NFL announces compensatory picks

Getty Images

The teams which lost more free agents than they signed last year finally got their reward.

Of course, most of them suffered for it already.

The league announced compensatory picks for the 2018 NFL Draft today, with a total of 15 teams getting extra choices for having net losses in free agency last year.

The Cardinals (97th overall), Texans (98th), Broncos (99th), and Bengals (100th) picked up third round picks, after offseasons when they were picked apart.

The Cardinals lost defensive lineman Calais Campbell and safety Tony Jefferson (among others) in the early stages of free agency, and the results were visible on the field.

The Bengals, Cowboys, Packers and Raiders each got four total comp picks, while the Cardinals and Texans got three each.

The full list of picks awarded can be seen here.