Pernell McPhee, Markus Wheaton among expensive Bears likely to get cut

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The Bears are already near the top of the league in available cap space for 2018, with about $50 million to spend. And they’re likely to have a lot more space available when they get done cutting expensive veterans.

Mike Glennon has a team-high cap hit of $16 million for 2018, and it goes without saying the Bears will cut him. Signing Glennon last year was a huge mistake by G.M. Ryan Pace.

But a less-discussed mistake for Pace was signing wide receiver Markus Wheaton, ostensibly to be Glennon’s No. 1 receiver. Wheaton caught a grand total of three passes for the Bears last season and with a $5.75 million cap hit, he’s almost certain to be cut as well.

Pernell McPhee has played well at outside linebacker at times, but his cap hit is $8.1 million in 2018, and ESPN is reporting McPhee won’t be back unless he agrees to a pay cut. McPhee will probably test the market.

The Bears also have a couple veterans in the secondary, cornerback Marcus Cooper and safety Quintin Demps, who could get cut. Cooper’s cap hit is $5.5 million while Demps’ is just under $4 million. Both could be on the way out.

Pace will have a lot of cap space to play with heading in free agency. The question is whether he’ll make wiser use of it than he did last year, when Glennon and Wheaton were his big acquisitions.

15 responses to “Pernell McPhee, Markus Wheaton among expensive Bears likely to get cut

  1. If history is anything to go by, the future doesn’t bode well for any new decisions taken by Mr. Pace. It’s a shame really, because the windy city loves them some Bears!

  2. I know I’m bit of a homer here. But I actually fill pretty optimistic about the bears this upcoming season. There are plenty of FA which could help them achieve a better season then the Bears have had in awhile. I think Pace learns from his mistakes and this time, he has a more vocal supporting cast in helping make decisions for offensive and defensive talent.
    I would like to see them take Nelson in the draft though.

  3. Markus Wheaton could never stay healthy enough for the Steelers to have an impact. On a team that is the best WR developing team in the league, the guys they let go, never amount to anything, besides Sanders. Not a smart move by the Bears.

  4. Ryan has been outpaced. Bears shoulda moved on instead of letting him can Fox (who probably needed to go though he had little to work with there).

  5. As a Bears fan I can’t say I’m sorry to see them go. Pace made some really dumb moves but he was obviously desperate. McPhee could have been a good signing if he could have stayed healthy. Glennon on the other hand was just plain terrible. I certainly hope Pace, Nagy and the new staff can put together a lot better list of guys than in the past. The Bears need to get younger. Period

  6. Glennon

    That’s almost 80% of their free agency haul from last offseason…and guess what? the same guy who made those decisions gets to try it again.

  7. I love the negativity towards Pace, free agency and the draft is always a gamble. Expecting 80% of your FA acquisitions to turn your team into a competitor is so ridiculous. There is a reason why those guys are FA’s and it’s usually for contracts, poor performance or lack there of…

  8. Pace needed decent veterans with something left in the tank. He had cap room to use, just got burned by injuries keeping them off the field. Needs to sign FA’s who don’t have an injury history and the Bears will have a better chance at success.

  9. While he’s certainly had his share of misses, one thing I’ve appreciated about Pace’s FA decisions is that he signs guys to deals that the team can walk from after one year without too much of a burden. Yes, he overpaid for Glennon, but it was basically a one year “prove it” deal that the Bears can (and hopefully will soon) crumple up and toss in the circular file.

  10. Please giants don’t sign mcphee if he’s injury-prone like the article says. We already just got out the Beason situation just last year. Beason was good when healthy, but that was never long enough.

  11. Wheaton follows Wallace, Holmes as WRs who left Pitt and foundered. Maybe it’s more Ben then them.

  12. If McPhee would have played at the same level as his mouth, then they would have waived the Hall of Fame waiting period and escorted him right inside. Good riddance.

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