Dolphins may be trying to trade Jarvis Landry

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There’s another possible message that the quick decision to tag receiver Jarvis Landry sends to other teams, other than, “Don’t tamper with him next week.” And the message may be this: “Make us an offer.”

A league source tells PFT that the the quick tag is being interpreted as a desire by the Dolphins to trade Landry.

No trade can happen unless and until Landry signs the tender. As a practical matter, a trade is unlikely unless and until he’d agree to an acceptable long-term contract from the new team.

The challenge comes from calculating a long-term offer, given that Landry can sit tight and make more than $16 million in 2018, with the promise of a shot at the open market or a 20-percent raise in 2019.

Rumors of a potential Landry trade emerged last year. With Landry officially tagged as all teams prepare to head to Indianapolis, every team is on notice that Landry possibly could be had — if a deal can be worked out both with the player and his current team.

48 responses to “Dolphins may be trying to trade Jarvis Landry

  1. I thought tagging a player with no intention of signing him is a poison pill that the player could use against the team. At least that’s what you guys wrote about Cousins.

  2. Landry would be smart to sign the franchise tag deal ASAP before the Dolphins change their mind. No team is going to trade for him AND pay him those big bucks.

  3. Cleveland has the money to pay him, the draft pick(s) to trade, and a team need. Fins need the pick(s) and have good reason to let him go.

  4. What’s wrong with Miami??? Landry is a legit WR and should be kept. This is the same Miami team that paid the one-trick pony (aka Mike Wallace) $15 million a year in 2012. But they don’t want to pay Landry who’s like 10 times better than Wallace??? Head scratcher.

  5. Team to look at trading for Jarvis Landry is possibly Cleveland. They have enormous cap space and lots of draft picks. What if Miami traded Landry plus their #11 1st round pick to move up for Cleveland’s #4 1st round pick. What would be better for a top rookie QB like say Darnold, than the best slot receiver in the NFL?

  6. Yeah, that’ll work.

    Note to Dolphins you need to trade a player WHEN you have leverage, not when you don’t because the whole league knows he doesn’t want to be there in the first place

  7. He’s my favorite offensive player, but he’s so offensive.

    Will the real Jarvis Landry please stand up?

  8. @onereasonableman:

    The difference here is that Miami didn’t completely undercut its own strategy like Washington did.

    Based on the CBA language reported earlier, Jarvis Landry could certainly try to make the same argument that Cousins would make to block the tag. But the CBA language gives Cousins a much stronger argument than Landry. Cousins plays a position where only one player starts. That player typically makes a lucrative salary over many years. Applying the tag to Cousins with another quarterback (widely reported to be) incoming on a fresh contract extension sure makes it seem like Washington wouldn’t be making a “good faith” attempt to employ the tagged player. Would anybody believe that Washington wants to pay two starting caliber quarterbacks top dollar? No. Would anyone believe Washington wants to flip the newly acquired quarterback to another team and stay the course with a franchise-tagged Cousins? No.

    Moral of the story: Be tactful, not Washington.

    If you want to make a deal devoting a ton of resources to a new quarterback, but still want to apply the franchise tag to your old quarterback in hopes of trading him, keep the deal for the new quarterback secret. Demand confidentiality before, during, and after negotiations. Condition the deal’s final execution on word of the deal not leaking before a specified date. Then, and only then, tag and trade the old guy.

  9. This is a scumbag move by teams, the whole ‘tag and trade’. The whole point of a franchise tag is to buy some time to negotiate a deal.

    I hope this sort of thing is addressed by the NFLPA for the next CBA.

  10. This is nothing like the Cousins situation. They just completed a trade for Smith, which shows they have no intention of keeping Cousins. Signing him long term has nothing to do with anything. If it can be proved that they have no intention to keep him, that’s another thing, but either way as soon as he signs it they’re stuck with him.

  11. just needs to go somewhere they appreciate effort and passion. those Lsu boys are the best in the business so if u aint bout winning dont even bring em in!

  12. Somehow the Pat’s did not violate the “spirit” of the tag when they tagged and traded Matt Cassel.

    Good riddance Kirk Cousins. I feel bad for your next locker room. No organization deserves your drama-filled passive aggression.

  13. An interesting gamble for the Dolphins. Evidently as I suspected they don’t really want what ever talents Landry has. So this is letting teams know that he’s available to be traded. However what if the prospective buyers don’t believe he’s worth elite player money. This is certainly a Mike Tannenbaum type move but it could work out to get rid of a player they don’t want long term. Does anyone really believe that Landry is a receiver worth what he will be getting. This could be just another Tannenbaum blunder but perhaps not as the Dolphins will only be committed to one year if no one wants Landry.

  14. He may not be worth 16+m but the last 4 years he has played for basically peanuts in terms of nfl money. The fins are showing their intentions on keeping him but the press is spinning things in another direction. Landry and the team should come to a deal once the season officially opens up. Nothing to see here.

  15. with a crafty GM it would mean a deal is in place

    with T-Baum it means $16M guar for a slot receiver

    this happens to teams that can’t draft well nor coach up what they have

  16. Two silly posts about Cleveland handing over picks in a trade for another overpaid receiver. I’d pay Gordon and sign Pryor before that dumb deal. So what if Miami needs the picks, so does Cleveland. Apparently he isn’t key enough to get you guys into the playoffs so why would another bad team want him?

  17. Why trade for him knowing they only tagged him tondeal him. Miami is not trading from a position of power. It’s not like this is the qb position where if you don’t have one your season is done. If Miami asks for anything ore than a 4th or 5th I wouldn’t do it. Besides now you just priced him for a long term deal at 35 mil first 2 years (16m hisbyear and 20% yah increase next year). Nice job dolphins 👍

  18. uglydingo says:
    February 20, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    ………What would be better for a top rookie QB like say Darnold, than the best slot receiver in the NFL?

    Saquan Barkley.

  19. I would love to see him play with Brady and next to Cooks in the slot. Just from a pure football standpoint, not even a pat fan.

  20. onereasonableman says:
    February 20, 2018 at 10:04 pm
    I thought tagging a player with no intention of signing him is a poison pill that the player could use against the team. At least that’s what you guys wrote about Cousins.

    The difference is as long as Miami does not pull the offer and is fine with him signing it
    there is no problem. Do you think Washington would let Cousins sign the offer?

  21. deprado1 says:
    February 20, 2018 at 9:57 pm
    Who was the last tag and traded player? It’s nonsense to think someone will trade for Landry. Miami is stuck.

    Not long ago.
    Patriots do it and they are ingenious right?
    The ‘Fleece Job’ That Was The Matt Cassel Trade

  22. Sorry boys… can’t have it both ways. The Dolphins always trade or let ‘their’ guys walk. Well, they signed him the only way they could with a Tag. Big deal $16M, he was goung to get at leadt $15M a year from ANY team that was trying to get him. Personally, I hope he is Traded.

  23. over paying the best slot receiver in the league by 2 million for one year is not stuck. Its the smart play with options the team can control.

  24. “I thought tagging a player with no intention of signing him is a poison pill that the player could use against the team.”

    The player can choose to file a grievance but nothing forces him to. If he gets traded and agrees to a new big money contract and hence happy with the situation, no grievance will ever be filed.

  25. “over paying the best slot receiver in the league ”

    I’ll take Edelman over this guy any day of the week.

  26. Landry was a second round pick. So he probably only made about 2-3 million. So if you ad 16 m, it’s only an average of 3.9 Over 5 years. Then let him walk next year.

  27. Buffalo is a team that got rid of its WRs – definitely needs a “top end” type guy. They saw enough of him to know what he can do.

  28. He’s not worth $16 mil he does stupid things and the penalties are ridiculous. He’s good but
    he’s not as good as Antonio Brown or his buddy Odell.

  29. Plain and simple – Landry is getting franchised.
    Not to try and position him for a trade…but to send a message to their star player.

    “We’ll pay you, but we aren’t negotiating a long-term deal this year.”

    Reason: you had too many issues on and off the field with attitude and anger.
    If they sign him to that proposed $58 million deal, they with have dead cap money to deal with
    for the foreseeable future if Landry’s attitude doesn’t change.

    Ajayi was expendable because Drake was behind him.
    There isn’t that same talent behind Landry: Grant, Carroo, and Parker are all lackluster disappointments.
    Landry’s in Miami for 2018. Beyond that is all based on his attitude.

  30. Laundry is a nasty piece of work but I love him and he goes I will be ticked off. Imo if he does go and lands with a Brady or a Wentz it’s lights out for the rest of us. Can you imagine him with Brady. “NIGHTMARE”

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