Torrey Smith hopes to stay in Philly in 2018

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Wide receiver Torrey Smith won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, which means he earned his second title when the Eagles beat the Patriots earlier this month.

Smith believes the reason why there hasn’t been a repeat winner since 2004 is “because there’s a lot of change within the team” from one year to the next. Smith, who signed a three-year deal last offseason, is hopeful that he won’t be among the changes to the Eagles this offseason.

“It’s something that I’m probably anticipating, being back [in Philadelphia],” Smith said, via “I think both sides know that, but I also know it’s a business, as well. You understand that as a player, and you have to understand to protect yourself. I’d love to be back, and hopefully it works out that way. Anything else that happens, I’ll kind of deal with it.”

Smith’s three-year deal doesn’t offer much in the way of job security. He has a non-guaranteed salary of $5 million, which makes it simple for the Eagles to move on without him and use that money to alleviate the cap pressure that they’re feeling after building a Super Bowl winner in 2017.

With Nelson Agholor stepping up last season and Alshon Jeffery landing a rich extension, that may be the likelier outcome for Smith this offseason.

14 responses to “Torrey Smith hopes to stay in Philly in 2018

  1. He’s gonna have to take a serious haircut if he wants to be back.

    I’m forever grateful for bringing home the first Lombardi trophy, but the reality is he’s nowhere near worth the $5 Million he’s signed for.

  2. too many other things they need to address – gotta let him walk at $5m. I wouldn’t even mind bringing him back, at a lower priced deal…like $2.5/3m. But they’re gonna need every penny to re-sign guys like Bradham/Burton.

  3. He fell off the second half of the season and dropped many key balls. He did provide a deep threat but was unreliable in terms of securing the catch. I think Eagles fans all remember that huge 3rd down play in Seattle when Wentz hit him on a quick slant with nothing but green in front of him and he dropped it. That set the tone for the offense the rest of that game.
    His contract was made to be a 1 year deal. He will be moving on from Philly and catch on somewhere else. I see the Eagles giving Mack Hollins a chance to start next year while probably adding another WR through the draft. Philly fans will never forget that tipped pass play vs. Atlanta in the divisional round. Without you being in the right place at the right time, who knows what direction that games goes in. Thank you for all you gave us this year Torrey!

  4. Thank you Torrey Smith for helping the Eagles win their first Superbowl! Class act. Regardless of what happens we’ll always love you!

  5. One would hope Mack Hollins steps up into that role next season, meaning that if Smith’s going to stick around, he will need to take a significant restructuring of his contract. I hope he does. He’s a good guy to have on your team.

  6. Super Bowl teams are special and the group photo will always remind us of the players who got Philadelphia their 1st Super Bowl. You will ALWAYS be part of the 2017 team but I think we have to let you walk because of the business side. Thank You for being part of this special team.

  7. Restructure as 2 year deal for 7 million (3/4), 4.5 guaranteed. He’s got young kids and probably will take this unless somewhere else offers him a long-term deal. I don’t see him wanting to become a full on mercenary and bounce around the league on short term deals just to make a few more mil per year. Hollins needs some more seasoning before you ask him to be your #2. And I want to keep Agholor in the slot.

  8. I’s pretty simple. They need the $5 mil off the cap more than they need him. They already signed a fast guy with no hands in Bryce Treggs at a lot cheaper salary than Torry.

  9. Hed have to play cheap and he may. His experience isnt worthless and I dont think Hollins is ready for that starting role unless he kills in ota’s but Smith will want something solid before then. I like him but cap space is gonna be tough. I just dont see how they can sign Bradham, Burton, Graham AND keep Peters, Robinson without cutting to the bone unless Howie is truly a wizard. I’m now questioning Hicks value with his injury history. Great play is nice but he’s been injured 39% of games since signing as a rookie… who’s gonna pay him with that record though? this is gonna be interesting and I suspect some surprises are coming.

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