Jon Gruden says Raiders have been hampered by lack of continuity

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Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Art Shell, Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson, Dennis Allen, Tony Sparano and Jack Del Rio.

That’s nine different head coaches for the Oakland Raiders in the 17 years between Jon Gruden’s two stints as head coach of the Silver and Black. In an interview with KNBR on Wednesday, Gruden said he feels the lack of organizational continuity has hurt the Raiders. He also said he felt it has put general manager Reggie McKenzie in a difficult spot.

“We got to improve the talent on this team. We also, I think, have got to put a system in place here that our players can grow within,” Gruden said. “We have had 10 different head coaches, I believe, since I’ve been here. We’ve had a number of different offensive coaches. Poor Reggie McKenize has had to draft players to fit different schemes and systems and I think it’s hurt us. A lack of continuity, a lack of system football on offense and defense has certainly hurt the Raiders.”

In addition to nine head coaches, the Raiders have employed 11 different offensive coordinators and six different defensive coordinators from 2002 through 2017. Marc Trestman, Jimmy Raye, John Shoop, Tom Walsh, Greg Knapp (twice), Ted Tollner (passing game coordinator), Hue Jackson, Al Saunders, Greg Olson, Bill Musgrave and Todd Downing have all handled offensive coordinator duties. Chuck Bresnahan (twice), Rob Ryan, John Marshall, Jason Tarver, Ken Norton Jr. and John Pagano have handled the defense.

The constant churning of coaches has made it difficult for the Raiders to build a foundation for their franchise. As soon as one foundation was drafted and instilled, a staff would get blown out the door and a new way of doing things would take hold, forcing the team to start over again. That’s not to say some of the coaching changes and front office changes weren’t warranted. However, it makes it more difficult when the vision for the team is constantly changing.

Gruden wants that trend to stop with him. A 10-year contract to coach the team should help as well.

“Hopefully we can put a system in place that we can draft into, develop our players within and hopefully it can carry us to high levels and we’ve just got to prove it.”

A 10-year contract to coach the team should help Gruden create some stability as he moved the Raiders into the future as well.

10 responses to “Jon Gruden says Raiders have been hampered by lack of continuity

  1. Lol, That’s not just the Raiders. Many teams (owners) would be better off instead of firing everyone every 2 years. Pat’s and Steelers come to mind, they stay the course and it shows.
    *Cowboys are exempt because of JJ owning the team and thinking he’s a GM.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, it’s obvious that the blame for the Raiders’ lack of continuity falls 100% on the Davis family – probably the league’s worst ownership over the last 20+ years.

    With Al Davis, no good HC wanted to work for him in his later years because he became crazy & senile and he wanted full roster control despite the fact that his drafts and acquisitions were mostly bad after Ron Wolf left. The last good HC who wanted to work for Al was Belichick in ’98 (Davis chose Gruden instead) and later other rising stars like Sean Payton rejected him so he had to settle for the likes of “Norv” Turner.

    With Son-of-Al, he admittedly has no real football knowledge yet treats the team he inherited like a personal play-toy. When he took ownership he vowed to be a hands-off owner and let the GM and coaches make the football decisions. But of course it was a lie as evidenced by the fact that as a publicity stunt he forced a cancer like Lynch onto the team which destroyed chemistry and led to the 2017 regression. Del Rio wasn’t the best HC out there but he did a decent job turning the team around and now Son-of-Al got rid of him in favor of Gruden who’s a rusty publicity hound with a mediocre track record as an NFL HC.

    I honestly don’t think that the Raiders will be in a position for long-term success on the field until the team is sold to new ownership who know how to hire the right people and stay out of the way.

  3. “probably the league’s worst ownership over the last 20+ years” Not even close to being the worst owner. Have you forgotten about the owner of the Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder? Now Dan Snyder by far has been the worst NFL owner in the history of the NFL. Hands down, no doubt about it.

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