Polian explains his Lamar Jackson-should-move-to-receiver take

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When Kramer found himself driving a public bus after knocking out the man who had hijacked it, Kramer explained that he kept making all the stops because the passengers kept ringing the bell. As former NFL G.M. and ESPN analyst Bill Polian keeps ringing the bell on Lamar Jackson, we have no choice but to keep making all the stops.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio after taking plenty of heat for his position that Jackson should move from quarterback to receiver, Polian offered up an explanation for his conclusion.

” [H]e is so dynamic with the ball in his hands,” Polian said. “And even if he makes your squad as a quarterback who’s learning how to play in the National Football League and who’s learning the pro game –although he’s had really good coaching at the college level, that’s not an issue. You’re gonna want him dressed, number one, and you’re gonna probably have a wildcat package in there in order for him to use his running ability, which is rare. But when you do that you’re exposing him to injury, which would set him back in terms of his development as a quarterback, if he can ever develop as a quarterback.

“Secondly, the more you see him with the ball in his hands, the more you’re gonna say, ‘I gotta find more ways to get this guy the ball in his hands.’ What’s better for the team? Better for the team is more touches for Lamar Jackson. That translates to another position.”

Or maybe it translates to Jackson having the ball in his hands on every play, with the constant threat of Jackson running the ball opening up throwing lanes, especially if the run-pass option becomes the next big thing in the NFL.

Then Polian tried to put the bus in reverse.

“I was asked, ‘What would you advise him to do?'” Polian said. “‘Would you advise him to play quarterback or would you advise him to go to receiver right away?’ I said my advice to him would probably be to go to receiver right away because of the Terrelle Pryor experience. Terrelle Pryor was Lamar Jackson in a much bigger body, but with the same skill set basically. Having said all of that, my opinion is one opinion. If Lamar wants to play quarterback, God bless him. He’ll be drafted. I hope he does well. I hope he has a great career. But I guarantee you he’s gonna be on the field carrying the ball in some way shape or form. I hope his body can hold up for his sake. Nothing denigrating him in any way. I think he’s a great player. I think he’s a dynamic player. By all accounts he’s a great kid. I wish him nothing but the best.”

The best for Jackson, and the team that drafts him, will be to try to get him involved in the offense fully and completely. Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry led the league last year with 112 receptions, an average of seven times with the ball in his hands per game. Jackson, if he’s as dynamic as Polian believes, should have it in his hands 70 times per game.

Hopefully, that’s the last we’ll be writing about Polian and Lamar Jackson. Unless Polian keeps ringing the bell.

28 responses to “Polian explains his Lamar Jackson-should-move-to-receiver take

  1. Bill …Retire…go fishing or something your embarrassing yourself every time you open your pie hole… and the media will continue to let you.. No Kelly No Manning No Polian in HOF..

  2. It’s simple, a career 57% completion rate with the talent he had around him means 50% accuracy at the NFL level, which is simply unacceptable. That was Jake Locker’s problem at Washington a decade ago, and he was a first-round bus. It was Kyle Bollers problem at Cal a decade ago and he was a first-round bust.

    Josh Allen at least has the excuse that his WRs and TEs were fringe NCAA athletes (he looked a lot more accurate in Senior Bowl practices and the game).

    Polian is 100% right, Terrelle Pryor was a similar prospect with a better frame, but the same super athlete / low passing accuracy doomed him as an NFL quarterback. Why would somebody repeat that or keep Jackson as the most athletic backup quarterback in history?

  3. This coming from the guy who says he had a 1st round grade on Tom Brady. Then, passed on him for several rounds only because he said that they already had Peyton Manning. Take his explanation with a grain of salt.

  4. lsuzilla says:
    February 21, 2018 at 9:18 pm
    He’s right. The kid has BUST written all over him

    Well then if he has bust written all over him then he’ll fit right in with the 70% of college QBs who get drafted but never pan out. One thing Jackson has proven though is he has earned the chance to at least see if he’s a bust at the NFL level before switching to another position.

  5. He seems stuck on “Stupid Mode” right now.

    A little advice: If you say something stupid, and the next thing you say is even more stupid, just don’t say anything else.

  6. It doesn’t matter what position Lamar Jackson plays. It’s too risky to draft a player whose thighs are smaller than most people’s forearms.The guy looks like he’s going to be snapped in two.

  7. It will be fun to watch him play. I hope he gets an opportunity to start as a QB in half a season to a season. His legs will open up a lot for him in the passing game. Accuracy has been a good predictor of NFL QB success, but some guys like Vick and D Watson are so dynamic and different, you just half to play them and see what magic happens.

  8. I’m confused! If you don’t want him to play QB because his style of play would get him hurt then what sense does it make to move him outside to WR away from 5 big, mean, and nasty offensive lineman to protect him on every play? This is the same thing they said about Deshaun Watson last year and Cleveland drafted Mitchell Trubisky…good luck with that. I’ll take Lamar Jackson he will be a star before Rosen or Darnell.

  9. Because it’s not as if running quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III, or Deshaun Watson ever got hurt…oh, wait. Frankly if you want a quarterback that plays like Jackson, but is bigger, tougher, and want to be sure that he can win games in the NFL, you’d sign Colin Kaepernick. So anyone that drafts Jackson is making two mistakes.

  10. Nearly everyone forecast that Jackson may be moved to wide receiver. Now Polian comes in, 7 months behind the curve, says the exact same thing and wants originality points? What a joke he is! This is sad but funny.

  11. Pryor couldn’t throw. Jackson will need development, but the guy can throw the ball. A more apt comparison would have been Vick because that’s actually who he looks like, a bigger version with a better pocket presence. Pryor never was developed as a passer at the college level at all. They just ran him mostly under Tressell.

    A layman watching this year could see him going through progressions as opposed to the past, so it’s strange that a person who once did this for a living can’t see this. Also for the guy talking about what surrounded him. Name all of those NFL receivers he had. I’ll wait. It was Parker in his freshman year before he got really good the past couple of years and that’s pretty much it as far as studs to throw to.

  12. Let me see if I have this correct. Polian doesn’t want him playing QB, because having him as a QB, will expose him to hits, and those hits could injure him. So his solution, is to make him a wide receiver, because wide receivers never get hit…

    Although, now that I think about it, he did successfully lobby the NFL to make it so that Colts receivers couldn’t be hit by the opposing defense, so maybe he is right.

  13. I’m an Ohio State fan whose watched both Pryor and Jackson closely. For one, Pryor never learned any proper mechanics, throwing motion was extremely sloppy and missed high or low on most of his throws. On the other hand, Jackson sets his feet beautifully, has very correctable flaws in his mechanics, and threw one of the prettiest balls in college football. Vick is a much more apt comparison, Polian is senile, nobody touches the ball more than the quarterback, ask Russell Wilson.

  14. The biggest flaw in terms of completion percentage is it doesn’t account for dropped passes. Jackson’s receivers dropped a lot of balls. Cam Newton, who you guys crucify on here daily has only played with one top 15 pass catcher, Benjamin, who was traded last year. Watch the game and don’t rely on the numbers.

  15. People talk about running quarterbacks getting injured and forget that Tom Brady missed a full season with a torn acl, Carson Palmer missed significant time with a slew of injuries and Aaron Rodgers (who can run but really doesn’t) has missed plenty of time with injuries, heck Troy Aikman retired due to injuries.

  16. SO let me get this straight , HE wants to get him the ball in his hands as much as possible to make plays.
    WELL who has the ball in there hands the most ? THE QB, OOPPSSS sorry THE CENTER ” they might pull a wildcat “

  17. So…Polian says lots of positive things about Jackson. Is trying to figure out how Jackson can succeed in the NFL long term. You can charitably disagree with his analysis, but implying or saying Polian is a racist is vile.

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