Ryan Shazier still has sights set on Hall of Fame

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There are certain people against whom it’s never wise to bet, no matter the odds. Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier is one of those people.

Shazier underwent spinal stabilization surgery in December. For most, the procedure that rules out contact sports, permanently. Shazier already has shown that he’s far different from most.

Via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Shazier said on teammate Roosevelt Nix‘s podcast that he intends to play again — and to play well enough to make it to the Hall of Fame.

“Since I’ve been in college, I really wanted to go to the Hall of Fame, I still want to go to the Hall of Fame,” Shazier said. “All my goals are like making me want to go to the Hall of Fame.”

He has confidence in his ability to play, and he has confidence in his ability to play at a high level.

“I really feel I’m the best linebacker ever,” Shazier said. “I just got to be back out there so everybody can see it. You know what I’m saying?”

Whether he can return to play depends on his ongoing recovery from the injury. He explained the rehab efforts.

“I’m really trusting the process,” Shazier said. “I know the end goal. So I’m taking every step of the way, I’m giving everything I got. The therapists are like, ‘Man this is crazy; I’ve never seen anyone work this hard.’ They almost see progression every day.”

Shazier recently attended a Penguins game. He said that he stood up during the game in order to send a message.

“I really wanted to do that because I felt everybody needed to see that,” Shazier said.

We all saw it, and we can’t want to see what Ryan Shazier does next. No matter where this lead, Ryan’s attitude and outlook has served as an inspiration to anyone who is dealing with any type of adversity.

46 responses to “Ryan Shazier still has sights set on Hall of Fame

  1. Ugh, I hate reading this. I can only imagine that goal is his motivation and is healthy for his recovery, but I pray he never plays another game again.

  2. The way this kid has handled this has been beyond amazing here’s hoping to days romping with his kids in the backyard nevermind football

  3. Ryan:

    The hall of fame isn’t worth giving up the rest of your life, or quality of life. (Most) everybody here loves football. I don’t like the Steelers, lol, but I respect their accomplishments and yours too. You’re already a hall of famer to your family and to Steelers fans. Don’t risk it man. Go have a good life.

  4. Not worth the risk. I like his outlook, but the next hit could paralyze him for good.

  5. Whatever motivates him to get through rehab is fine by me. But realistically, he shouldnt be playing again even if he fully recovers. And if he does, then he better alter his tackling technique and not lead with the head. Use the shoulder to absorb the contact or he will most definitely do some damage again.

  6. So on the one hand, I root for this guy 100%, and whatever he thinks he can do, I hope he can. That’s the human spirit and I love seeing his devotion. On the other hand…come on man, you are lucky to be walking. Maybe that is your Hall of Fame.

  7. Well at the risk of sounding like a jerk (and probably getting scrubbed) I have nothing but good wishes for Ryan and I really hope he makes it back to on the field BUT unless they injected him with some sort of superhero gene stuff during his convalescence no way in hell he is going to the HOF, he’s just not that talented

  8. I have no problem with him thinking this way. You work your entire life to be the best at football, Hall of Fame is what you want.

    But, I really hope it doesn’t happen. More football would destroy his health. It’s best to walk away and enjoy the rest of your life with your family. Because the alternative could be much worse.

    Best of luck to you, Ryan Shazier, no matter what you choose. This isn’t easy, but I do hope you watch out for your health.

  9. I mean, good for him. I hope he has a good support system around him that can steer him in the right direction. And that direction shouldn’t be football.

  10. Been a Steeler fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper, quit while you can Ryan. Football isn’t that important compared to the life you’ll be able to have if you just concentrate on walking again.

  11. Your long-term health is way important young man. Besides, you’ve shown enough grit and character. The HOF has an anti-team guy, locker room cancer like Terrel Owens so it’s lost all creditability anyway. Sadly, It’s not a group of high character guys which you could highlight to your children.

  12. Love his positivity, but his career his dunzo. He will be lucky to ever even be able to walk properly again after this devastating injury.

  13. RYAN most likely knows he will never play again. But keeping that mentality and focus of possibly playing again keeps him going.

  14. First and foremost, we are all hoping for a full and speedy recovery from Ryan. Few players love the game so purely as him nowadays. If there’s anyone with the heart and drive to come back from that injury, it is him, hands down.

    But while they may not both be injury-related, Ryan’s hopeful eventual comeback is not all that different from Tebow’s baseball adventures. You really ought to lay off the kid. Unless he did something to you personally (beyond just snubbing you for an interview or something equally petty), there’s no reason to constantly equate the kid’s efforts to be a professional athlete to a cash grab. He doesn’t need the money. Baseball ownership may see him as a marketing opportunity (and rightfully so), but Tebow just wants to play sports at a high level like his god-given abilities allow him to do.

    So yeah, while the stories may not be exactly the same, they are similar enough that it would make logical sense to want to see both of these fine young men succeed in their endeavors, whether that involves playing professional football in the future or not.

  15. It’s still entirely possible for Ryan to enter the Hall of Fame as a coach, don’t know if he’d be interested in going down that path but considering any doctor would be insane to clear him and any coach/front office would be insane to ever let him step foot in a game ever again it seems like the only realistic option.

  16. Damn, some of you guys sound like losers. The guy has set himself a goal and is working to achieve it. I’m not a Steelers fan but I think it’s great that Shazier is not giving up on life.

  17. Ryan, admire you attitude, confidence, and fortitude.
    Like others, I wish you a full and total recovery.
    Like others I would be ecstatic to see you live a normal life, and walking freely again.
    Please listen to others and set your goals realistically, return to a full and normal life, and look back fondly on your football career and move on.
    You have a great football aptitude so maybe coaching and teaching kids how to fight through the setback you have had, and go on to live full lives.

  18. “Forget about playing football, just care about your family” could easily be applied to any football player, injured or not. It’s a game that can cause a huge injury (or small or medium ones) to anyone at anytime.
    Guys get to this level partly because they believe they can, and work hard based on that belief. Someday he may agree that the hall of fame is not in his future, but at his age, he can still believe it’s possible.

  19. It’s his life and no one else’s. If he wants to play again and is able to then more power to him. If you had untold millions of dollars on the line you would probably roll the dice as well.

  20. Ryan Shazier doesn’t have to prove anything to me. I’ve been watching him since his freshman year at Ohio State. He can do things I’ve never seen any linebacker do. He can get from point A to point B faster than anyone, ever. He’s still learning. In my mind, he is already a HOFer. It’s like with Bo Jackson. There was no doubt about him being a HOF player. An injury just ended his career too soon. I would just like to see Shazier in 20 years from now, walking and leading a normal life. I would love to see him play football again, but not if it’s a risk to his health.

  21. Great player but this injury happened because of the way he plays. When he tackles he leads with his helmet too much. It must be a Steeler thing. All the Steeler defenders do this. Dirty defensive play.

  22. I hope he makes it back, but if he does he better learn a new way to tackle. I saw him put Gio Bernard to sleep with the EXACT same helmet leading kind of tackle that broke his own neck. I highly doubt he can change instincts enough to eliminate those hits, and I highly doubt his neck will be strong enough to hold up to those hits.

  23. You might think that he’s using this to motivate himself, and is not harboring any real expectation of playing again. And I doubt that any NFL team would want to be responsible for giving him the chance to be permanently paralyzed with another hit.

  24. It’s understandable he feels this way, because up to when he got injured, football was the most important thing in his life but I agree with most posting to day that it would be incredible if he could get back on the field. However the game is too violent and the rest of his life would be in danger any time he got hit but sincere best of luck with your recovery Mr. Shazier. To poster Peytonwantsaflag I honestly think Ryan S. was one of the most talented line backers in the league and if he played, at the level we saw on the field this year he could have had a good chance of making the Hall of Fame! I hope he recovers enough to be able to walk and live a fairly normal life, maybe get a job behind the lines in Football.

  25. The Hall of Fame doesn’t mean what it used to. Even if he didn’t get hurt, he wasn’t having a career worthy of that honor even with today’s popularity contest admission process.

    Be thankful you are where you are with your health, maybe get into broadcasting and make it via that route and you can’t compare his playing to Lawrence Taylor or even the best in Steeler’s history behind Jack Lambert and Jack Ham and Kevin Greene.

  26. Ravens TE Dennis Pitta dislocated his hip two times and returned to play in the NFL. He rehabbed it and returned only to injure it a third time and will likely be in pain the rest of his life.

    I thought Pitta’s drive was crazy. Ditto for this.

    I wish you well, Ryan, but you dont need to be in the Hall of Fame to know that you’re a winner. Your perseverance and attitude has already proven that.

    Get well and take care of yourself and your family. I’m not a huge Steelers fan, but I’m sure they would find you a great marketing, PR , coaching or scouting job that will take care of you for a good while.

  27. He’s not even the best ever linebacker in Steelers history, let alone in the league. I love his attitude and confidence, but let’s put the brakes on first and worry about staying healthy. I hope he really listens to the advice of doctors and make the best decision with his brain and not his heart. No one wants to see him unable to walk again.

  28. Great player, and amazing Buckeye. But he needs to walk away. What happened to him is scary, and as a Bengals fan, I winced at that hit. Be thankful you are earning back your health, my man. Be a coach. Be whatever you want. But this game nearly robbed you of a lot more than your NFL career

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