Blake Bortles could be a bird in the hand for Jaguars

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The specific quirks of the NFL’s offseason schedule give the Jaguars a unique opportunity as the 2018 league year approaches.

The fifth-year option gives quarterback Blake Bortles a salary of $19 million for 2018. It becomes fully guaranteed on March 14, the first day of the league year. The two-day negotiating period that precedes the launch of free agency, which also begins on March 14, gives the Jaguars an opportunity to reach an agreement in principle with another quarterback while having Bortles on board as a fallback option.

Then, if/when an agreement in principle is reached with a very-soon-to-be free-agent quarterback, the Jaguars can cut Bortles, avoiding his $19 million salary.

This strategy has two potential glitches. First, Bortles’ salary currently is guaranteed for injury only. If Bortles (who had wrist surgery not long after the team’s playoff run ended) can’t pass a physical by March 14, he can’t be cut.

Second, the quarterback with whom they reach an agreement in principle can renege without consequence, refusing to sign the contract after the Jaguars have torn up Bortles’ deal.

Still, with a Bortles in the hand, the Jaguars have a chance to chase a Cousins or a McCarron or even a Brees in the bush. It’s a dynamic that the Jaguars can use to their advantage — or that can blow up in their faces.

11 responses to “Blake Bortles could be a bird in the hand for Jaguars

  1. With all the other rumors of where Cousins might go
    I think with the Jags Defense it should be considered
    A good landing spot.

  2. Bortles came on strong toward the end of the year, and in the playoffs. He took a big step forward. His career is on a good path right now. I doubt Drew Brees is going to leave New Orleans. The other “available” QB’s might not be as good as Bortles. I would be a bit surprised if the Jags tear down what they’re building.

  3. Another case of a team “not committing” to a QB. It’s going to look real good if you spend 2 days looking for another QB, can’t find one and Bortles ends up as your starter. Figure out what you want to do, commit to it and make a run at the Superbowl.

  4. kamthechancellor – oh yeah, let’s just default to the decision making abilities of Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen to determine who is or isn’t good. They thought Terrelle Pryor was better than Garcon and Jackson. They thought giving a 5 year deal to a TE who can’t make 2 consecutive catches without injuring something was a good idea. They thought giving up their best young DB so they could make a lateral move / slightly downgrade at the QB position was a good way to help build a winner. Give up talent at one position + a pick to not gain any talent whatsoever at another. Yeah, these guys are brilliant. Obviously they can’t possibly be wrong about anything, huh…..

  5. onesweetworld says:
    February 23, 2018 at 6:57 am
    Why would the Jaguars downgrade to McCarron?


    Did you watch the playoffs game against the Bills? The Jags can’t do any worse with McCarron.

  6. I know it won’t happen but Drew Brees coming to the AFC where there are 2 tough teams versus a flooded NFC is not a bad idea from his title winning prospects POV.

  7. I guess the Jaguars playoff games vs the Steelers and Pats don’t count. Only the Buffalo game apparently.

  8. Everybody knows Cousins WANTS to go to Minnesota. He has said so, and Minnesota has the cash. The jets said they would pay whatever it takes earlier in the week but rolled that back to a “reasonable” contract. Cousins said he’d go to Minnesota “like a Bullet” if the money was similar.
    The question is if Minnesota Keeps Teddy IF his contract tolls to spend over 50 million on Free Agent holes like corner, Defensive Tackle, O line.. Even another Stud at Defensive end.
    Personally I don’t see the big deal about Bortles, the Guy was injured last season and still nearly took them to the Superbowl!

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