If Chiefs are moving on from Marcus Peters, now is the time to do it

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Despite the shouts of FAKE NEWS! coming from Chiefs fans who disagree with the notion that cornerback Marcus Peters could be traded, the talk in league circles regarding the possibility that the Chiefs will entertain offers (if not initiate them) remains real. So why would they want to do it?

The Chiefs became sufficiently exasperated with Peters last year to suspend him for one game. Specific events, if any, preceding those that prompted the suspension aren’t known. Which is exactly what the Chiefs would want.

If the team has determined that Peters has reached the point at which he’s more trouble than he’s worth, it’s worth plenty for the team to keep the full extent of the trouble under wraps. After all, it’s impossible to get maximum compensation for Peters in trade if there’s reason for the prospective buyer to beware.

As to the balance between “trouble” and “worth,” the question for the Chiefs isn’t simply what he’s making this year or in 2019 under the fifth-year option. The question becomes whether it makes sense to make the kind of major financial investment that Peters will believe he deserves.

So it makes sense, when considering long-term options for Peters, to balance keeping him (and paying him handsomely) against trading him. Ultimately, the analysis hinges on what the Chiefs could get, and the topic has been discussed often enough in recent days to make it crystal that an interested suitor has reason to cobble together the terms of a possible offer.

12 responses to “If Chiefs are moving on from Marcus Peters, now is the time to do it

  1. If he’s a locker room/practice field/meeting room cancer, it’s an easy decision. And there’s enough evidence to have that suspicion. If he’s not going to buy into the culture, he’s not worth keeping. Trade him to get a #1 and more back and keep building.

  2. I remember in the 2015 draft, the Vikings took Trae Waynes at 11 overall as the first cornerback taken and the Chiefs took Peters at 18 as the third cornerback taken. We all knew that Peters was the most talented cornerback in the draft but had a lot of character concerns. Peters was great early with a lot of interceptions while Waynes took some time to develop before he was trusted to be a full-time starter this year. Now Waynes is an ascending talent, solid starter, and solid citizen while the Chiefs are looking to trade Peters. It will probably work out fine for them because there’s always a team out there that thinks they’re the ones who can change a guy and is willing to give up a lot for talent.

  3. “Trade him to get a #1 and more back and keep building.” – Haha, a #1 and more for a guy that a team wants to get rid of because he’s a cancer. He’s a risk for any team to pick up and a first rounder is way less risky. The only way they get a #1 is if they offer Peters and let’s say a 3rd round pick to minimize risk to the trading partner. Peters will allow KC to move up in the draft.

  4. First of all, if there is any truth to this KC will get less than his value in a trade, simply because of the risk involved. Secondly, he’s going to demand a truckload of money which teams aren’t going to want to give. He’s similar to Jarvis Landry. Great talent but big headache too.

  5. Nobody is more reliable than “Unnamed league sources”. Peters has immense talent, and is a hot head. This is often the case for people of his talent. Temperament issues come with the territory.

    If you value what he can do for your team, you make allowances so much as your team is willing to accept. Chiefs keep him, unless it’s a 1st round return.

  6. Peters reminds me of Percy Harvin. Incredible talent but a terrible attitude that can be cancerous to a team. Trust me Chiefs fans, trade this guy and be happy. You might even get a 1st rounder for him.

  7. What you are advocating is fraud and dishonesty. This is how it starts, justifying non disclosure here and before you know it, faking game used items, and not mentioning the leaky roof.

  8. Trade him to Cleveland and reunite him with the guy who believed enough in him to sign him as a rookie. KC gets back a 1st rounder and a third or fourth rounder. Dude’s worth it. He’s an interception machine.

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