Report: Trey Burton expected to leave Eagles in free agency

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Trey Burton etched his name in Philadelphia lore forever, throwing the touchdown pass to Nick Foles on the “Philly Special.” But the tight end may have played his final game for the Eagles.

The Eagles made an offer to Burton that he “didn’t consider serious,” according to Michael Lombardo of NJ Advance Media. Burton now is expected to leave in free agency next month.

The Eagles are roughly $9.6 million above the projected salary cap, according to Lombardo.

Burton caught 23 passes for 248 yards and five touchdowns in 15 games last season. He played 26.5 percent of the team’s offensive snaps as the third tight end behind Zach Ertz (68.2 percent of the snaps) and Brent Celek (41.1 percent).

Celek could retire, so the Eagles have a need at the position.

30 responses to “Report: Trey Burton expected to leave Eagles in free agency

  1. I think burton will move on and have a solid season. He did everything that was expected from him. 5 td’s from a 3rd string te is pretty good. I wish him the best. Eagles need to pick up a solid blocking te.

  2. ajoyce1977 says:
    February 23, 2018 at 2:53 pm
    Come join DeFillippo in Minnesota!!
    Minnesota has more pressing Free Agent needs like 3rd Corner, O line Depth, Defensive Tackle, and most of all a QB!We have practice squad guys that could plug in.

  3. Burton is a good player…but at 9 mil over the cap, somebody can pay him more than we can, and for sure he’s not going to replace Zack Ertz………so thanks for the memories….they were epic.

  4. It absolutely sucks that the Eagles can’t afford this kid. This guy is a GREAT team player and will be a pro-bowl level tight end if he goes to the right team. This guy is great as a fast tight end/receiver, great at special teams, is super dynamic (played 4 different positions at FLA), can block (he was the lead blocker on at least 2-3 goal line TD’s as an FB, he is super fast at the position, smart, and clearly knows how to pass too as he was a QB at one time at FLA and threw the Philly special. Not only that but he is a GREAT guy. He’s great in the locke room and I am sure it is killing Howie and Doug to not have the cap space to keep him plus I am sure that Trey thinks like I do that he can be a legit top 10 TE in this league if he goes to the right situation. You make this guy the starter in NO, PIT, SEA, SF, or maybe even Minny, he is a pro bowler I am telling you. This kid came in as an un-drafted FA and has been invaluable to this team specially this year. Ertz is a top 3 TE in this league and has a massive contract which keeps the Eagles from keeping Burton but I am positive he is going to shine wherever he goes. He deserves to get that large contract and secure his family’s future. When Ertz was out for a game this season Burton slipped right in to his spot and got 2 TDs. As you can tell I cannot say enough good things about this guy and hope that the Eagles can find a young cheaper replacement that can do just 70% of what Burton did for this team and I would consider that a successful pick. Wish you the absolute best Trey, you are a great example for all the other undrafted guys out there and I will congratulate you when you get that big pay day. Wish you the best and THANK YOU for being a big part in bringing us the Super Bowl.

  5. No news here. He was always considered a goner with the cap situation. Seems like he may end up a pretty good tight end but at the end of the day it’s not a back breaking loss. The Eagles have Zack Ertz, who is a top 3 or 4 tight end in the league. It’s great having a lot of young talent but at some point you just can’t pay everyone. There’s a reason you rarely see repeat champs or a dynasty. This is why, like him or not, you have to marvel at Bill Belichick and the way he can keep his team on top over the years.

  6. This kid is a beast. Rarely drops the ball, plays FB, special teams and you name it. As much as it’s hard to retain everyone, he’s the kind of gritty player that made the Eagles great. He deserves to start and make money. He’ll play well for somebody. Good luck and Thanks Trey!

  7. Not unexpected. The Eagles probably gave the only offer they could afford, and I’m not surprised he wants to see FA. He’s a good player who deserves a shot to be a #1 TE, something he had no chance of being here.

    Thank you for being a part of history. This Eagles fan wishes you well.

  8. THANK YOU TREY for helping bring Philly our first Lombardi!

    Dude stepped up all year long when called upon and is an asset, but also a luxury when we’re hitting the cap’s ceiling.

    Best to you and yours, Mr. Burton!

  9. CHURCHILL says:
    February 23, 2018 at 3:03 pm
    Him with Belichick and Brady could be deadly. I can also see him in Gold and Black next year.
    GOLD and BLACK?? What league is that? I know of one NFL team but that is Yellow and Black

  10. Trey was great for the Eagles, and does a LOT of things well. Very sure handed receiver. He’ll be a good pick up for some team. As for the Eagles, keep mining that draft and those undrafted FA’s. You guys are excellent at finding diamonds in the rough. Try Burton and Corey Clement 2 shining examples.

  11. It does seem likely he’ll leave, but if I had a nickel for every time *everyone* in the media thought Howie was gonna zig, but he zagged instead, I’d have a pretty big bowl full of nickels.

    We’ll see…

  12. The only question I ask is will Brent Celek retire? He is a 4 million cap number and I would rather bring Trey back over Brent, but only if he retires (longest standing Eagle player, deserves to stay if he wants.

  13. Thank you for the memories Mr. Burton. .wish you the best (except when you play us). Have a great career and go to a team that gives you the ball over giving you the most money.

  14. Man this sucks, but it would be shocking if we kept him – he deserves good money, maybe Brent will take a cut but I think he might be gone too…

  15. Burton is a very nice depth guy but he’s not a starter in this league. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see him stay but the Eagles really have no chance to keep him or Curry.

  16. Great backup TE. Eagles never missed a beat when he subbed in for Ertz. Can’t keep him grounded as a backup in Philly. Fly Burton Fly. He will have to be thoughtfully replaced, given Ertz’s injury history.

  17. Howie still has Nickels Joe Banner in him when it comes to contracts. The answer is get rid of Celek at $4 mill. Burton has the talent to be a starting TE in the NFL and the Eagles did a good job of hiding him most of his career. Ertz is good for missing 2 games per season so just give Burton a fair deal.

  18. I appreciate all the love for a a guy who obviously has talent and character – need more of both in the NFL. But he is a 3rd stringer, and that means he is a 3rd stringer for a reason. 3rd stringers get replaced all the time. His stats certainly don’t say “irreplaceable” or “he’ll find a starting job somewhere else.” I hope he gets his shot but there sure seems to be a lot of emotion about this man’s prospects for a 3rd stringer.

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