Joe Thomas “still working” through decision for playing in 2018

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The Browns are still waiting for word from left tackle Joe Thomas about his plans for the 2018 season, but it may not be much longer before he’s ready to let them know.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Thomas said that he is “still working” through the decision about returning for a 12th season in Cleveland. Thomas added that he has set the March 14 start of free agency as a moment when he’d like to have finished that work.

“I’d like to make a decision before free agency to give the Browns the best opportunity to prepare for everything that happens in the offseason,” Thomas said. “Whether I’m going to come back or retire, I think, from their perspective, having a certain need going into free agency is important.”

Thomas has said multiple times that his health is the key factor and he’s been at the team’s facility regularly so that he can rehab the tricep injury that put him on injured reserve for the first time in his career. Thomas said he’s had a chance to meet offensive coordinator Todd Haley and spend time with other coaches, but didn’t say if anyone has been pushing him particularly hard about coming back for another year in Cleveland.

6 responses to “Joe Thomas “still working” through decision for playing in 2018

  1. I kind of feel bad for this guy being stuck in Cleveland, for 12 years, but if he wanted to get out he could have gone to a contender 5 or 6 years ago.

  2. Then why is he trying to recruit Kirk Cousins? Dumb trying to recruit guys if you don’t even know if yo are playing yet.

  3. Joe is recruiting Cousins because loves the Browns and wants to see them succeed even if Joe isn’t playing.

    I know, I Know, he’s a schmuck for loving the team that drafted him third overall, has payed him tens of millions, has allowed him to not practice during camp and during the week, has given him support in his post playing broadcast career, and has let him act as a player coach so he can get experience and mentor younger players.

    The Browns have been classy to Joe and Joe has been classy to the Browns. Truly a lost artform in today’s corporate world.

  4. Whatever Joe Thomas decides, I believe he will go down as the Brown’s 2nd greatest “player” of all time….trailing only the great Jim Brown. And for those of you who would poo-poo that by saying “It’s the Browns.” ? The Cleveland Browns have a total of 16 enshrinees in the pro football Hall of Fame; tying them for 7th place league wide with Oakland and San Francisco. Lastly, I believe Thomas’s decision will come down to whether he feels he is capable of playing “at-least” 1 more season….beyond 2018. Because he knows that it’s highly unlikely the Browns will be a playoff contender this year. However, if he feels he can physically withstand playing beyond that, he very well might come back. He seems to genuinely believe that the team is close to competing; they just need to find that quarterback !

  5. Joe is smart and is waiting to see who the Browns get in free agency and the draft. With the money they have to spend and their 12 draft picks, this should be a much better team in 2018, especially now that they have an experienced “football” GM and his excellent staff.

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