NBA fines Mark Cuban $600,000 for tanking remarks

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Last year, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gave Mavericks owner Mark Cuban a mulligan. This year, Silver fined Cuban more than a half a million.

The NBA has announced that Silver has fined Cuban $600,000 for his latest round of comments admitting to a tanking campaign lasting more than a year. Cuban admitted to tanking a year ago, but Silver pretended that Cuban didn’t. This time around, there was no way to ignore it.

From the perspective of a league desperate to ensure the integrity of its games (especially with legalized gambling on the horizon), a fine isn’t enough — no matter how big it is — when someone brazenly admits to giving in to the obvious temptation to enhance draft position. Silver should have taken a draft pick from Cuban, ideally the first-rounder that he has been trying to enhance via tanking.

It won’t stop tanking, or remove the temptation to do so, in the NBA or any other sport. Far more importantly for the NBA, it will make it clear to Cuban and all other owners that, if they’re going to tank, they’d better make sure they don’t admit it.

The smart approach, albeit an untruthful one, would be to react the same way Giants co-owner John Mara did when confronted with the obvious reality that benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith was aimed at turning a lost season into a prime draft pick.

That’s complete b—s—,” Mara said. “We would never do that.”

Sure you would, John. Because you did. But you’d never admit to it. And, unlike Cuban, you definitely wouldn’t admit to it twice.

50 responses to “NBA fines Mark Cuban $600,000 for tanking remarks

  1. They now should go on and fine the 76’s 7 times that because for 7 yrs straight till this yr they tanked every single year.

  2. Tanking leads to a losing culture and never works.
    Cleveland has perfected tanking without even trying..

  3. Giants didn’t tank. They’re just inept. Inept owner, inept owner’s son in the scouting dept., inept GM,inepts Director of Scouting, inept HC and inept DC (sorry, but Spags only does well with a stocked D).

    All that has changed except the owner and the son. Can’t fix that but have worked around it before.

  4. terripet says:
    February 21, 2018 at 6:19 pm
    Take the Mavericks from him


    If you believe that then you should also call for the NFL to take the Colts from Irsay….right?

  5. briguy5 says:
    February 21, 2018 at 5:59 pm
    That idiot has got far, far bigger problems these days.


    Yeah that self made billionaire is a real idiot

  6. “That idiot has got far, far bigger problems these days.”

    Please feel free to elaborate. I would guess that’s he’s quite a bit smarter than you.

  7. I must be missing something but if his team is tanking isn’t that “fixing games”? Didn’t a referee go to jail for fixing games? Ergo, shouldn’t Cuban be going to jail for “fixing games”? Maybe he and the referee can get the same cell or a group rate!!!

  8. george1859 says:
    Tanking leads to a losing culture and never works.
    Cleveland has perfected tanking without even trying..

    Basketball is a different beast from Football. 1 player can literally turn the worst team to one of the Best. Look at Cleveland with or without Lebron.

  9. I never seen a guy talk himself into as much trouble as Mark Cuban lately. I know he loves the sound of his own voice. But if he likes his bank account more, he’d shut up and act like all the other billionaires and disappear into a cloud of cigar smoke.

  10. Did you watch Eli play in 2017?
    He was pretty bad.
    Starting Geno gave them a chance to see what he could do, a cheap stop gap QB.
    And Geno showed everyone he’s exactly who we thought he was – a bad turnover prone QB.

  11. Tanking is used too much like elite. Most tanks are just rebuilds where the focus shifts from short term wins to greater long term success. It’s a part of sports and businesses too.

    Tanking is flat out trying to lose. The colts did it by blatantly starting an inferior QB. They weren’t trying to develop players or clean up their cap. Manning was down and out, luck was on the menu and they flat out tried to lose. The same goes with the 76ers. They tried to lose for too long to be a rebuild. Drafting hurt guys to extend the tank.

  12. While I can’t stand Mara and the Giants I think you’re going a bit far outright stating they tanked with no proof. They sucked all season before that game so if you wanted to you could make a case for them tanking all year and if that’s the case why not leave Eli in since he was a part of it anyways? Made perfect sense at that point to see what Geno could do with Eli being near the end of his career.

  13. “What about for knowingly turning a blind eye to a Bill Clinton-like serial sex abuser in his employ?”

    Well you have about half the country turning a blind eye to the one in the White House so why does this surprise you?

  14. Giants played philly tougher than anyone in NFC did. Lost first game on last second 61yard FG and second in a shoot out. They quit in most other games and finally got rid of a bewildered HC. Guy they hired is questionable. Eli looks old and not Brady old. Maybe they’ll have an outstanding draft along with a new QB.

  15. george1859 says:
    February 21, 2018 at 6:09 pm
    Tanking leads to a losing culture and never works.
    Cleveland has perfected tanking without even trying..

    The losing culture argument has been proven wrong multiple times. Tanking can’t work in the NFL because the amount of players needed for a team, but it absolutely works in the NBA. One or two players can change a team dramatically for a decade in the NBA, that could never happen in the NFL.

  16. The role of Sgt. Schultz in the upcoming film version of Hogan’s Heroes has been narrowed down between Mark Cuban and Eli-10000-game worn jerseys -Manning

  17. The NFL could eliminate the threat of tanking AND get their extra games all at once.
    Just have a “losers playoff”. The bottom 8 teams play a tournament that parallels the “winners” playoff that we all watch. 3 weeks of games, winner gets the first overall pick, players get playoff bonus money. People would definitely watch. No tanking and 7 extra games for the NFL.

  18. I don’t like the idea of tanking; fans are getting shafted.

    But lets be real…the NBA is designed this way. You need a superstar to be competitive, and small market teams struggle to attract this kind of talent. So draft positioning becomes very important. I respect his blunt comments on the situation.

  19. “Sure you would, John. Because you did.”

    Yeah, the Giants sure tanked hard by winning the finale vs Washington and jeopardizing the second pick. Ok

  20. scoreatwill says:
    February 21, 2018 at 6:36 pm
    I must be missing something but if his team is tanking isn’t that “fixing games”? Didn’t a referee go to jail for fixing games? Ergo, shouldn’t Cuban be going to jail for “fixing games”? Maybe he and the referee can get the same cell or a group rate!!!


    Tanking actually is different than fixing games. If you’re tanking like we know it, you’re putting out a flawed line up talent wise, structurally wise or both, knowing that they are at major disadvantage that is shouldn’t matter how hard they try to win. Fixing games generally is about either players intentionally making bad plays and or intentional bad calls. It’s a subtle but important distinction.

  21. 2 things the NBA should do.

    1.Take the draft pick as a penalty and send a message to other owners.

    2. Rework the draft and lottery, make it so the teams with the worst record have less chance than those in the middle of the pack. There would still be cheaters trying to get the correct winning percentage the assure a favorable pick but it would be harder because those teams would be mot competitive.

  22. Why is everyone up in arms because Cuban is honest enough to call a spade a spade? The NBA is broken, you have a few super teams that basically make the rest of the league irrelevant. All the other teams can either languish in 8th seed purgatory or lose enough to get a high pick and rebuild through the draft.

    The NBA needs to address the super team nonsense.

  23. I don’t care anything about Cuban or the NBA but at least he’s honest. I’d prefer that to an owner, GM or coach taking a leak on my leg and telling me it’s raining.

  24. Why should we punish people who own up to it but act like it is ok for those teams who don’t take? The solution is to change the way the draft works so teams won’t have an incentive to tank. The system is the problem, not the teams doing what it takes to prosper in it. To me this is just stupidity.

  25. tylawspick6 says:
    “..Mark cuban is a cheater…”

    Maybe so, but at least he admitted it.
    He has more integrity in one finger than the entire Patriots organization.

  26. Anything that is done behind closed doors with total secrecy, such as the NBA lottery draft order, is subject to criticism.
    The lottery balls should be done in public so millions of people are a witness to it. This concerns me more than any ridiculous comments from a team owner.

  27. I think the Giants situation is different. Seeing as it was so late in the season and they were already so bad.
    I think they genuinely wanted to get a look at other QBs with Manning getting older. Owner was behind it and HC mishandled it.

    As opposed to a few years back when the clots trotted out Curtis Painter (or some other QB just like him) for like every game, never even trying to put a winner on the field, just so they could “Suck for Luck”.
    Which has turned out wonderfully for them… *shrugs shoulders*

  28. Remember when the Jets were CLEARLY, OBVIOUSLY, UNQUESTIONABLY trying to TANK the entire season last year?

    Turns out, they were only just shedding dead weight and dead money. who knew?

  29. heymister24: In 2011, the Colts lost Peyton Manning before the season even started, and the QBs they did have to use were so pitiful that they didn’t need to do any artificial, intentional tanking.

    I suppose they could have made a ruinous, George Allen-style quick-fix trade to bring in a decent veteran QB, but the fact that they didn’t do that is not the same as their having tanked.

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