’s sake I hope he does that better than his predecessor.

  12. I can’t speak for AJ however I believe Jimmy G will be ok because so many of his plays like the touchdown against Seattle were plays that broke down. He was able to scramble and rifle it into a tight window. I think he is the real deal!

  13. Garoppolo clearly played well and impressed people during his 5 game streak.

    But I’m sorry, I just don’t comprehend how you then go out and make him the HIGHEST paid QB. Ever.

    On the basis of 5 games? Really?

    I hope he is successful, and have no ill will towards him. (I do on the other hand dislike the stupid kneeling 49ers)

    That being said… I will NOT be surprised at ALL if he turns out to be an ordinary QB after there is more pressure on him and a full slate of games.


  14. Why didn’t McCarron beat Dalton for a starting job? Why didn’t Garoppolo beat a 40 year old QB that just lost a SB to a backup QB?

    It’s hard unseating the franchise guy no matter how good the guy in waiting is. There are a lot of politics involved and team chemistry to worry about.

  15. Beachie says:

    Jimmy Garoppolo has the advantage of having Shanahan as his coach. He is known as having a great offensive mind.

    LOL okay

  16. Lets just say I have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy will be better than AJ.

    Garoppolo did very well in a small number of games. AJ did poorly in a small number of games.
    I’ll take Jimmy.

  17. Watch his college videos then his pro videos. His release is quicker. Everything is more compact and faster.

    I wouldn’t say night and day but you can see a talented player who took it to the next level.

  18. The thing that separates Jimmy G is how quick he read defenses. That’s not something you can game plan for.

  19. It really depends on the coaching staff behind them. Garrapolo comes from a team that could switch to new systems at will if an opponent showed they had something figured out. And surely Garrapolo saw a lot of that in practice because Belichick likes messing with his guys like that so to prepared them for getting messed with. If Shanahan does the same then JG will be fine.

  20. Well, that’s the crapshoot, isn’t it? I think the smart money would be on both Jimmy G and AJ.

  21. Jimmy G was zipping in passes to Kendrick Bourne between telvin Smith and bouye who read the play perfectly. Talented players don’t need to worry about film, Jimmy has demonstrated he has that talent..hence why he got paid.

  22. Sorry but normally just read comments and chuckle at ppl.. yes Jimmy g is the highest paid Qb right now.. won’t be in a few weeks.. if you look at franchise numbers.. it’s actually cheaper to sign him to this type of deal rather then franchise him .. can you imagine the cost if you were to franchise him.. he goes out and wins playoff games.. Super Bowl… or mvp? Then sign him?

  23. I love how so many people comment on Jimmy G but didn’t see him play one game for the Niners last year. I watched every game and I’m not worried about him regressing at all. Guys that regress tend to be 1-dimensional or they’re only successful in simple offenses with 1 read and a dump-off/run option. Colin Kaepernick and Dak Prescott are examples of that. Jimmy G is a traditional pocket passer that goes through progressions quickly. Jimmy G will be even better after having a full offseason to understand Shanahan’s system.

  24. This is why I am not sold on Jimmy G. Bill B is not a stupid man and he has never let a QB who can play get away, teams didnt have film on Jimmy G and were blind sided a bit, DC’s couldnt scheme specifically to stop Jimmy G. This next season now that defensive coordinators will be scheming specifically to ruin Jimmy G’s day, especially the DC’s within his division & once they do I think Jimmy G is going to come back down earth once teams take away the short passing game which is what he does best. He will take a beating behind that O-Line in 2018 and will really struggle against some of the pass rush’s and secondaries in the NFC-W.

  25. Aaron Rodgers had the same amount of starts when the Packers resigned him to a huge contract. N

  26. I love how people are talking trash about Garoppolo! He probably didn’t even know half the playbook, had a poor O line and he was throwing mainly to 3 Rookies and Marquise Goodwin and had no problem lighting up 2 playoff teams in Ten and Jax. Still tons of cap space and picks to improve Guard, Center, WR, Edge and CB. He also won 5 in a row with a team that was 1-10. He elevated guys around him like great QB’s do. So keep laughing, Niners are going to be coming for the NFC West next year!

  27. What happens when they run into a great defense ? Like in Philly… wait… Philly doesn’t have a great defense. The entire team can all together come up with about one great defense.. then, they pass it around to wherever they may need it. Now that is stupid, can’t possibly win even one game doing that. Am I right ?

  28. It’s really what’s between their ears that counts most, how well they adapt to the schemes defenses throw at them after they’ve seen what they initially like to do. Like Russell Wilson, who was coachable and seemed to adapt extremely well, while Kapernick, RG3, and several others have faded into oblivion.

  29. Quarterbacks can only go as far as their teams. This idea that QBs create their own destiny is simply wrong. Put Foles or Keenum on bad teams and guess what – their performance isn’t anywhere close to where it was this year on very good teams.

    The question about McCarron and Garoppolo should be: What kind of team will be built around them? Will they have a solid OL giving them time to make their reads? Will their team’s running game be respected enough to enable play-action? Or will they need to play in panic mode all the time?

    Very often the difference between bad QBs and good ones are the quality of the team around them.

  30. We can agree somewhat, but Philly is not a good team. What went wrong ? You telling me a bunch of washed up hasbeens without a QB goes all the way ? Nope can’t happen….

  31. No 49er fan is claiming they’re winning the super bowl next year. Most of these people spewing hate at Jimmy G and his contract would give a body part to have them on their teams roster. The salary cap is huge now, his contract will look like a bargain within 2 years. All facts, but you nay sayerskeep talking

  32. Huge chunk of cheese for sure for Jimmy G. For what it’s worth, he couldn’t have done much more to impress in those 5 games. Beat the #1 defense, 2 division winners and 3 playoff teams in his 5 starts and won ever start. Whether or not it’s worth 27.5mil/year remains to be seen.

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