Frank Reich “hopeful” Andrew Luck able to throw in OTAs

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Andrew Luck still is building strength in his surgically repaired shoulder, but new coach Frank Reich hopes the quarterback can participate in OTAs.

The Colts, though, learned last season that “hope” isn’t a guarantee.

“You know what? I’m hopeful that maybe that could happen,” Reich said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “I’m hopeful, yeah. I know it sounds odd, but I’m not demanding an answer on that. I’m not, ‘Hey, someone tell me, is he ready?’ I hope he’s there, but we’ll go on if he’s not. I’m optimistic, and I’m hopeful, but honestly that’s not the forefront question on my mind every day coming to work.”

Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said two weeks ago that the team doesn’t believe Luck needs more surgery.

6 responses to “Frank Reich “hopeful” Andrew Luck able to throw in OTAs

  1. As the saying goes… wish in one hand and ____ in the other and see which one fills up faster. Hopefully luck is finally healthy. Though just seems like a hope followed by more hope then some wishes upon a star. When all they really need is just some good Luck.

  2. I would think that Luck’s health and honest recovery timeline would have been the number one topic when the Colts were interviewing HC’s. I would think that McDaniels main concern would be wether or not Luck will be available as the QB this season. That job looks a lot better IF Luck will be available. The team is such an overall mess, that Luck is really the only thing going for it. If you are taking on the head coaching responsibilities of a bad team like that, there is very little to work with if Luck is not ready. I still believe that Irsay is. It being honest about Lucks condition and he may have backed out of the deal after finding the real truth. This is just speculation by me.

    I get it that Reich wants to be a HC. Pretty much everyone is coaching’s goal is to become an NFL head coach, and I get it. But it is a huge risk to leave a team as a successful OC who just helped the Eagles win a Superbowl to become the HC of a bad football team. It could ruin his career if he doesn’t turn things around in Indy. Andrew Luck is a huge factor in that turn around. Even though still somewhat unproven, you definitely aren’t going to win without him. Staying put and having another successful year in Philly may have been a better path to take as it could open the door to better HCing opportunities following next season, instead of settling this year for a chance with a bad team. His comments today don’t sound very optimistic about Luck coming into this season, which makes me wonder if he knew the status of Luck before taking this job, or if the Colts gave some sort of a vague non-answer answer and now he’s starting to find out the truth.

    Not a Colts fan, but as an Eagles fan I wish Frank the best of luck. Hopefully he has his starting QB to rely on.

  3. Frank Reich is just trying to make more money for Jimmy Irsay. Colt’s season tickets go on sale Feb. 26 and tonight was the “Colt’s Town Hall” PR gathering for season ticket holders.

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