Eagles’ quarterback situation can quickly get messy in 2018

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When Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he believes the team would have won the Super Bowl with Carson Wentz at quarterback, some viewed it as a slap at Nick Foles. It’s not; it’s a fairly obvious opinion based on how well the Eagles were playing with Wentz under center.

But the reality for the Eagles has become that Wentz wasn’t able to stay healthy enough to see the season through, opening the door for Foles to unlock the team’s first Super Bowl championship.

As the Eagles make decisions about the quarterback depth chart for 2018, it would be foolish to not ensure the existence of protections against Wentz not being ready for Week One. The easy answer is Foles. But if it’s Foles — if he’s the one who starts the Week One, season-opening, Super Bowl celebration, plays well, and wins — who will start Week Two? If Foles plays well and wins in Week Two, who will start Week Three?

As long as Foles plays well, it’s a dynamic that will continue, and strengthen, with each passing week. As long as the Eagles are winning and Foles is playing well, Foles becomes Case Keenum and Wentz becomes Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater.

While the same thing could happen even if Nate Sudfeld or a veteran quarterback currently with another team (Josh McCown would be a great choice) serve as the placeholder until Wentz is ready to go, Foles brings a tangible quality the others don’t: He actually, not hypothetically, delivered the first Lombardi Trophy onto which the Eagles ever applied their fingerprints.

Wentz is smart enough to realize how this could play out. He’s also apparently smart enough to not hitch his name to a goofy catch phrase like “All In For Week One” as part of an effort to process fear of being supplanted by his understudy. Still, is it good for the Eagles if Wentz tries so hard to get ready for Week One that he sets back his rehab and recovery?

Wentz clearly is the Eagles’ long-term quarterback. But if Wentz isn’t ready for Week One, the backup will play. At some point, the switch will flip back to Wentz. If the backup is also the guy who delivered the Super Bowl win, the switch may be a lot harder to flip.

Thus, in assessing their options for dealing with Foles, who is under contract through 2018, the Eagles need to consider the wisdom of getting maximum value for him now (in the name of rewarding him for what he brought to the city and the team) and having another No. 2 quarterback who will be easier to remove from the lineup if/when the season arrives, Wentz isn’t 100 percent, and the backup plays well.

60 responses to “Eagles’ quarterback situation can quickly get messy in 2018

  1. Nothing but hypothetical problems in Philly.
    Media struggles to fabricate Philly’s next QB Controversy.

  2. I wouldn’t give up any less than a high 2nd rounder for Foles. The value proposition has to be there for the Eagles to move him. He’s there on an affordable backup contract and he’s an asset they might need to use. The big question with Wentz is whether or not he’ll be ready to go for regular season. Given that his ACL injury happened in December, it’s possible that he will be recovering into September. That means that the Eagles need to have a viable backup option for the first couple of games at the very least, in case if there’s a setback. Foles will get it done, Wentz will come back when he’s ready. He’s younger and is the future of that franchise.

  3. Eagles fans still basking in the glory of that first Lombardi are kidding themselves if they think this isn’t going to be an issue ..Foles is saying all the right things, but there’s no way he can go back to holding a clipboard after that run. He’s better than at least 1/3 of the starters in the league.

  4. Not really. They need to keep Foles as insurance in 2018. It’s Wentz’s job when he’s ready. Then in 2019 he looks for another job. Simple as that.

  5. This is the scenario that I have seen playing out since the Super Bowl. The Eagles can say they don’t have a QB controversy all they want…they do. I also see the league scheduling the Vikings to visit The Eagles for the season opener. A very P.O.’d Vikings team that will be hell bent on visiting the QB. A lot.

  6. As long as the Eagles are winning and Foles is playing well, Foles becomes Case Keenum and Wentz becomes Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater.

    The situations are pretty similar. Zimmer considered Keenum the backup quarterback all year but wasn’t in a position to replace him because he kept winning and was playing well. Bridgewater hadn’t played in two years so it would probably take him a few games to knock the rust off, and you can’t afford to lose any games when you’re trying to get the #1 seed. Then Keenum turned back into a mediocre quarterback in the playoffs and you’re left wondering what would have happened if Bridgewater would have taken over in Week 10 or 11.

    The big difference is that Wentz won’t miss as much time as Teddy did. If he’s fully healthy after a few games you could put him in there without much controversy. The problem comes in if he doesn’t play that well after missing the offseason and training camp. People will start calling for their hero Foles to get back in there and then you have a controversy.

  7. The down side of being the Super Bowl champs….EVERYTHING will be over scrutinized and over criticized and you will get no sympathy from the fan bases or media that cover the other 31 teams. Chalk it up as the price of doing successful business. Congratulations. It just means your team is relevant enough to carry a controversy.

    Patriots fan.

  8. What’s the story if Wentz never wins a Superbowl with the Eagles? Worse, what if Foles goes to the Vikings or another contender and wins another Superbowl?

  9. Jerry try and work something out to bring him in to compete with that loudmouth, over hyped overrated stiff you got .

  10. Foles becomes Case Keenum and Wentz becomes Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater.


    Now, cone on Sir. That is just plain disrespectful to Mr Wentz. To compare him to the Iller B’s is just mean. His last season before he got hurt, was better than what you would get from both of them combined starting 16 games.

  11. Overthinking this. Foles is an average quarterback who went on a few game hot streak. After the first couple games Wentz was out and Foles played awful, people were ready to bench him. Then he played really well a few games. It happens. Do we not remember the Joe Flacco situation?? Any team offering more than a 4th round pick plus a conditional pick next year is foolish.

  12. The Eagles are really going out of their way to discredit Foles.

    Right after the superbowl, Wentz Proposes to his GF, like he did something.
    Pederson says that he cant wait to return with Wentz leading the way.
    Now Pederson says that they would have won with Wentz and Wentz would have been Superbowl MVP, like Foles just rode on the teams coattails.

    Foles, didnt ride the teams coat tails, he carried the Team.

  13. This is silly. Anyone with eyes can see the difference. Unless that knee injury is Culpepper bad, Wentz is the guy. Let’s not forget that the Eagles very well could have lost the playoff game against the Falcons, and that was mainly because of how Foles played that day.

  14. This assumes that Foles wouldn’t be content to play out the last year of his contract, doing whatever is asked of him to help the Eagles get back to the playoffs and contend for another championship. Because of the potential for a big payday.
    I think it:s more likely he sticks. Wentz might not be ready until mid-October and if Foles waits another year he can pick his team. It might cost him some money, but Foles has seen both sides of being an NFL qb. Don:t think the money will matter as much to him as being in a good situation.

  15. What’s the issue here? Wentz is the guy……………PERIOD. Foles played well enough to win, but he is not a top tier QB. The Eagles will keep Foles as a insurance plan unless a team gives up a lot for him.

    That’s it.

  16. “Media struggles to fabricate Philly’s next QB Controversy.”

    You hit the nail right on its head. There is no controversy, so everyone wants to assume there will be drama. Meanwhile, Nick, Carson, and Doug just laugh at all the fake news as its reported and dissected. Somewhere along the lines, someone will ask Nick, Do you think you can become a starter again in this league? And Nick would reply I think every QB can become a starter in this league.. which would then be reported Nick wants to be the starter in Philadelphia… dribble dribble… Hell of a season by both Carson and Nick, a well deserved superbowl caliber season.

  17. This is my major fear as well. I’ve been an Eagles fan since age 5. I know Eagles fans and if Foles starts the season the way he played in the playoffs and then Wentz comes back and even struggles a little bit it will create a huge QB controversy! We all know it and can visualize it. Huge fan of Foles and one of the reasons I hated Chip Kelly so much was because he stupidly traded Foles and McCoy. But, I’m also a huge fan of Wentz and I don’t want his development stunted by a needless QB controversy. Foles is too good to sit on the bench and is 29. He will want to start somewhere so the Eagles would be wise to trade him to an AFC team like the Bills. Let the guy play and let Wentz rehab with no pressure.

  18. Foles has been a pretty good QB everywhere he has been, except for the Fisher led Rams, where QB careers go to die. He played well for Chip, Andy, and Doug. He will probably be elsewhere next year, but someone is going to have to give up some decent draft capital to get him.

  19. This is solely a Foles thing. Wentz is the starting QB as soon as he’s ready. 1st game, mid season or next week. It’s how Foles wishes to deal with it is what matters. If he’s content to be Wentz’s backup, at backup money because he’s comfortable great. If he looks at it as an opportunity to ” get his ” he deserves the chance and the Eagles owe him the opportunity to succeed elsewhere. It’s win/win for the Eagles a very good backup or a nice draft pick.

  20. I love how all of the pundits who considered the Eagles dead and buried once Wentz went down are now acting as if Foles is an indespensable piece.

    He is a Philly hero. Nothing will change that . That being said, the Eagles have cap issues and with the best young QB in the game expected to be back in week 1, it’s nonsensical to not at least see what a return on Foles would be. Foles is gone after next year anyway . Not to mention there is a very good chance he wants to start for a team, rather than be a backup .

  21. If I were Philly, I wouldn’t trade Foles until it was clear Wentz was totally healthy, which is likely to be after week 1. If it is clear that Wentz is good, then you sit and wait for a team to lose their QB during the season. It always happens and that’s when the Eagles will get the best return for Foles. There’s absolutely no reason for the Eagles to trade Foles now, or even in the near future.

  22. They’ve said from the start, Wentz is the starter, and as soon as he’s ready will start.
    There’s nothing to discuss here, both QBs understand the deal, job done.

  23. What a problem to have….the probable season mvp until he got hurt vs. the Super Bowl mvp…I’m cool with whatever Doug and Howie decide and hope the best for nick wherever he ends up…if they run with nick if it’s cool if they go back to Carson it’s cool

    Bigger problem is getting the cap situation fixed

  24. No way Foles gets traded for the world. Even though he has had success, the writers here blow and no better then weathermen or used car salesmen.
    That being said the Eagles will explore all options, but prefer Nick be the backup because that is what he wants to be. Wentz will have the team back on his shoulders Week 1.

    Go Birds.

  25. just like that wentz goes from being the savior who can do no wrong to the guy under pressure of constant media/ fan scrutiny and second guessing. if there’s anything the sport press and fans are good at, it’s second guessing. he has to win the super bowl, anything else will be seen as failure and he has to do it with a team that now has a target on its back every week.

    the eagles are really talented and have excellent coaching. wentz is really good. so we’re marino and the fish and they never saw another bowl. who knows, maybe foles ends up with another good team and does it again for them? that’s why we enjoy the nfl. go pats.

  26. The eagles have a bird in the hand…but would rather chase 2 birds in a bush…they’re the exception to common sense…

    please change what worked!!!
    – signed NFC East

  27. I think everyone saying the Eagles should keep Foles holding a clipboard until Wentz is ready are being very short sighted and not thinking strategically at all. Do you really want Foles signing with an NFC team like the Vikings? No! Control where Foles goes and also thank him for the Lombardi by not trading him to a place like Cleveland but by trading him to a playoff team like the Bills. Imagine Foles and McCoy reunited! That is how you thank Foles, while getting under the salary cap, recouping draft picks and eliminating any chance of a QB controversy or having Foles signing with a team that threatens the budding Eagles dynasty!

  28. I’m concerned about the petty jealousy that can linger. The petty jealousy of the fans from the other 31 teams that don’t have the #1 QB (defacto League MVP) and #2 QB (Super Bowl MVP) in the league. How many rings have you won since 2/6/2017? That’s what I thought!!!

  29. Foles seems like a very genuine and thoughtful person. But 7 million next year when he can make close to four times that per year for at least the next three. Gotta strike while the irons hot. Next year can only hurt his value if he becomes the backup even after a couple of decent games then benched for Wentz, but those decent games are not promised, but the huge payday now is. Foles is a nice guy, but he has an agent and we know they are not nice guys. Foles can go out in the first practice or OTA’s and blow out his knee and then he is worth nothing. What would you do if instead of $50,000 grand next year you could make $200,000 a year for the next three doing the same thing you are doing now? There is no controversy, just one man doing what’s best for him and his family. He would be crazy to not want out.

  30. Comparing the possible QB situation in Philly to the one experienced in Minnesota this year is laughable.
    Two completely different animals.
    The fact you would even mention Teddy Bridgewater and Carson Wentz in the same topical sentence is a joke.

  31. You are way overthinking this Florio. Wentz is vastly more talented than Foles, and also vastly more talented than Bridgewater so that comparison simply doesn’t apply. Wentz is also more proven than Bridgewater.

    Foles will likely start the season and when Wentz is ready to go, it will be a no-brainer decision. That’s simply a function of how great Wentz is.

  32. You know, it’s funny that the same man who wrote that the Eagles were the weakest team entering the playoffs, they would certainly lose to the falcons blah blah blah… wrote this nonsense about QB controversy. Sounds like a major Philly hater.

  33. The eagles have a bird in the hand…but would rather chase 2 birds in a bush…they’re the exception to common sense…

    please change what worked!!!
    – signed NFC East

    Philly was 11-2 with Wentz at QB and #1 seed in conference

  34. It’s like the old saying:
    If you have two superbowl caliber QB’s..You…ahhh…probably have a spanking new Lombardi. One thing is for sure, no amount of Media Eagles hatred will bring on a controversy (But thanks for trying).

  35. There is a reason that Foles is well into his career and was a backup. There was a reason that he was a starter in Philly and lost his job and was traded to another team.

  36. Wentz is the starter till he isnt, despite the declarations, if foles plays 4-5 games or more and plays lights out… like more than just winning, all your protestations won’t matter. I love Wentz but the continual dismissal of Foles after his spectacular run is sheer ignorance. That dude is cool and precise when protected. Pederson himself keeps showing that conventional wisdom is often wrong and that will apply here too. Go ahead and flame me, non of u can predict the future after this post season. Who saw Nick doing what he did?? Nobody!!!

  37. I didn’t see Pederson’s comments as a slap at Foles, but rather a pat on his own back. He’s basically saying it was all about Doug Pederson, and whoever the QB is doesn’t matter. OK. That’s fine. But this is exactly why coaches get fired. When they have the spotlight they draw attention to the affect coaching has on the game, so when they start losing, they end up getting fired. Of course that’s also when they start blaming the personnel department, but nobody listens to the loser. Everyone pays attention to what the winning coach says, so they better keep winning. If it’s all about coaching, don’t blame the GM when it goes south.
    Howie Roseman is no dummy, so he’s just going to sit back and let the coach hang himself.

  38. I am happy to someone understands the Eagles are in a no win situation
    Start Foles and if he is winning how do you bench him?
    Flip side start Wentz he struggles and the fans will be screaming for Foles

    Cut your ties with Foles get something for him while he has value and move on

    Or don’t and watch those fans burn down the place

    No matter what they do they are still last in Super Bowl wins in the NFC East

  39. vegasdestroyer says:
    February 22, 2018 at 11:37 am

    The Patsy defense stunk. It would make any backup quarterback look like an MVP.

    The Vikings had the best defense in the league and the “backup QB” still looked like an MVP against them.

  40. mnsportsapologist says:
    “This is the scenario that I have seen playing out since the Super Bowl. The Eagles can say they don’t have a QB controversy all they want…they do. I also see the league scheduling the Vikings to visit The Eagles for the season opener. A very P.O.’d Vikings team that will be hell bent on visiting the QB. A lot.”

    NO ONE within 50 miles of Philly is at all scared or worried about the vikings!

  41. but he is not a top tier QB

    Yeah, probably any street free agent could beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl and win MVP.

    No big deal.

  42. thelastwordyaheard says:
    February 22, 2018 at 10:43 am
    Eagles fans still basking in the glory of that first Lombardi are kidding themselves if they think this isn’t going to be an issue ..Foles is saying all the right things, but there’s no way he can go back to holding a clipboard after that run. He’s better than at least 1/3 of the starters in the league.

    He is better than a third of the starters, you’re correct. Lucky for the eagles their starter is better than 95% of starters. He will hold a clip board if that’s what he is asked to do because he is a professional. If I were Foles I might want to wait a year and actually pick which team I get to start for. He has NEVER had that opportunity before where teams will be chasing him to start. If he is traded and signed again he is stuck with that team the same way he was with the Fisher lead Rams. Might be smart of him to wait and pick his team. Next year he would be 30 and probably won’t ever have the opportunity to actually pick where he can start again. If he is traded and flames out again then he will never have had the experience he could have next off season of being a highly sought after free agent. I would personally would use the wait and see approach. Don’t shop Foles and lower his trade value. Let desperate teams who’s off season plans didn’t pan out or desperate teams with unforeseen injuries come calling. Then pull the trigger if you can get a king’s ransom.

  43. Eagles have both of them next season for a total of 7 mil. End of discussion of moving him unless there’s a two 1st rounders offer.

    Also, are yall kidding me that foles starts over wentz for any reason when wentz is healthy? Seriously, is it a joke?

  44. Eagles have a 2nd yr qb who plays like an MVP, and the super mvp backing him up until he is healthy, and both of them literally support eachother and are great friends and compete to make eachother better. Wentz wins any competion though.

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